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How do Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman and a decent-sounding premise end up as lazy, paranoid garbage? Today is the first day in the big screen of It Takes A Man and A Woman, the last and final installation in the John Lloyd-Sarah loveteam which started to dominate the silver screen years ago. It Takes A Man and A Woman tackled more the stresses of an unfinished business and unforgiving heart.
For comments, clarifications, and violent reactions you can go to church and ask the priest for forgiveness. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Joross is worth mentioning in here for his outstanding performance and his delivery of his role as the joker and alaskador in the film.

It also touched a little bit of destiny, fate, patience, understanding, and second chances in love. As tweeted (while I was inside the cinema) this is the next best Filipino movie (love related) I’ve ever watched after One More Chance!
I'd greatly appreciate a comment or a share from you just so I know somebody is equally crazy as I am too.
If you ever wonder why the title is such then let me be a little spoiler for you, yes beybeh, the word is MATURITY.
John Lloyd is always best in these kind of roles, if you will remember One More Chance, this is also the same Lloydie you will see in the movie only not being Popoy this time, but Miguel Montenegro.
The loveteam has really grown from being a sweet chic-flick tandem to a now more serious and deeper character roles.
The story is quite different this time, though it may be in general something that has been existing and persisting since who knows when; it still managed to push through an image and feel specific only to this film and storyline.

Sarah G on the other hand also did well, but not as much as she did in the previous installations of the sequel. Understanding how each and everyone performed, I give my claps and my standing ovation to the one and only and still the unbeatable blockbuster hitmaker, John Lloyd Cruz! It brought me to tears both sadness and joy, made me laugh, and even made me kilig to the bones like asdfghjk!!!

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