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From ancient Greece to western mythology, and now modern times, long, healthy hair has always been an instant sign of health, fertility and femininity. I’ve always been blessed with healthy medium length hair, but I always longed for even longer lengths. You see, I learned that hair isn’t just something that sits atop of your head, there is a science to our hair’s structure and to how hair grows.
This is not to say that you cannot occasionally experiment with hair styles and chemicals to alter your hair color or texture, but when you do, you must alter your hair care practices to suit those particular changes. Yes lovelies, the foods you eat and your lifestyle all play key roles in how fast your hair grows and how much length you retain. For starters, please check out our First Time Here section to get a rundown of the basic information you will need to build your hair care regimen.
Length check shirts made tracking my progress much easier and simpler, and it’s was fun charting my length check dates on the calendar and anticipating the day, then taking the photos and finally noticing just how much my hair had grown since the last length check.
Lovelies, once you achieve your long hair goals, I can guarantee you that you’ll discover that the sense of accomplishment will serve as a launchpad for success in other areas of your life. Any wise lady knows that beauty is power, and long, healthy hair is perhaps the hallmark of our beauty arsenal. No matter which beauty trends we uncover backstage at Fashion Week, healthy, full hair is always in style.
In the video above, New Beauty editor Anna Jimenez shares four styling tricks to make your hair look thicker. Getting a multi-layered haircut like Dianna Agron or face-framing bangs similar to Jessica Biel's. Boosting limp locks with a volumizing hair sprays Phyto Phytovolume Actif or Nioxin Diamax. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly and highly-textured you can learn how to make your hair grow faster than ever before and grow your hair to fairytale lengths. However, for some reason, I could never grow hair past my bra strap that was as beautiful, healthy and vibrant as my medium length hair. Once I delved into the science of hair growth, I instantly realized why I had never grown long healthy hair. Most importantly, I learned that I was trying to make my hair do things that it naturally was not meant to do, which led me to discover two things.

While I could grow my hair to bra strap length, by making it do things it was not naturally structured to do, my hair could not thrive and grow to extreme lengths.
By putting my hair through extreme practices, whether it was physical practices via hairstyles or chemical practices via coloring (I‘m a former bleach addict!), I was stunting my hair’s ability to reach the fairy-tale lengths I always dreamed of as a little girl. In my past quests for long hair, I did not have the proper hair care regimen, and when I altered my hair via color or some other medium, I was treating my hair the same old way.
Healthy hair starts from the inside out, and if your internal health isn’t up to par, guess what, science proves that it shows in your hair!
The purpose of a length check shirt is to give you a reference point for the start of your hair care journey and a subsequent method to keep track of your hair growth. Simply let your hair down, making sure it’s evenly combed, put on your length check shirt, and take a photo. Many curly hair ladies feel like they have to straighten their hair to determine its true length. You could either stretch the hair manually by pulling a section of your hair toward the nape and note where it falls on your length check shirt or you could band your hair to stretch it without heat and temporarily simulate a straighter hair texture and note where it naturally falls on the length check shirt as well. But if you're among the 30 million women in America who suffer from hereditary hair loss, you probably think clip-in extensions or wigs are the only ways to achieve this look. Whether your thinning hair is the result of a genetic event, fluctuating hormones or nutrition changes, no one has to know but you. I tried all kinds of potions, concoctions, hair styles, any thing I could get my hands on that promised instant length.
I also realized I’d probably never get the long hair I always wanted if I didn’t make a change.
Everyone’s hair is different, so there isn’t a single hair care regimen you must use to grow long hair.
This is precisely why the human brain has been trained for eons of years to recognize healthy hair as a sign of health.
From there, you can read up on the best practices for your hair’s type and current condition and start building your hair care regimen. You can also create your own personal journal as a means to keep track of your hair regimen and your overall hair growth goals. It’s just a simple and easy way to document how much your hair has grown from month to month.
In the photo, note the date and the number of the line where your hair falls at its longest point.

However, none of these things ever worked as they said they would, and my hair never grew past my bra strap.
Your tresses (and fingernails) are the last parts on your body to receive nutrients from the foods you consume, and if you aren’t consuming the proper amount of nutritious foods, your hair won’t get the nutrients it needs to grow to long healthy lengths. With a bit of science, re-education about hair, and patience, you can learn how to make your dreams for luscious, vibrant, and healthy long hair a reality. Length check shirts come pre-marked with numbered lines that are spaced one-inch apart, so you easily keep up with your hair growth from month to month. However, if you’re doing this every month or even every two months, you may be applying too much heat to your hair, which is may not be a good thing for people with natural curly hair. If you choose to go with the manual stretching method, you want to try to use the same section of hair to measure your progress. Frustrated with my fruitless quest for long hair, I turned to the one thing in life that never failed me when I tried to better other areas of my life, science! Just as important as the products and hair care practices you use, you must take your diet and everyday routine into consideration when developing a hair care regimen. Over the next two to three months, put your length check shirt back on and note the number of the line where your hair falls along with the date.
A simple way around this is to stretch the hair manually to make it easier to see the true length of your hair.
If you only intend to measure your progress a couple of times a year, then feel free to use heat to straighten your hair, only if you know how to do so without causing heat damage. Additionally, you will learn which foods, vitamins and nutrients are essential for hair growth and how to identify habits and routines that are keeping you from the long locks you’ve  always longed for. As you’re taking better and better care of your hair, you should retain more length and notice that every few months the numbered line where the length of your hair falls begins to increase.

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