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If you are wondering about the actual size of Apple’s new tablet, this 100% scale, high-resolution printable iPad mockup would give you a good idea. UPDATE: instead of cardboard, foamcore and spray-mount adhesive can be used (mentioned by TUAW). If you want a real glowing screen, and real GUI that rotates based on the iPad orientation, you probably need a lot more hardware and resources than discussed in this simple DIY guide.
While the iPad was officially announced in January, the iPad will not be available for purchase until late March. If you're having trouble waiting for the iPad to arrive, Jess Silverstone, the lead artist for Revolutionary Concepts put together a cut-out of the Apple iPad that you can print yourself. Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced on March 30. Take advantage of handwriting, scanning, and OCR features to make your favorite tablet an indispensable office tool. More people than ever are bringing their iPads to work, and the quickest way to make the tablet ready for business it to outfit with Microsofta€™s powerful productivity tool, OneNote. Whiteboards are now as much a fixture of corporate conference rooms as speakerphones and glazed-over eyes.
Start with a new OneNote page, tap the Insert tab, then tap the camera icon to photograph the whiteboard.
For many, iPads have replaced paper pads for capturing notes from meetings and presentations.
To write notes using your finger or a stylus, tap the Draw tab on the OneNote ribbon and select a pen, marker, or highlighter, as well as ink color and thickness.
Say you get back from a meeting and you want to turn some of that whiteboard brainstorming into action items and share it with your colleagues. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
I knew exactly what sort of cover I wanted for my iPad: I wanted a cover like a hardcover book. I know you can find cases like that for purchase, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make a DIY iPad case, right? I made myself this awesome cover for my iPad in about two hours and it wasn’t too difficult. The original idea came from Brandon who wrote a post on The Modern Day Pirates about making a Moleskine iPad case, but I made a few modifications because I didn’t want to have to buy professional binding board and I wanted to cover my case in fabric instead of vinyl. Getting the board out from the back of the binder is a little different because (in most binders) the 3 ring contraption is attached to the back board. If you want your corners rounded just trace the iPad corner onto the board and cut that as well. Lay your pieces out on the wrong side of the fabric, leaving about 1 millimeter of space between the boards so that your cover can fold properly.
Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the back of the boards and press them down onto the fabric, exactly the same way they were laid out before. To get the fabric to go smoothly over the rounded corners you’ll need to fold the fabric over in a few sections rather than just twice (once for each edge). Then remove the iPad and glue the ends of that piece of elastic down onto the card stock where they are marked.
Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the entire left cover except for one inch around the edges and press your fabric down.
Once you have both left corners finished, work your way toward the right side of the case, Mod Podging and folding your lining fabric down at the edges.
Lay your fabric over the card stock and elastic and mark with a pencil where your slits need to be. I started with a pretty small hole exactly the size of the camera, but I found when I turned the camera on and looked through the lens that I could see the edges of the hole through the camera.
You could also do this exact same project except size it for a Kindle or other e-reader if you want. Photo 10: I scored the outside of the three edges using the height measurement that was marked (make sure not to cut all the way through). Photo 12: I place the plastic piece on the edge of the notebook and to make it fit perfectly I had to carefully rework one of the edges to the curve was a little bigger.
I love this tute, it’s got me thinking about a) getting an i-pad and b) all the things-I-can-make-covers-for-other-things out of.
I really like that idea…and I finally figured out what an otterbox is after looking at ebay!!
I am not kidding… my husband just won a contest with our local newspaper yesterday and won an iPad.
At some point do you adhere the white plastic “frame” to the back of the notebook?
For the DIY ipad cover (composition notebook, for the sewing part, can you explain that to me in detail. I loved the idea very much, but the only problem: they are EXACTLY the same size and I had trouble fitting the iPad inside a typical composition notebook. Will this also work for a Cruz R100 tablet being that it is considerably smaller than the IPad?
The Slip is a whole new dimension that allows players to move quickly through the overworld.
As mentioned, getting into The Slip requires Obsidian blocks - fourteen of them, to be exact.

Once you've got that ready, it's a case of setting fire to the gap, and a magical swirling portal will appear. There are six new block types in the Minecraft Halloween update, and here's one now - it appears to be gold, although I'm not sure exactly what you can do with it right now! Very awesome stuff, and bound to keep Minecrafters happy until the next big update comes along. Make sure you check out our Minecraft podcast - we talked to developer Notch about all things Minecraft, and it's an excellent listen. After having a real iPad or full-sized mockup iPad in your hands, the border will definitely make sense.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
The time is never better, as a recent feature update brings OneNote for iPad up to par with its cross-platform cousins.
But, unless you can take notes with a stenographera€™s speed, the products of your meetings and brainstorming sessions may never make it back to your desk. Therea€™s no need to line up edges; OneNote will automatically crop and rotate the image, courtesy of Microsofta€™s Office Lens technology.
If youa€™re using a stylus, you should also tapA Palm Rejection from the ribbon and select the image that best resembles the way you hold a pen. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. I’ve seen tons of tutorials for cute little pouches for your tech, but I wanted to be able to protect the iPad and use it without having to remove it from the case. If you are super crafty and can crank out a dress from scratch in half an hour, then this definitely won’t take you that long! To remove the plastic-y cover of the binder I cut the bottom edge of the plastic off, and then made a Y cut up from the bottom.
You can use a ruler here to help line the board up straight and to make sure you leave that millimeter of space. On the back cover, mark approximately one inch in from the edges on both corners, then punch two slits through with your screwdriver or chisel.
Thread both ends of the elastic through the slits, leaving about one inch of extra elastic on the inside.
Wrap the elastic around the front cover to hold it shut and pull the ends of the elastic until the cover is being held snugly closed. Cut four strips of elastic, size them to hold down the corners of the iPad, and attach them to the card stock.
Wait until the glue is dry, loop the elastic you just glued down around one corner of the iPad, and then measure, mark etc. I just squared the edges of the card stock to the edges of the cover (as you can see below). Fold the fabric around over itself a few times to make a round corner; the only difference is you are also folding the raw edge under at the same time. Mod Podge right over the spine and the gaps between the spine and covers just like normal; no special requirements here. Cut slits in the fabric to pass the elastic loops through, then Mod Podge the rest of the lining down. Poke the elastic loops through your slits when you reach that part of the case and Mod Podge the fabric down over the elastic ends and card stock.
Mark where the camera hole should be (estimating a little bit is okay, you can always make a bigger hole than you need to), then pull the iPad out of the cover and drill a hole.
I ended up making a hole about four times as big as the camera so that my pictures didn’t end up with bits of the case showing around the edges. You can fold it back completely to give the iPad a slight incline, which is great for typing. And even though this tutorial is long and detailed, the whole project only took me about two hours and was reasonably simple to do!
You could also just use the first half of the tutorial (before the card stock and elastic bits) to make a fun cover for pretty much anything. Welcome to Practically Functional, a blog about real projects that real people can actually do! Make sure to sew through the elastic to keep the band in place and you’ll have to stretch the band enough so it is pretty taught over the edge as shown in photo 16.
If I were to make one, I would add something soft to the front so that the screen wouldn’t get scratched.
I take mine everywhere, I use the calendar for my calendar because it auto-syncs the calendar. BUT I went to walmart and they had a composition notebook that was a bit larger and it turned out great!
The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. It's a Halloween themed update, with carveable pumpkins, new baddies and torches that eventually go out. Moving only a few paces in this hellish lava-filled area allows the player to move much further in the outside world.
The idea is to create a frame for which a portal can appear in, just like in the screenshot pictured. Step into the purple glow, and your view begins to swirl around, eventually taking you to The Slip loading screen.

Here is The Slip world - walking just a few paces in here, then placing down another portal and walking through it, will allow you to travel a serious distance in only a short space of time. There's plenty of it around, however, so you'll find lots to take back to your home in the overworld. I took this short video of my Slip exploits, which features two of the new enemies - the Ghasts and what appear to be zombies.
Along with this new world, we'll be seeing torches that burn out, fishing, lanterns and more. If you haven't grabbed a copy of Minecraft yet, do yourself a favour and go do so right now - it's only 10a‚¬, and you'll then receive every future update for free.
With OneNote for iPada€™s scanning feature, you can easily capture the contents of the whiteboard.
Along the bottom of the screen, youa€™ll see three scanning options: Whiteboard, Photo, and Document. Earlier this year, Microsoft brought relief by adding handwriting capability to OneNote for iPad. This will prevent the iPad from mistaking your palm resting on the screen for digital input.
Ordinarily, youa€™d have to create a whole new document or email message to convey your comments.
Now youa€™ll be able to search for specific content in a web clipping or a specific item in a scanned receipt.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Just use some super sturdy scissors or a utility knife to cut the entire metal 3 ring piece off of the binder by cutting through the plastic cover and the board itself, and then you can just pull the board out through the cut you’ve already made. Hold the ends of the elastic in place, remove your iPad, and glue the ends down to the inside of the cover.
Wrap a piece of elastic flat around one corner of the iPad, pull it slightly taut, and mark the ends of the elastic strip on the card stock. You don't have to be a pro in order to craft or do DIY projects; Practically Functional is full of projects for everyday life that anyone can do, regardless of skill or experience!
I would make a cover for our new iPad out of one of the old composition notebooks I had sitting around. I originally used the leather zipper notepad holder that my hospital gave me each time I had a baby there.
A little pricy, but looks like extremely solid construction from a place that makes everything by hand.
By far the greatest new addition, however, is the new Hell world, or 'The Slip' as it's known.
Of course, you'll need a fair bit of Obsidian before you can do so, but I'm going to assume you lot have been stocking up! There are also Biomes in place which change the climate of your surroundings, allowing for a mix of snowy areas, huge deserts and dense forests. Select the first one, and OneNote will enhance the image to make those colored-ink scribblings jump off the white background. From here, you can jot down notes, draw a draft of a flow-chart, or doodle in the margins of your meeting agenda while your coworker blathers on. But using OneNote for iPada€™s drawing tools, you can just make notes directly on these images and forward them to the appropriate parties.
I found the easiest way to cut the board was by making JM do it with a utility knife But a sturdy pair of scissors will work too.
Continue gluing elastic, looping it over a corner, and measuring and marking the next corners until all four are done. Before you glue anything down just be sure that your iPad  is square to the cover, not your card stock. Whether you're looking for fun crafts, DIY projects both big and small, gardening advice, cleaning tips, or quick and easy recipes, you'll find them here! Turns out it was pretty easy using the box my iPad came in, some hair elastics and a notebook with the pages removed. Follow me as we take a trip into The Slip, check out the underworld and meet some of the new enemies. Next, tap the check mark in the bottom right corner to save the image to One Note, so you can annotate and share it with your colleagues later. Follow the step by step instructions in every tutorial, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! I glued black felt to the inside to keep it from scratching the screen and it is the perfect little case. Just check out the video and you'll see what I mean (apologises for the freezes, my PC was obviously scared too!). I like that it just looks like a paper notebook, and not advertising that there is a $600 computer inside- less likely that it will get stolen too!

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