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Oprah Winfrey had six month’s pregnant transgender man Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy on yesterday, and they seemed very open and honest about their decision to have Thomas bear their child, a girl. Thomas said that up until he hit puberty he didn’t notice anything wrong, but that when he was 14 he found puberty a shock and felt like his body was betraying him.
Thomas, 34, said he did have boyfriends as a teen, but felt like society was pushing him into it.
Oprah asked him if it was a conflict for him to be pregnant and he said “I have very stable male gender identity. Thomas explained that he had an ectopic pregnancy when they first tried and that it was life-threatening and that he had to have emergency surgery to have one of his fallopian tubes removed.
Thomas and Nancy’s doctor, Kimberly James, was on and explained that they are a devoted couple and that there is little risk to the baby because Thomas has been off testosterone for two years before conceiving.
Nancy said that they were driving three and a half hours to go to the fertility doctor for the first pregnancy, but that she realized that they could do it at home. Two of Thomas’ neighbors were interviewed via satellite, and they said they had no idea that Thomas used to be a woman and that they only knew him as a gentle man.
They told a story about an intruder knocking on their window at 2:30 in the morning when Nancy was inside watching television.
Thomas and Nancy said they’ll go hide if they have to, and that they have savings to live on. In case you just want to see Beatie, here’s a segment from Extra!, the full Oprah show is linked below. If you produce eggs, have a womb, and can carry and incubate a child, then you’re just not a man. I see this as offensive, not because it offends my sensibilities or morals, but because I’m a man. Would all of you who support this woman approve of one of them having their skin artificially darkened and then going around claiming to be just as black as Denzel Washington? Headache and Sycko are right, there is no story here – women get pregnant all the time. For a long time I believed that transgendered people had moral issues but as I watched more about them, I began to feel that perhaps this is just a different sort of disorder.
Of that a person can be born with both male and female sexual organs as an error in nature but it not be an error in nature but a moral deficiency that a person feels as if they were born into the wrong gender? Oh and btw, sex reassignment surgery is expensive as hell and it takes quite a lot of red tape, exams, and a certain amount of time spent under the care of a psycologists before you can surgically get the lower regions taken care of. I do have one question though: If Thomas stopped taking male hormones awhile ago, why does he still have facial hair?
We really need to start thinking about these things on a case by case basis, and really discussing how far it’s acceptable to go in modifying who we are. If you allow her to change her DNA, don’t you have to allow a woman who feels that she’s too short? When I first saw this headline, I was shocked that they had discovered a way to make a man pregnant. I am just so happy for them and the way they contribute to making this world a little bit better. I wish them all the best in the world, lots of health and happiness and love in the years to come. Another lobe of Anders Sandberg's distributed brain: essays on technology, science and the human condition. THOMAS Beatie, who became known as the world's first "Pregnant Man," wants to add to his family and have a fourth child. Beatie is a transgender male who preserved his female reproductive organs and gained media attention after publicly announcing his pregnancy in 2007. She and her 22-year-old transman lover Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met on social media 2 years back. And currently, their dreams are coming true as they are planning to become the first transgender couple in Ecuador to get a child. Machado, from Venezuela, is 3 months pregnant and moved to live with Diane in Equador after meeting her on the internet. Neither Fernando nor Diane has gone through operation during their gender reassignment procedure, so getting pregnant was still possible.
Upon stating their decision to be transgender, Fernando was supported by his family members after explaining that he did not feel at ease being a woman.
Henry Steinn’s pants started to get tight, and he started to feel nauseous when he woke up. Many with traditional values find a huge problem with this entire situation, and they should. It also must be said that it wasn’t that long ago that transgenderism was considered a significant mental illness.

Our societyA is sick, and now innocent babies are involvedA in the strangest situations, which most see as a sign of the times. PHOENIX - A transgender Arizona man whose divorce request was rejected after his marriage was declared invalid plans to keep trying to get his 9-year union dissolved, saying Tuesday that he wants the three children to whom he gave birth to know their parents' marriage was legitimate.
They came across as a kind and loving couple with a sincere desire to raise a child together. He says he wanted to be around women more as a teenager, but it wasn’t until he was in his 20s that it turned into a sexual attraction. He explained “Sexuality is a completely different topic than how you feel as your gender. She went to a veterinarian’s office and asked for a syringe without a needle, and she took the container of sperm from the sperm bank and did the job herself. Thomas ran downstairs with a baseball bat and realized that he was pregnant and couldn’t get in a fight. They currently live in Bend, Oregon and run a screenprinting business together, but have had to close their business after all the publicity. The ova are defined as the larger gametes in a heterogamous reproduction system, while the smaller, usually motile gamete, the spermatozoon is produced by the male. If a child is loved and accepted by their parents, the gender of the parents doesn’t matter. Her parents, legally a man and a woman, are married, own a house, live in a decent neighborhood, have a decent income and conceived her deliberately after a lot of thought and planning.
Do I not have the choice to determine who I am inside, and therefore make the decision to become male or female anatomically? It’s a sad and depressing world we live in, Child abuse and neglect is an everyday thing, almost commonplace, while this story will get everyone riled up.
They come off as really great, down-to-earth, loving people and everything Thomas said I can only agree 110%. Together with his partner Thorir Leo Petursson, the two were both so scared over his symptoms that they feared the worst. Since he was undergoing reassignment surgery and had been born a female, he started to wonder if the unthinkable was possible.
Obviously, his transitioning to his male identity had not progressed as far as taking out the unwantedA uterus.
Henry is only nineteen, and whether you are a young man or young woman, having a baby at that age is a huge challenge, which will only be compounded by the gender identity issues Henry suffers.
Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. People view Christians as haters, because we believe a child deserves both a father and a mother.
Thomas Beatie, wearing a dress shirt and tie, said a judge's decision last week to reject his divorce request was a swipe against his identity and could cause problems for him down the road if he decides to remarry.
Beatie, 34, was born a girl and made the decision to legally become a man, having his breasts removed and taking testosterone but leaving his reproductive organs intact.
He said when he was 17 he took up martial arts and got into a relationship with his martial arts instructor, a man, who told him he fought and walked like a man. The gender role in society that I felt most comfortable being… was a male gender role. Nancy explained that they went public because they didn’t want someone else telling their story for them. I seriously doubt her parents will be putting up billboards to announce the issue and there will be far more other children who are wearing the wrong style of pants or hand me down sneakers to make fun of.
I saw a story not too long ago about a child who was a hermaphrodite, the parent(s) decided to have her be a girl, and as the child grew up, she did not feel normal, eventually becoming transgender as well. The husband happens to be a female-to-male transsexual, making it possible (if tricky, especially since the medical community, let alone people in general, seems unsettled by it). His ex, Nancy, was unable to get pregnant because she underwent a hysterectomy 25 years ago, People notes.“Being pregnant was the most ­incredible experience, but we want Amber to do it this time around,” he told the Mirror.
Furthermore, the children of transgender parents have come forward with claims that their parent’s gender choice did have negative consequences on their own psychological health. After his wife, Nancy, had a hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis, they decided that Thomas would bear their child because he still had the ability to. Personally I think this is a good step towards real equality and wish them the best of luck.
In denial over the likely possibility, Henry started to wear baggy sweaters, hiding his growing stomach, but this is where everything gets even more confusing. The unexpected pregnancy caused Henry a change of plans, since doctors delivered a baby girl by cesarean section on April 13th, and Henry is breastfeeding.A TheA visual of Henry breastfeeding is no doubt shocking to some, but he does still have breasts.
Their spouses, children, and loved ones are of little concern if they decide one day that they are unhappy with their plumbing.

Beatie are very brave and are going up against a lot of opposition in order to fulfill their dreams.
They will destroy the family they created to meet their own desires based on their delusion thinking. I think people should be able to live their lives in accordance with what they think is best. My surgeon has advised against me getting pregnant because it would be a lot ­harder now I’m ­biologically a man. A transgender man is speaking out about his shocking pregnancy, which came a decade after transitioning from womanhood a€” a process he was still undergoing when he learned he was carrying a 21-week-old baby.
He married his partner Nancy in early 2003 in Honolulu and became pregnant because Nancy was unable to have children. Beatie knows himself better than anyone else, and therefore he should be trusted to make his own decisions. He was shocked by our situation and told me to shave my facial hair," he wrote for The Advocate in 2008 while pregnant with his first daughter.
Adding, "A few months and a couple thousand dollars later, he told us that he would no longer treat us, saying he and his staff felt uncomfortable working with 'someone like me.'"After medical complications, Beatie gave birth to baby girl, Susan, in 2008."How does it feel to be a pregnant man?
In a technical sense I see myself as my own surrogate, though my gender identity as male is constant."Currently, Beatie is in the process of divorcing Nancy.
However, an Arizona judge has halted the proceedings in order to check the validity of the marriage. I am my children's father." Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach ruled on Thursday that Arizona's ban on same-sex marriages prevents Beatie's marriage from being recognized as valid. The judge has reportedly deemed the couple's union a same-sex marriage, which is not legal in Arizona.
Although Beatie was legally a male before the wedding, the judge has argued that there is no legal precedent that defines a man as someone who can get pregnant and give birth, TMZ reports. Gerlach said he had no jurisdiction to approve a divorce because there's insufficient evidence that Beatie was a man when he got married.
The judge said the Beaties never provided records to fully explain what Thomas Beatie actually had done and not done to become a man.
The couple, who live in Philadelphia, started dating in 2012 and a year later were tying the knot and scrambling to prepare for the arrival of their baby. The unexpected bundle of joy was made possible as Coleman had to take a six-week break from using hormones, in preparation for a double mastectomy.
Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which isn't involved in the Beatie case, said the decision doesn't set a precedent and instead applies only to the Thomas and Nancy Beatie. The ruling saves Thomas Beatie from paying alimony to Nancy, but Thomas said he was willing to take on that financial obligation because he wanted a court to recognize his marriage. But I was also busy figuring out how we could make things work in such a short space of time,a€? he said. Besides being a bombshell for the couple, it also forced Coleman to come out to friends and family who didna€™t know he was transgender. It would likely separate him from his children, lead to heavier living expenses and require him to find new employment. David Michael Cantor, one of Thomas Beatie's attorneys, said Beatie could remarry in Arizona, but he could create conflicts in Hawaii, where Beatie's first marriage was viewed as valid and where he could later be accused of polygamy. David Higgins, Nancy's attorney, said his client will likely join Thomas Beatie in his planned appeal of Gerlach's decision. Beatie also had his new girlfriend at his side during the news conference and said they would like to get married.
I just laughed and said, a€?I am pregnant!a€™ She didna€™t believe me,a€? he told the newspaper. It wasna€™t an easy delivery either, with Coleman telling the newspaper he felt like a€?an experiment,a€? being gawked at by medical students while in labor.
Nicholson and Beatie said they have a good relationship with Beatie's current wife and the three children. The road post-delivery continued to be hard as Coleman suffered with year-long postnatal depression. The toddler refers to Coleman as a€?Daddya€? and Elijah as a€?Poppy.a€? They plan to explain the unusual pregnancy to her when shea€™s 5 years old.

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