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Choose High Resolution from the Transparency Flattener Presets dialog box and click New (which creates a duplicate of the currently-selected preset). When you export your PDF file, make sure you have Compatibility set to Acrobat 4, which lets you implement the flattener.
Converting Text to Outlines The Right Way: I have got it in you tube Indesign tutarial, it work finely in Indesign Cs 6 but can’t solve in Indesign Cs 5 why ? So I exported as a pdf opened this in Illustrator, selected everything, in TYPE menu selected CREATE OUTLINES and saved as a pdf again – much quicker!
I provide graphic design for printers, and each one requires the fonts converted to outlines and print-ready pdfs, so it is something that I’ve had to do for each job for years. Mike, I have heard that some signage systems (like screen printing, or embroidery, etc) do require this. Thanks to alifromourpatch for getting us started making paper dolls with the Goddess art doll swap! The Enchanted Gallery is an awesome website with a great gallery as well as online store, free templates and HOW-TO. Instead, use InDesign's transparency flattener to convert the text automatically for you when you export a PDF. I'm not going to get into the details of this dialog box here (hey, there are good books that cover that kind of thing!), but instead just tell you to turn on the Convert All Text to Outlines checkbox. For each spread that contains text that you want converted to outlines, put a transparency object on it. You could also export each page as an EPS file if you were so inclined, which also requires flattening.

The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you’re not using Acrobat to view the PDF? I love this method, Its very simple, saves a lot of time, however, has to be rendered out into adobe 4 like you stated. I’ve always used Acrobat for the more complicated files, although a more cumbersome version of adding a watermark and then flattening the transparency. What if I have a longish document, and I want to export it to PDF but only apply this flattening process to ONE specific page? However, there is actually a way to override it: You can choose Spread Flattening in the Pages panel menu, and apply the flattening to just that one page. Printers and contractors (and designers and teachers!) can do their jobs poorly, misunderstand their tools, rely on old superstitions, give bad advice, and so on. In fact, he has a tattoo (his upper arm to elbow) that is three mermaids as the three Fates.
Nevertheless, some people do want all the text converted, and they find themselves up a creek because Type > Create Outlines doesn't always give them what they want. I first learned this from Branislav Milic, who demoed it to a jaw-dropped audience at an InDesign conference a couple of years ago.
To do this, you'll need a custom flattener setting, which you can create by choosing Edit > Transparency Flattener Presets.
Then give this a suitable name (such as "High Res Convert Outlines" and click OK, then click OK again.
Select your custom flattener setting in the Advanced pane of the Export PDF dialog box or the Export EPS dialog box.

When InDesign updated to 2015, I started running into problems where it would crash and corrupt the files.
They have had an option of converting fonts to outlines in past versions of Acrobat, but it never seemed to truly convert them to outlines.
Is there a way to do that, or do I have to do two separate exports and then stitch the document back together in a PDF editor like Acrobat? I hope to inspire and encourage you to sew, craft, create something fun for you or a loved one. After many months of being unsure of the reason and receiving no help from Adobe, I’ve noticed it seems to be jobs where the text boxes have been converted to outlines and then undone. As a stay-at-home mom to 3 boys under 4, I am stretched and tired, but this is my space to share creative joy.
Or you could make a one-pixel large Photoshop file with a transparent background and place it on your pages. Multiple iterations with the Flattener Presets and Transparency boxes, etc., but I still see fonts in the PDF.

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