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By the end of the semester, you’ll become well acquainted with a lot of the people living in your residence hall. Rachel, a junior at University of Tulsa, saw her eight-second ride in the elevator as a chance to meet someone new. Rather than suffering in awkward silence, try to comment on the situation to ease the tension in the elevator. Like the dining hall, by continuously going to the same place to study, you’ll begin to see the same people.
Even though you might not go to the same school as that person, you don’t have to rule out a potential friendship! From endless dining hall lines to club events to random orientation meetings, college was designed to help you bond with those around you.

Try making a comment on something the person is holding or wearing, like, “Hey, that’s a pretty cool bike. Besides regulating your diet, sticking to your routine will allow you to see some familiar faces around the salad bar and in the pizza line. If you always study at the on-campus coffee shop after your chem lab every Monday and Wednesday, you might run in to the same people who are also always studying at the time. You never know when you’re going to make new friends, and it usually happens when you least expect it!
From people who live on floor two to the residents of floor eight, almost everyone will need to take a ride in this machine at some point. Where did you get it?” Even volunteering to push the button and asking which floor the other person needs can make you seem more approachable and open the door for conversation.

Just make sure you’re not in a designated silent section of the library before you decide to break the ice and strike up a conversation.
I live in the dorm right next to this dining hall,” can occur at the dessert table with someone else who also gets dinner around 6 p.m. And maybe you’ll even end up getting dinner with one of those familiar faces in the future!

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