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Seemingly amicable discussions ensued with the venuea€™s wedding planner, Michele Connelly. The suggestion was that we were undesirables, which we definitely are not.a€?Wea€™re a respectable, middle-class, hard-working, well-educated couple.
In a grovelling e-mail sales manager Carlo Zoccali told bride to be Pauline he 'humbly' apologised.Pauline finally spoke out after settling on an alternative venue for the couple's big day next June.
Two James Bond movies, Goldfinger (1964) - where the golf course features as the fictional Royal St Mark's - and Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) were filmed at Stoke Park. The manicured grounds were the handiwork of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, lauded as England's greatest gardener. Now guests at the hotel can take advantage of a selection of 49 bedrooms and suites, an award-winning spa, 13 tennis courts, 14 acres of gardens and three restaurants.

Big corporations have been forging the sustainability movement for years and they have already discovered it to be a Profitable long-term solution. Then Miss Connelly dropped a clanger that revealed her true feelings about her would-be clients.
To maintain elite status in the arena, they are forcing smaller suppliers to adopt sustainable business practices. I have the rest of my life, that should be enough time .She would have to be a woman of integrity, honest,confident, kind and with a sense of humor. She sent an email to her manager Carlo Zoccali a€“ but also forwarded it to Miss Bailey by mistake.
We are thoroughly decent people and didna€™t deserve this humiliation.a€™ The couple believe they were snubbed because Miss Connelly took objection to either her husbanda€™s eyebrow piercing and two small earrings, or the age difference between them.

Mr Carty added: 'Wea€™re both gutted because it was like "whata€™s wrong with us?"'We are normal people, our money is good, no better or worse than anyone elsea€™s.'If we can afford it why cana€™t we have it?
This presents a huge opportunity for small and medium sized employers to adapt and profit while making the world a better place to live.

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