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Just because mom and dad put you on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the coolest gear around. Journeys offers unbeatable deals on their shoes and apparel and they’re constantly adding more to make your shopping experience a worry-free one. From model searches, to concerts, to promos, to playlists, Journeys wants you to have fun while looking fierce. Send Journeys your birthday date, and they’ll send you a little present every year it comes to that time. So, Journeys has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, but they also have many benefactors beyond that. You are never in a rush to get anywhere, and are perfectly happy to spend a whole afternoon watching the clouds pass overhead. Below is a recap list of links to Journeys coupon codes, special closeouts and Journeys coupons. Instructions for the coupon codes are provided and additional information about Journeys discounts can be found on the store ‘s web site. Be prepared to save on your next visit to Journeys using one of their 7 printable coupons available in July. CouponsNCodes is a leading online source for bargain hunters and discount shoppers looking for the best money saving coupons and codes, discounts and deals. KD Smart Chair Heavy Duty Wheelchair Coupons: Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Sale $2,795 + Get Free Shipping!
Journeys has shoes from Uggs, Doc Marten, Toms, Adidas, Crocs, Vans, DC, Timberland, and more!
Make sure you regularly check their events page for upcoming show tours and other cool happenings. All you have to do is enter your contact information, and you become eligible to receive one of Journeys shopping sprees. With forty bucks (or more), you can outfit your entire wardrobe with Journeys goods, and get them delivered to your pad absolutely, entirely free. Since the 90s, Journeys and DECA have been offering financial support to and hiring qualified students to work at a local store, as well as developing business programs in high schools.
Journeys and Converse collaborated to bring together three of their musically-talented employees that had never met before, flew them to Brooklyn, New York, put them in a room together, and sat back to watch the magic happen.
If you need any more incentive to start your shopping, check out the coupons we’ve got going for Journeys right now.
You love to organize people and events, and you feel best when you’re the center of attention.
You’re always heading to practice or a match, and you’re not afraid of putting in the extra sweat it takes to be a champion.
Journey’s Gift Cards are ideal for giving any combination of shoes, clothes, accessories, skateboarding, and music. Use a Journeys promo code to get hip shoes and accessories at unbeatable prices and save a little extra mall-money for yourself. By giving them your birthday and email, you are given exclusive deals and event information AND you even get a little something on your birthday each year.
With that kind of cash you can trick out your feet with new kicks, amp up your wardrobe, and accessorize until it’s out of style.
If you’re shy of the mark, paid shipping only costs $4.95, which won’t break the bank, either.

With Junior Achievement in Nashville, Tennessee, Journeys helps supervise fifth graders as they try their hand at working in one of the stores. Whenever your friends want to hang out, you’re the first one they call, because you’re always down for some quality chill time. You see the world a little differently from those around you, but your friends are impressed by your music or artwork and value your unique point of view.
So now you know that Journeys not only makes great apparel, they’re making a better world at the same time.
When it’s time to focus, you can really get things done, but you also love kick back with your (many) friends. You feel strange if you let a day pass without playing or practicing, or at least hitting the track for a few laps. Your friends are always asking you for help making posters, writing a poem for class, or even forging signatures. Brands include Vans, New Balance, UGG and more.The last time an offer was used was  Wednesday May 25th 2016.
Their huge selection of clothes and shoes for guys and girls is essential for anyone eager to showcase their awesome fashion sense. Your friends sometimes don’t understand your dedication, but when you come home with medals and trophies they get it. If all goes well, you could see your likeness on the Journeys website, in the catalogue, in ads, and more!
Plus, with low prices and your Journeys promo code, you’ll be able to afford several pairs! Here are some questions you might have while using the site.Why isn’t my Journeys promo code working?If your Journeys promo code isn’t working when you go to purchase some new kicks, check to make sure there aren’t any special restrictions attached to the deal. The minimum size order is usually pretty low, so you don’t have to spend much before you qualify for free shipping. Don’t try to pick out someone’s shoes.Never try to pick out a pair of boots, flats, sneakers, or pumps for a shoe fetishist. You can also email them at Contact Us.What is the return policy?Journeys is happy to accept returns on unworn items within 30 days of delivery. Even if they’re not running a promotion, they provide shipping costs at a low, flat-rate of $4.95. After an awkward silence, you will receive the coldest stare of your life, and possibly a hint for a gift receipt. Check the site before you complete your order to see if there are any shipping discounts.2. There is a pre-paid label for return items included in your original package.Do I have to pay for shipping?Unless you received a Journeys promo code offering discounted shipping, you are responsible for shipping costs. So many options for customization.Journey’s Gift Cards come in four different varieties, so you get to pick out your favorite one. However, Journeys often runs shipping promotions (like free shipping on minimum size orders), so check the site before you complete your order.
The Universal Virtual Emailable Gift Card can be sent directly through email, and then used at the website. We like it because of the artwork, plus because of the irony that you don’t usually wear shoes underwater. Plus, it’s not like they offer the items no one wants - the sale section has popular items from brands like Vans, Dr.

For more information, go to the Shipping page.What payment methods are accepted?Journeys currently accepts all major credit cards. You can also browse the section by gender, price, or brand, so you don’t have to search through a bunch of items to find stuff you want to buy.3. Bill Me Later is a payment method where you can pay for your purchases in monthly installments, which is a great option if you’re spending a large amount of money.Should I sign up for email alerts?Yes!
It grabbed us both because of the look, and the official Journey’s description: “Perfect when bundling up in the lodge or when out on the streets rockin' the southwestern vibe!” Get it?
Social MediaFollowing Journeys on various social media outlets is a great way to find out about upcoming deals. Select differing amounts for the occasion.Depending on the occasion, you select from one of five increments. Make sure you sign up for Email Alerts, so you’ll never miss out on new products, upcoming sales, or hot promotions. They often do shout-outs for sales on their Facebook or Twitter pages, so you’ll be the first one to know about promotions. These sites are also awesome for notifying you of contests where you can win amazing Journeys items.4. Email Newsletters When you sign up for email newsletters, you’ll be receiving constant updates about new products, upcoming sales, and free shipping promotions. They cost $61.99 on account of how much material they use, but you do get free shipping for them.
Journey’s Gift Cards are compact and lightweight, making it simple to send them through the mail. Journeys has a huge selection of name brand shoes, clothes, and accessories to keep you comfy and current. Birthday ClubAfter you give your email address (see above), you can enter your birthday for the opportunity to receive cool Journeys gifts on your birthday. Journey’s Gift Cards ship quickly in a single envelope, and are safer than mailing large amounts of cash.5. Plus, who wouldn’t want another present on their bday?It’d be hard not to find a million items you want to buy when you shop at Journeys. Just giving money is rude.If you only give someone a wad of cash, they are going to think you waited until the last second.
If you follow the previously mentioned tips, you’ll be able to save huge when you spend at Journeys. Tween Ranger Hi II Boots by Polo Ralph Lauren BlackThese dressy boots are perfect for tweens who like to go designer while kicking or stomping on things. When you’re shopping at Journeys, there are so many choices that it can get pretty hard to decide which new kicks to buy. They have a tough rubber sole, which is a great Beatles album, except they spelled sole, “soul.” Plus, they have a silver buckle on them.
So we made this little guide with a few suggestions for shoes that will vibe with your personal style. Just look for the personality type that best describes you, and you’ll find some shoe shopping ideas.

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