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Nine-year-old Saneie Masilela has become the world’s youngest groom for the second time after remarrying the 62-year-old woman he tied the knot with last year. But the schoolboy – the youngest of five children – wanted to follow South African tradition and insisted they have the second ceremony this week to make their marriage official. The young groom said he still hoped he would have a proper wedding to a woman his own age when he was older.
Recycling worker  Helen – who donned the same dress as last year – said: “I’m very happy that the boy chose me and my family support and understand that it is part of making ancestors happy. Sanele’s 47-year-old mum, Patience Masilela said: “Sanele was fine and he was happy about the ceremony last year and it what he wanted – he was not shy.
Apo pakagozha zvokwadi kana mudzimu yosungirira mwana mudiki zvakadai unopenga mweya wacho . While we are used to seeing Erica Mena bad mouthing and scrappin’, her life has taken an interesting turn.
The automotive industry is clearly alive and well, and one of our favorite whips to hit the market this year is the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Dawn Summers was a member of the Scooby Gang, sister of Buffy Summers and daughter of Hank and Joyce Summers. Dawn Summers's arrival into the life of Buffy Summers was seemingly foreshadowed in a number of dreams the Slayer experienced in the years 1999 and 2000. In 2000, Czech monks of the Order of Dagon continued to protect The Key, as they had done since the 12th century. For many months, Dawn, as well as Buffy, their mother Joyce, and the Scooby Gang were unaware of her mystical origins, believing the memories the monks had crafted for them. Dawn was then subjected to further turmoil when her mother died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm. Weeks later, when Glory tortured Spike for information and "brain-sucked" Tara, leaving her completely mad, Dawn was greatly affected and blamed herself for all of the harm that Glory had done to the people of Sunnydale, describing herself as a "lightning rod" for pain. As Glory's plan came to fruition and the barriers between dimensions began to crack, Dawn was willing to give her life and suicidally jump into the dimensional tear because once her blood stopped flowing, the chaos would cease; but Buffy stopped her and sacrificed herself instead. Following Buffy's noble suicide, Dawn struggled with abandonment issues, as well as her escalating kleptomania.
Shortly after, Xander Harris accidentally summoned the demon Sweet, who forced the residents of Sunnydale to perform in musical numbers. Dawn later accompanied an increasingly reckless Willow to the home of Rack, a magical drug dealer, which goes awry when the two were attacked by a demon and Willow attempted to magically drive the two away.
When Tara was shot by Warren Mears, Dawn was the first to find her dead in the house, hours after Willow had left her side to pursue revenge; she was noticeably affected by her friend's death, even advocating Willow's decision to kill Warren in revenge, though she quickly changed her mind when Willow actually did so and then went after Warren's accomplices, Andrew Wells and Jonathan Levinson. When she later confronted a corrupted Willow at Rack's place, Dawn desperately attempted to reason with her, but Willow, unmoved and slightly annoyed, simply threatened to turn Dawn back into a ball of energy and end her human existence simply to put an end to her constant whining, but Buffy arrived on the scene before Willow could make good on her threat. By the time of the reopening of Sunnydale High School in September 2002, Dawn had matured and was considered a full-fledged member of the Scooby Gang.
While home alone one night in November, Dawn was forced to perform a solo exorcism to protect what she believed to be her mother from a demon.
During the Scooby Gang's mutiny against Buffy who was making questionable decisions, Dawn was the one responsible for personally kicking her sister out of the house, an act that had a profound effect on her. A year and a half after the destruction of Sunnydale, Dawn had become a giantess,[6] which Buffy believed was the result of losing her virginity to her college boyfriend, a thricewise named Kenny.
She eventually shrunk to normal size again but then turned into a centaur.[9] Xander surmised that she will likely experience a third transformation before she could return to normal. When Buffy gained a multitude of new powers, Dawn showed increasing concern that the new abilities would have a major consequence, only to be increasingly frustrated when Buffy and Willow repeatedly dismissed her theories as paranoia.[11] Ironically, Dawn proved to be correct when reality began to "evolve" to accommodate Buffy's newfound status, unleashing numerous hordes of extra-dimensional demons on Earth in the process.
Following the destruction of the Seed of Wonder- and the subsequent loss of virtually all the world's magic - Dawn and Xander settled into a semi-retired life in San Francisco. Eventually, this illness became worse and manifested itself into something far more dangerous. Somehow, after working tirelessly on her, Willow had managed to use her magic to make Dawn conscious enough to be out of her comatose state.
Spike started to tell Dawn stories about both her and himself, specifically when she had first realized she was The Key. Despite everything she was put through beforehand, Dawn was among the Scoobies who came to the aid of the people in Santa Rosita to save them from the zompire menace. She later confessed to Buffy that, having been brought back by Willow's spell, her emotions had essentially "reset" and now experienced everything as she did when she was first created.
In one of the several false memories, Dawn has been held hostage by Angelus, moments before Willow. Dawn always believed there was more than one of Ted,[21] a robot that began dating her mother in 1998.
In "Family", discussing with Giles, Buffy said that Dawn cried for a week after the announcement of the divorce of their parents. However, after helping Buffy out by killing zombies, she matured, becoming more comfortable in her own skin and and in her fabricated life. In 'Storyteller' Andrew Wells describes Dawn as a 'Bubbly and sweet with a hunger for fun and a smile that lights up the room'. Most recently, she has displayed an air of maturity and a willingness to fight evil without hesitation (much to Buffy's chagrin). Dawn is a human being who, as seers and the mentally unstable can see, is really a massive ball of energy. Dawn mystically grew to the size of a giantess, an event which became a recurring gag in the series. Xander Harris — Dawn harbored a crush on Xander into her adolescence, feeling that he was the only one who treats her like an adult. Justin — A charming, manipulative teenage vampire with whom Dawn, unaware of his identity, shared her first kiss. In conjunction with her confessing that she was going to tone down her ratchet, she posted a picture on Instagram of a pregnant woman and a baby. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!This article contains major spoilers for a recently or soon to be released product. In her original form, she was a mystical power of living energy, known as The Key; however, because of a ritual, she was transformed into an ordinary teenage human girl. Prior to her confrontation with Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Buffy dreamed of preparing a bed with rogue Slayer Faith Lehane, who, at the time, was in a coma due to blood loss and severe injuries. The Key was a concentration of living energy that could be used to shatter the veil separating all dimensions. Dawn was supposedly born in 1986 in Los Angeles and had moved with Buffy and Joyce at age ten to Sunnydale after Buffy burned down the Hemery High School gym.

Upon learning of her mystical origin on Buffy's birthday, she suffered an identity crisis, took to self-harming, and ran away from home, though Buffy, who had initially considered Dawn a burden laid upon her shoulders against her will, managed to assure her that, no matter how she came to be, they were real sisters no matter what, securing those words with a blood oath.
Devastated to the point of irrationality, and feeling abandoned by Buffy, she turned to black magic in order to bring her mother back to life though she undid the spell when she came to realize the inherent dangers of what she had done. Despite her sister's best efforts, Dawn was nonetheless kidnapped by Glory and taken to a tower, crudely built for the ritual where Dawn would be bled and the gates between dimensions would fall.
Having been devastated by her sister's death, Dawn was overjoyed when Willow Rosenberg resurrected her through magic. Sweet was ready to claim Dawn as his bride when he saw her wearing his amulet, which Dawn had stolen from the Magic Box. The resulting car crash landed Dawn in the hospital with a broken arm; this event served as the catalyst that led to Willow's decision to stop using magic altogether.
After inadvertently making a wish to Halfrek, Dawn got the Scoobies and their friends trapped in the Summers house on Buffy's birthday. While helping Buffy battle demons set loose from the Earth by Willow, Dawn proved herself to be capable in a fight, finally earning Buffy's respect.
She often helped her friends solve cases and battle monsters in a similar capacity to the role Willow had played as a teenager. Brooks had inadvertently cast on the females of the town with his magic letterman jacket, and she nearly killed herself by train to prove her love for him. Joyce turned out to be The First Evil, and it attempted to persuade Dawn that Buffy "would not choose her." Shortly after this, Rupert Giles returned to Sunnydale with a slew of Potential Slayers in tow, as The First had been attempting to wipe out the Slayer line. When Buffy returned to the fold, Xander, on Buffy's orders, chloroformed Dawn and departed Sunnydale with her, but Dawn subsequently tasered Xander and adamantly returned to town to help in the fight. Xander, however, believed that she may have subconsciously brought it on herself as a way of gaining Buffy's attention after so many new Slayers moved in with them, as the three took residence in a citadel in Scotland. Dawn underwent her final transformation into a living doll and was kidnapped by a doll maker for her 'protection'.[10] Buffy, Willow, Andrew Wells, and the Slayers managed to confront Kenny about the curse but he fled, only to show up later alongside Buffy to rescue Dawn. Due to the constant strain, Dawn passed out and was quickly taken to the hospital by Xander.
However, Dawn was seen to be very out of it and could not remember certain events or even people.
Buffy, Willow, and Xander also began to display this to a lesser extent, but they could still focus on rescuing her above all else.
She was responsible for driving Buffy, Andrew, Spike, and two civilians to their rendezvous point with Xander, where a trap he set for the zompires awaited them.
She was also acquainted with Faith Lehane, as Dawn held a grudge against her for her past deeds when Faith returned to Sunnydale; this grudge could stem from the incident where by Faith kidnapped Joyce and possibly, in light of the altered reality, Dawn as well.
It is possible that it was Buffy who cried in the original reality, and if so, then certain memories of Buffy were transferred to Dawn in the modified reality.
It turned out that Angel and Faith had "forgotten" her, with Buffy, Xander, Willow and Spike quickly following suit.
Much like her mother and sister, she possessed a deep reserve of inner strength and a cynical and sarcastic streak. With the right ritual conducted in the right time and place, her blood opens a dimensional portal to all universes, bringing chaos and destruction to Earth within minutes.
This training paid off in the end, as she was seen holding her own even at the threat of vampires who are impervious to the sun. It was seen when The Soul Glutton trying to devour her soul, lost his energy and giant size.
She saw him as brave and "seeing everyone as equals", expressing jealousy and dislike over Anya and his relationship with her. When she catches her boyfriend, of two years, cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office, there will be No Second Chances.Determined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again, she comes face to face with Cole Thomas.
But if you re-check the footage, she is seen covering the belly area with a coat or something. Can shrink and destroy powerful demons from any dimension Force field generation Minor training in witchcraft, vampire hunting, and melee combat.
If used, The Key would cause dimensions to flood one into the other, merging until the energy of the Key was spent, thus sealing the dimensional tearing.
Only those "outside reality," such as mental patients, were capable of seeing Dawn's true nature.
After Joyce's death, Dawn began to suffer from kleptomania, at first, beginning by simply stealing Anya Jenkins' earrings and then growing to the point where she began to repeatedly and excessively steal from many stores around town, including the Magic Box. Dawn tried to plead with Glory's human alter-ego, Ben, and while he tried to help her at first, he ultimately decided to help Glory with her plans out of self-preservation. On Halloween, Dawn experienced her first kiss with a vampire named Justin, who she was reluctantly forced to stake when he tried to kill her. However, Xander admitted his part in things and Buffy admitted she had been in heaven while dead, leaving everyone, including Dawn, shocked and horrified. When Buffy briefly became convinced that she had murdered Katrina Silber due to the manipulations of the Trio and resolved to turn herself into the police, Dawn reacted violently, accusing Buffy of running away and deserting them. During the group's imprisonment, Dawn's collection of stolen items was discovered, as well as her abandonment issues. The trauma of Tara's death and Willow nearly ending the world made Buffy realize that the world was worth living in, and she promised to show Dawn the wonders of the world.
When Buffy feared she would fail on her first day as the school counselor, Dawn reassured her that she would be fine and that she would be a great counselor. Willow cast a spell in an attempt to trace the Potential that was found within Sunnydale's borders, and the results made Dawn believe that she was the Potential. In the final battle against The First, during which all the Potentials were activated as bonafide Slayers, Dawn kept a clear head as she guarded one of the high school's above-ground exits with Xander, slaying at least three Turok-Han Vampires independently. Buffy and Dawn's relationship had been strained and conflicted.[7] Dawn didn't want to speak with Buffy about her condition, preferring to wait for Willow, who Dawn described as a mother figure. After she apologized to him, the spell was instantly broken and she became a real girl again. The doctors could find nothing physically wrong with her and Andrew deduced his own uncertainty, only positive that it was definitely mystical and seemingly incurable. Willow informed Buffy and Xander that her limited magic only enabled her to give her a few more days before fading away completely.
Dawn's condition became horrifically worse when she became transparent, starting to fade physically out of the world. She was also involved in the fight against the more powerful breed of new vampires while wielding a crossbow. She also merely felt a teenage crush on Xander rather than being deeply in love with him, leaving her distant from him; Xander had been overly suspicious that something was "wrong" with Dawn since she came back.

It was also valid with Oz, Cordelia and Wesley, although they technically left Sunnydale before she appeared, as well as with Amy Madison, although she was transformed into rat before his appearance, and Jenny Calendar (if she was a ghost, her memory also was modified). However in "Real Me" when Dawn is writing in her journal about a prior occasion it is implied she is aware, hinting that Dawn's arrival has changed this aspect of reality.
However, Dawn suffered from moderate abandonment issues, which branched into self-harming and kleptomania for some time. She has also developed excellent driving skills, managing to get ahead a horde of zompires all the while keeping her passengers safe and sound.
Shocked and surprised that she was the fabled Key, he reveals that her mystical energy was so pure for him, comparing it like poison.
Nevertheless, she still takes an active role in large scale battles, decommissioning enemies with super-sized kicks. He is gorgeous, charming, rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away from.Cole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires.
The monks wanted to put this dangerous power to good use; however, they were attacked by Glorificus, a hell goddess bent on returning to her home dimension regardless of the cost. Later, when Joyce developed a brain tumor, she was briefly capable of perceiving Dawn in her original form. Dawn was so disgusted by this that, during a subsequent encounter with Ben, she demanded that he turn into Glory, preferring Glory's in-your-face evil to Ben's cowardice. The group was eventually released from the house and Dawn returned all the items she still owned, resolving to do better, while the gang attempted to assuage her depression and feelings of abandonment.
The battle culminated in Sunnydale's destruction, and Dawn was among those that survived the battle unharmed and escaped the crater that had once been her home, asking her sister what they were going to do next. Her exact height was unknown but she was tall enough to pick apples from the very top of the trees.
The two had a heart-to-heart, where she explained that she wasn't ready for sex with Kenny because of how intensely she liked him, before parting ways again. Buffy and Illyria immediately arrive to see what's wrong with her, horrifying and worrying her sister with the sight she was seeing. Desperate to save her, Willow, Buffy, and Xander had left her in the supervision of Andrew while they traveled to the Deeper Well to get enough magic to restore her life completely.
She expressed her fear to Xander on the phone, and the two had a meaningful heart-to-heart. When Dracula took Xander as his manservant again, Xander blurted out his real fear, which was that Dawn did not love him anymore, and she was upset to realize he was right.
Dawn was also very kind and caring, but also very stubborn and independent, much like her sister Buffy.
She is shown to be able to damage a large stone wall by punching it, although she hurts her hand in the process. Although she eventually outgrew her romantic feelings for him, Dawn and Xander remained extremely close, bonding over the fact that neither has any real "superpowers."[28] When Dawn was undergoing a series of mystical transformations, Xander was Dawn's only real confidante with Willow's absence and Buffy's duties as head Slayer. Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings.
Showing off her mother to be status in the club with a friend on Instagram, Mena looks to be about 4 or 5 months along. In an act of desperation, the three surviving monks used powerful magics, as well as a portion of the Slayer's own essence, to forge The Key into human form as a fourteen-year-old girl, then sending her to Buffy as a sister for protection. By this time, Buffy also discovered Dawn's origins through a spell, though after she met the last dying monk of Dagon, she learned that Dawn was now a common human being with no memories of her original form and that she had to be protected. Dawn had indicated that she wants to leave Scotland once her condition was back to normal and possibly return to Berkeley. Illyria looked her over and noted expertly that Dawn was emitting energy from her body in steady amounts, clarifying her as slowly dying. Back in the Deeper Well, Willow felt pulled toward a power source, and declared that it could not only save Dawn, but the world as well.[19] Dawn appeared to be missing afterwards, but Spike and Andrew both seemed to think she hadn't faded yet. The two attempted to restart their relationship with a new date, but Dawn called it off as she still remembered how they had fallen in love even if she didn't have those feelings any more, and felt that he was trying too hard. Her favorite pizza topping is anchovies and she enjoys dancing, especially to Mexican music. Dawn has grown to rarely flinch when in danger, and her loyalty to her sister and friends is absolute. Later, Dawn was transformed into a centaur and a living porcelain doll with inherent physical traits, but what supernatural powers these forms granted was unknown.
Will her obsessed ex, who refuses to accept it’s over, or a secret Cole himself is hiding, destroy their relationship before it even gets started?Can Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance? The monks also altered reality, as well as the memories of the Slayer, her family, and friends, to make the now-human Key fit into the world, making everyone in Buffy's life believe that Dawn had always been present as her sister. Dawn began to accept the advantages of being super-sized when she stomped on malevolent witch Amy Madison, knocking her unconscious and allowing Willow to capture her. As a result of Xander being Dawn's only confidante during her transformations, the two developed romantic feelings for each other and began dating.
Meanwhile, Willow decided to use Severin and the "seedling" she had created to help her manage enough power to save Dawn.[20] Dawn was finally restored when Willow pulled the last of her essence together after magic had been brought back to the world, although her relationship with Xander has apparently cooled due to her knowledge of his temporary alliance with Simone (Albeit to try and save her).
By the time she was a human again, and despite the possibility of romantic interest from Buffy, Xander and Dawn began seeing each other.[29] After the end of magic and the relocation of the Scoobies to San Francisco, Dawn and Xander moved into an apartment together. Lately Dawn discovered she was the The Key all along and more importantly she did not need a ritual to access her powers she just just believed in her self and had some courage and faith from her sister and the others dawn accessed her powers that now she can open portals to any dimension and destroy the barriers that holds them which can lead to an apocalypse, she can shrink and destroy powerful demons with a flick of her wrist and can even do a Force field in order to protect herself and others Giles implied that Dawn had become god like entity. However, Dawn and Xander where seen to argue because of him forgetting her birthday, and she ordered him to sleep on the couch for a couple days as punishment.[30] As the year carried on, Xander continued to be there constantly for Dawn as her health started to deteriorate more and more.
At least Mena is keeping her hustle game to things that actually take effort like writing a book. Eventually, this climaxed in her falling into a coma and suffering from a mystical illness, slowly killing her due to being created from The Key that was a form of magic.
Grief-stricken and feeling once again useless, Xander angrily took his emotions out on a wall punching it over and over again. Buffy took action and stopped his self-destructive behavior, only to have him turn on her instead. He informed her of her fading away essence, but promised her it would be fixed before anything could happen to her.

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