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Just type in your name and email address below and I'll get you signed up for this 5-day course—for FREE! Jesse and I went out on a breakfast date on New Year’s Day and we went over his goals for this coming year. It might seem counter intuitive for me to be jumpstarting my Year of Rest with a commitment to get up at 5 a.m.
We have both gotten up at 5 AM consistently in the past, so we know this is a time that we can stick with — especially if we’re both committed to it! Subscribe for free email updates from Money Saving Mom® and get my Guide to Freezer Cooking for free! Do you find that it’s easier to get up early if you plan something somewhat enjoyable for the morning?
I've been chosen as SMART Money's official ShopSpotter, which has me very excited as it's the first time I'm actually doing anything official as a blogger. Since moving back to Manila, I've discovered and browsed through tons of online shops, not just on the Multiply Marketplace but in the Pinoy wide web. That's not to say it doesn't have its disadvantages, the foremost being the security of paying for something online.
SMART Money badge lets shoppers know they have a convenient way of paying online purchases. Now I'm going to be honest here, one of the reasons why I agreed to do this is because I'm also launching my own online accessories shop (more details to come very, very soon!), and it's also a great way for me to promote my blog and my business. Rest assured that, although my Shopspotter posts are sponsored, my picks are of my own choice, and won't be the product of PR push. So hurry register for SMART Money and Shopspotting, and please, feel free to share with me your favorite SMART Money online stores. One thing we both realized quickly, was that one thing that would make a significant difference for our family and for his goals for 2016 would be for us to make a very consistent morning routine a priority.

Yes, I’m doing the 500 Things Decluttering Challenge and the Get Up Early Challenge starting on Monday.
It’s the time my husband gets up for work and it works for me so I can do some work and prepare for homeschooling before my daughter gets up. I totally find I’m more motivated to get up if I have something to do that I look forward to! My job is to "spot" cool products and services offered by online sellers who accept SMART Money as a form of payment.
Granted, I had to browse through tons of Multiply shops in my old days as fashion editor, but I still preferred seeing and buying things in person, so that I could touch them and try them on. I think a lot of people are scared to e-shop because they don't want to give out financial information that could be misused for fraud and theft. I'll be blogging about my favorite stores and picks three times a week, not just here but also on the SMART Facebook page which has over a million fans (a millions fans?
Whatever I post will be things that I genuinely like, and hopefully you, dear reader, will enjoy as well. So while at face value it might seem like this is challenge flies in the face of my Year of Rest, it’s actually helping to encourage and facilitate my Year of Rest.
I also gained around 15 pounds as a result of my laziness so I will be up at 5 am to workout, pray and read my Bible and just get a head start on taking care of my home and family.
My alarm actually always goes off at 5, but I’m a queen snoozer, sometimes without even knowing it.
Plus, a lot of sites offer detailed product views and reviews, free shipping, and generous return and exchange policies, so the risk of receiving an inferior product is significantly diminished.
I will also be posting tips on online shopping and selling so I promise it won't be all "Buy, Buy Buy!" on my end.
I got the linen background from The Background Fairy, where you can score lots of freebie graphics and buttons for your own blog.

You don't need as much capital to set up an online business as compared to opening a brick-and-mortar space. Plus all participants will be included in SMART Money's Online Shopping Directory which all SMART Money users can access, and will also be displayed in the SMART Facebook Fanpage, and SMART Money site.
Here is where I share all the amazing finds, bargains, deals, tricks and everything else in between that I chance upon.
If not you can start right here today online or if your local book your local appointment.
Plus the variety and competition forces retailers to come up with better products and services. At the end of the promo, judges will choose their favorite online store to win the grand prize of P50,000 to be credited to their SMART Money account. I think one of my first online buys was a Dear Creatures denim romper from Daily Candy's Swirl. I've also bought shoes from Gilt, and home and beauty stuff from Soap, all at discounted prices. Im looking throughout the US to find qualified team leaders and sales people to work diligently in this field.
Avon is a company that is backed by over 125+  years of quality, 100% satisfaction and ground breaking technology in skin care and beauty products. Ako rin excited na rin mag cyber gazing haha!Hi Chico, yes it's really a great contest to join since it costs nothing on the sellers part.

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