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Since the good ol’ days of graph paper (and probably well before that) teachers have gone to meticulous lengths to create crossword puzzles for their students. Crossword Maker for Cruciverbalists is the first crossword puzzle creator that really seems to understand what a crossword is and isn’t just for linking letters in words together.
Still, most teachers are just hoping to get the words together, and CMFC can help with that as well, offering some bonuses that will help you fill in the gaps.
Even though we know our simple homework assignments may never be published, there are those of us who take a lot of pride in the presentation of our work. Being organized in the modern day may seem daunting at times, but there are amazing resources out there designed to help you take control of your personal and professional life. After several years' faithful service in supporting roles, Jack Carson was awarded his first Warner Bros.
Comments are moderated (everything constructive is approved), so they may take a bit to appear. Admittedly, it would be very difficult to create a true crossword around a set of preselected vocabulary words for your class, but I like the idea of working with an app that understands the meticulous ins and outs of a real crossword and works to help you achieve one (if that’s what you want). If the simple crossword creation tools like those mentioned above just aren’t cutting it for you, Crossword Maker for Cruciverbalists may just be your answer.
We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn't pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!1.

We decided it was high time we created some of our own—especially since we just couldn't pass up these clear cases we found on Ebay for $2 each!1. Carson's costar is the pert Jane Wyman, with whom he'd previously been felicitously teamed in Princess O'Rourke. Supplies: Clear iPhone cases, pretty papers, paint, fabrics, found papers, scissors and paint brushes.
The nonsensical story is set in motion by wealthy industrialist Walter Whirtle (Alan Hale), who believes himself to be the target of a Nazi spy ring.
To keep Jerry working, Walter sends the threatening letters to himself and hires actors to play the spies.
Whirtle hires private detective Jerry Curtis (Carson) to protect him-intending to get full "value for money" by having Curtis double as the family butler. If you plan on making your case with papers first create a template that fits your case; including the where the camera goes so you don't cover it. It soon becomes apparent that Susan cannot cook and Jerry could not find a spy if he tripped over him. Coming along for the ride is Jerry's girlfriend Susan Courtney (Jane Wyman), who agrees to pose as Whirtle's maid.
The problem is that Jerry and Susan are assumed to be a married couple, leading to all sorts of risque complications.

Use your template to cut out a pretty paper, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in. Meanwhile, Whirtle's scatterbrained wife Vivian (Irene Manning) allows herself to be swept off her feet by obnoxious house guest Boris Murphy (George Tobias). After several slaptick setpieces, the plot rushes to a conclusion when the Whirtle household is invaded by those pesky Nazi spies (remember?) The film's level of humor can be ascertained by the fact that the comedy highlight occurs when practically everybody in the cast is bound and gagged. Use your template to cut out a cute fabric, lay this inside your clear case before popping your phone in.
Relentlessly silly, Make Your Own Bed nonetheless served its purpose in establishing Jack Carson as a bankable leading man. Have fun customizing your case to your style—or gift one to a friend!What we love about filling the inside of the case with a pretty paper or fabric is you can change out your design as often as you like.

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