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I have seen so many versions of Christmas trees made out of the styrofoam cones that I thought I would make my own version using duct tape!
I’ll be honest, my first reaction to hearing duct-tape decor was a little scary sounding.
If you’re looking for inexpensive Halloween costume ideas, here’s a few cheap suggestions to rock Halloween in 2014 on a frugal budget! As you’ll see in some of the examples below, you can make some very unique creative costumes with items that you may already have lying around your house or apartment. Bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Costume:  Who isn’t familiar with these delicious little treats?
Nuclear Fallout Technician:  Another cheap and easy costume idea that you can usually pull together on short notice involves a yellow rain slicker suit. NASA Rocket Scientist:  This costume idea uses a pair of blue or white coveralls that you can find online or at home improvement stores. Thanks for stopping by my personal finance blog and repining my article on cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas for 2014! Subscribe to our mailing list and get our latest debt elimination and personal finance articles delivered to your email inbox. You cannot sew or stitch and yet you want to have this extraordinary dress for your fancy dress show or prom? Filed Under: Dresses Tagged With: Art, Dress, Duct Tape Projects, Duct Tape Tutorials, Fashion, Gifts, Prom DressConnect us! Adhesive tape prepared by cotton or scrim coated with polyethylene is referred to as duct tape. Step 1: Choose what size you want your purse to be and cut a piece of fabric for the inside of your purse. Step 14: Follow the directions on the grommet package to insert grommets into the position of your choice.

I would love if you linked your lovely duck-tape purses to Natural Family Today's linky. I made duct tape purses and wallets almost all 7 years of middle school through high school! Make easy faux wood crates crafty journal, How to make easy faux wood crates from cardboard boxes.. Liberal idiot caught tape joe america, Liberal idiot caught on tape is a perfect example of the tolerant left. Make easy paper « , How to make an easy and simple wallet out of paper in this video you will learn how to make a wallet out of paper.
We have an collection of Think Beyond The Duct Tape Wallet How To Make Stuff Out Of Duct in various styles.
But the tree projects took a long time (at least in kid time!) So this next project was born :) I took the same idea of folding the pieces of duct tape but added them to a styrofoam egg instead.
Whether it is big or small, I think everyone should love their home and I don't think it takes a lot of money to make a space your own.
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Costume Ideas:  With a little imagination, you can make virtually any kind of costume you want with the various colors of duct tape available for sale today. Sep 7th, 201060 Comments Over Labor Day weekend, I got to go to my Grandparents’ cabin at Fish Lake, Utah, and it was a BLAST! This part is a bit of a challenge, so don’t worry if your duct tape bunches a little. We had a few purses with the tape stripes going vertical and horizontal, but I didn’t get any pictures of them.
Can you explain or show how to do wallets, as I think my son won't want to be left out.

I have a tutorial for duct tape wallets on my blog ?? Soooo I featured both of us on Craft Gossip! Here is some inspiring pictures about Think Beyond The Duct Tape Wallet How To Make Stuff Out Of Duct . So I covered the whole thing in a layer of duct tape mainly so it wouldn’t shed everywhere while I was working. If you fold down the smooth, original edge they will not*** I learned that the hard way and if you look at my two toned tree you can tell they are different sizes. It was much faster to make and it wasn’t as big of a deal if the points all lined up. Design your unique dress, mix and match colors and pattern or simply costume-create all your favorite characters and prom dresses with duct tape. Some types are easy to remove leaving surfaces clean while some are hard to remove and also spoil the surface somehow. My Mom, who always plans fun activities for the family, brought the materials to make Duct Tape Purses. We found it was easier to lay the duct tape on the table while we taped the sides of the purse together. They turned out darling too!  My niece made hers to be big enough to carry her piano books.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Think Beyond The Duct Tape Wallet How To Make Stuff Out Of Duct interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
Cause I am not going to lie, when I was asked by Scotch Duct Tape to create something for the holidays with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape I was a little baffled as to what I could do.

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