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If you're trying to freak someone out with crazy Halloween food or maybe even April Fool's, I can tell you confidently that you HAVE to try this recipe! You can say sorry a Million Times, Say I love you as much as you want, Say whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want something you can have it, but only if you want everything that goes with it, including all the hard work and the despair, and only if you're willing to risk failure. I really like this, and i would like to point out that you don't need a special occasion to do something kind for someone.
If you do something nice for someone today, they'll think you're great and want to be just like you.

When you're trying to hide something with make-up, it sometimes feels like an up hill battle. This is definitely true love :') knowing it hurts you to see the person you really care about never think the same way about you for a second, and have to watch them go on with their lives without you, etc. Goodbye quote~ Paulo Coehlo If you're strong enough to let go of someone you love, someone else will come along in time.
But if you're not going to prove that the little things you say are true, then don't say anything at all. Even if you're scared that it's not the right thing, even if you're scared that it'll cause problems, even if you're scared that it will burn your life to the ground.

Be it relationships, friendships, or something else — you always have time for anything if you make time.

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