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This is going to make one person on my gift list very happy.  Get rolling… you still have time! But the most important part of my comment, of course, is that your necklace is sew beautiful! I'm hosting a summer night masquerade at my house and knowing some people might not have a mask, I decided to make a few paper masks to hand out as keep-sakes. Fold the piece of paper so that the hole is over the mark made by your pencil, then trace the eye hole and cut it out.

I think newspapers everywhere are crossing their proverbial fingers hoping you will choose them next! I love the rounder beads, thanks for sharing that tip – mine have always turned out long and skinny which is challenging to design with.
Then I took the garland apart and used the beads to make Star of David Christmas tree ornaments by stringing them on thick wire for my nieces and nephew. I want to make more beads again some day, but not when I need to jump up every 90 second to chase around a toddler!

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