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This course will teach you how to make a website from scratch without writing code and without any experience. Then we’ll actually build 3 different websites together, step by step, from start to finish.
This course is very comprehensive and packed with content so that you can learn everything you need to know to create a website. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? A lot of people tend to think that learning How to Make Homemade Soap from Scratch is a daunting, complicated task, but I like to tell my readers – if you can  bake a cake, you can make soap!
Because each fat brings a different quality to your soap, you cannot simply swap out one fat for another without some experience.
Always add lye to water, never water to lye.  To help me remember this, I always measure my lye into a small zip close bag. Use a face mask or hold your breath while you pour the lye in the water so that you don’t breathe in the fumes. Now, this sounds like a big deal, but honestly I will just measure my lye, measure my water, take it onto my back porch, take a deep breath, pour in my lye and stir. Obviously, if you have pets or small children, make sure they aren’t around to touch it.
Digital Scale – you MUST have a digital scale that measures to the tenth of an ounce. 6) Once your fats AND lye water is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, carefully pour your lye water into your pot of melted fats. Jimmy R shows you how to make a website from scratch using just a text editor (notepad), HTML and CSS in 30 minutes.
Part 1 of 9 - How to Design and code a website from scratch with HTML, CSS jQuery & PHP. Part 2 of 9 - How to Design and code a website from scratch with HTML, CSS jQuery & PHP. This post contains the complete recipe and methods from start to finish that I used to make my daughter’s Princess Birthday cake. It was a tough challenge to set myself for my daughter’s 5th Birthday party but it meant a lot to her, so it meant a lot to me too. I hunted for a recipe or in fact recipes around the internet and they all either lead to spam sites or overly complex and just-plain-weird sites.
In case you fancied a go at making one too, I brought together several recipes for the different elements for you here on this page (original recipes referenced as well). 510g (18oz) of caster sugar (not granulated – caster has finer grains and mixes better). Once cooled, use the long sharp knife to take their dome’s off so they have flat tops and bottoms (obviously only cut the top off the cake cooked in the bowl). Use the cookie cutter to put a hole in the middle of each cake (hold onto these cake holes as you may need them later). Spread on the pink butter cream icing in thick swirls being careful to leave the white under-skirt showing a little around the bottom.

I chose Madeira over plain sponge because they’re heavier and more robust and generally better for sculpting in my opinion. 175g (6oz) of caster sugar (not granulated – caster has finer grains and mixes better).
At this point, I would like to note that in my fan oven, both normal cakes took 40 minutes but the one in the bowl took 55 because it was deeper.
Add the remaining icing sugar and one tablespoon of the milk and beat the mixture until creamy and smooth. This is actually the same recipe and preparation as for the filling layer, however I doubled the quantities.
I have used double the amounts listed in the original (see references) recipe as it’s a very big princess cake!
Beat until smooth (which is easier said than done – this is strange material when mixed. Browse or search for articles on storytelling techniques, the best books to read with your kids as well as some free stuff like stories and poems. A good tip is to use the categories down the left to filter the articles shown and please do get involved and comment if you have something to add or ask. If you add water to lye, the small amount of water that touches the lye at a time gets heated up too quickly and dangerous steam can be produced. I can see that it is dissolved within a few seconds, so I then take a few steps away to breathe. If you get any on your skin you may not feel it at first, but then you will feel an itchy burning. I use a plastic container dedicated to my lye water to measure the water, and a zip close bag to measure the lye.
Go OUTSIDE, and pour your lye into your water (not water into lye) and stir until dissolved. You’ll want to help along the saponification process and make sure your oils do not just sit on top.
Oh and make sure you can take her clothes off and remember that you cake has to be as high as her waist).
Now at this point, I discovered that even though the cake was massive, the princess’ waist was still a bit taller than the top of the cake.
Of course you’re welcome to try another type of sponge recipe and please let me know how you get on!
The first two will be normal cakes baked in the cake tin, the third will be baked in the mixing bowl (which is why it needs to be oven proof).
I had a little left over at the end and it is on very thickly, but single quantities would be too little imo. I’m sure you could get all complicated with royal icing etc, but this is quick and easy.
It doesn’t respond to rapid movement, but is relatively fluid if treated very slowly). Each website is completely responsive and mobile friendly, so it will look good on any screen, tablet, or smartphone.

Even a Castille Soap (olive oil bar) usually has a small amount of tallow or coconut oil to make it a harder bar.
Potassium hydroxide is used for softer soaps (traditionally made from soaking ashes – My grandmother told me how she did this as a small girl). Make sure you are wearing gloves and a face mask or hold your breath the entire time you’re pouring and stirring!! If you’ve overheated your oils and they are still super hot, but your lye water is near 100 degrees, then place your pot in a cold water bath in the sink.
If applicable (some soap molds won’t let you) place a piece of wax paper gently on top of the soap. You can fix it!!  I have a Hot Processed Soap tutorial video that gives a great example of a lye heavy soap that is fixed. I am simplifying the ingredients in my family’s food and learning about natural ways to stay healthy (and therefore beautiful in a godly outlook of the term). So I used one of the cake holes and cut it to go around her and raise the top of the cake a bit.
Sodium Hydroxide is what is most commonly used in soap recipes (here on referred to as just lye).
Despite this, you will see suggestions to use fragrance oils and colorings on most soap making websites. Make sure it is in a safe place (away form kids or pets) and let this begin to cool down to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
For more information, including detailed instructions, and to get started creating and coding your own website groups, take a look. I was worried about whether it’d look like she has a big bum, but it’s actually ok!
If one gets to optimal temperature before the other, then cover it to reduce more heat from being lost. Anyone who looks into times gone by will see that life was simple in a lot of ways, but it was not easy. Formulas area created so that no lye is left (the chemical reaction makes sure all lye molecules have been used up), and only a small amount of oil remains.  This is called superfatting and makes sure you have a nice moisturizing bar (usually done at a 5% rate).
When I first started i used a plastic container (hard to get one that’s square) or a lined cardboard box. They’ll want their lye water slightly less than the fats and even vary what temperatures they desire for each recipe. I’ve had batches not thicken well, but when I drizzled a spoon full of the mixture over the surface I could see a trail. Join me as I continue to learn better how to grow my own food and make the things I use often like lotions,soap, household cleaners, and home remedies.

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