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Modelling the construction of a triangle using the interactive ruler and protractor in Smart Notebook. The purpose of this setup is to allow teachers and students the opportunity to manipulate a computer using a special pen on a whiteboard. Connect your computer to your digital projector via a VGA, HDMI, or my case a mini-DVI cable. Check to make sure that your computer display is mirroring on your whiteboard through the projector. It will take some trial and error to position the Wii remote camera such that it sees the entire whiteboard surface. Be patient, it takes a little time for the Wii remote to make the connection to the computer.
Stand to one side of your board so that the Wii remote can see your pen's movements without obstructions. To write something, I usually load Notebook then write large, right click, select "recognize as text", then resize the text and place into position. The Wii remote camera must be able to see the end of your infra-red pen or it will not work.
The tracking resolution is low, making it difficult to write clearly and small using the pen.
Allows you to use any sort of website or application on your computer in an interactive way with your entire class.

Using the Smart Notebook software, you can create really engaging lessons with interactive components especially in math. I have been using the wii board mostly for math because I have a recess break just before that period to get the board setup. I have experienced many connection issues between the wii remote and the computer during initial setup over bluetooth using the Wiimote Whiteboard software. My class loves the interactive board; it took them a while to get used to how it works and its quirks but I really think that its visual and interactive features make learning much more engaging.
Anonymous20 April 2013 at 17:13you should definitely try two wii remotes connected to the same computer. We are a group of current or aspiring teachers currently studying at Pace University in Westchester County in New York State. This site is a blog, maintained by teachers, which presents innovative ways to utilize the SmartBoard in the classroom environment. This website presents lesson activities, notebook templates, professional development opportunities, and other resources for your SMART Notebook software lessons.
This website provides teachers with ways to make their lessons interactive through the use of the SmartBoard. Teachers and Students utilize the interactive whiteboard on a daily basis in the 21st century classroom. This section will be broken down into the three major parts that many teachers interact with when using a "SmartBoard".

If you notice the remote can't detect some of the points during calibration it's likely because you need to reposition the remote. If you are having difficulty, make sure your computer's bluetooth is enabled, the Wiimote software is open, and try pressing the red reset button located under the Wii remote's battery cover.
If your school has the money for "the real thing" I say go for it, but if you can't afford the many thousands of dollars to install a real interactive board then the Wii remote option is viable if you are comfortable with computers.
All of the content on this website was created by teachers in schools across the North American continent. Each focusing on a category of problems that plague the teacher occasionally when using an Interactive whiteboard.
This year, in what started out as a technologically barren classroom, I thought I would try building my own interactive whiteboard system based on the research of Johnny Chung Lee.
This system is not touch based, it is location based using the camera tracking system built into the end of a Nintendo Wii remote. The interactive pen projects an invisible beam of infrared light ono the whiteboard that can be tracked in space by the Wii remote. The Wii remote sends location information back to the computer allowing the interactive pen to move the mouse cursor and interact with the computer.

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