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I was looking through Battlelog 2.0 and i had planned to copy the weapon images and upload the photos but instead it gives you a photo with all the weapons, gadgets, etc.
Violent Reputation Gaming is a newly formed clan for those looking to find the premiere spot to game on the PlayStation 4 with some of the most awesome gamers available. We?re currently involved in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, but as the PlayStation 4 grows and its games library expands, so will we.
Our current team has experience running clans in the gaming world, that leadership will be in effect and will ensure we have a strong team of like-minded individuals. If you're looking to advance your skills as a sniper, a support, an assault, an engineer, or a combination of them all, vRG will be place to do so alongside men and women who think the same way.
If your interested in catching a few games with vRG members, or want to log on to a server so your clan can play stop by and play a few games with us!
Come check it out and be sure to stop by our website and apply if your interested in joining a tight knit Battlefield Clan!! So if you're looking for a clan with a close knit member base, a fully functional website AND Ample opportunities for promotion throughout a clan. We still offer our own BF4 server, organized forum space with customized graphics, GroupMe application for communication on the go and a friendly gaming community. 2016 SHOW INFOSaturday June 25th 10 am to 5 pm Sunday June 26th 10 am to 5 pmOak Canyon Ranch5305 Santiago Canyon Road Silverado Ca.
For those interested, you’ll be able to watch a Destiny beta live stream from 11am Pacific Time or 2pm Eastern Time on Wednesday. That means four story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps and a cooperative Strike mission to play with your friends – that is some incredible content there to keep you going until July 27 when the beta will end. Xbox Live Gold members get four new free games - two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360, during the month of May. Activision announced this week that the latest Call of Duty game, Black Ops III, will not include single-player campaign on Xbox 360 and PS3.. XONEHQ features the latest Xbox One video game trailers, upcoming games, release dates, screenshots and news, only for Xbox One.. The wonders of technology have moved sports betting online, with various websites available at the touch of your keyboard. However, one thing that we have yet to see in the progression of online betting platforms is sports betting being available through Xbox 360. Xbox 360 stands to gain a lot by diversifying their services even further than they currently are. Xbox Live Games With Gold For November Revealed!Published: Wednesday, October 28, 2015Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Microsoft has just revealed that Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download four new games for free in November on Xbox!

This program once installed on your PC will make joining any server as easy as pushing a button. Whether you are new to ARMA or a seasoned Vet, come join us on the Battlefield and as always we will have fun fighting the good fight! As 509th Members, it is more important that we are hanging out with good friends having fun as opposed to worrying about how great our score is. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.
If you?re addicted to Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts like us, you?ll want to sign up.
You?ll be guaranteed mature gamers looking to have themselves a good time first and foremost. We've recently decided to cut Call of Duty from our gaming options because it seems that it is dying off and we want to focus on our Rapidly Growing Battlefield 4 community. Then you need to look no further, vRG has everything you are looking for and maybe even a little more.
We've taken the responsibility off of the new recruits and placed it onto Veteran members and Leader!
It will take place on Wednesday July 16, allowing you to get the perfect preview and preparation needed before you head into the servers yourself a day later. That means those tuning in from UK should be able to watch from 7pm onwards so make a note of that.
Not for the first time, Bungie is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that you have the perfect experience with Destiny before the full launch later this year.
Let us know if you will be watching the live stream tomorrow and if you already have a key ready for your own access on Thursday.
Don't miss out on all of the latest BF4 64 Player Multiplayer gameplay on Xbox One, subscribe today!So you still haven't played Battlefield 4 yet huh? While in the past one had to leave one’s house and go to a bookie to place a bet, this is no longer the case.
And now with the advent of smart phones, betting apps for mobile have been developed so you can place bets from your smart phone or tablet. We hope that this is only a matter of time before Xbox wakes up and smells the proverbial coffee; this is a hugely profitable industry and it would be a shame not to get involved in any way possible.
Not only could this possibly be financially rewarding for them, but it also opens them up to a wider market of potential customers. Xbox 360 games to be playable on Xbox One starting November 12.Starting in November all future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One, giving Xbox One owners double the free games to play each month.

Not only does this Halloween pack include a whopping 43 skins, a creepy texture pack you can apply to your other Minecraft worlds, and ghostly music, it comes with an entire world that’s guaranteed to scare you senseless. Graphics, etc., those will come in handy as we continue to expand and improve upon our clan.
I guess you're still up in arms whether or not to shell out that hard earned cash and check out this epic video game?
There are possible profits to be made in terms of providing that platform, and with regards to advertising. When Xbox One Backward Compatibility begins rolling out on November 12th, play multiplayer with your friends no matter which console they’re on and enjoy Xbox 360 games with the advanced features of your Xbox One, including Game DVR, Screenshots, and in-home streaming to Windows 10. Obviously, certain games only allow for two players, while other games can accommodate more than two players. There’s even a rollercoaster that you and your friends can ride on as many times as you like for no additional charge.
The ride doesn’t feature boring things like height restrictions or tickets, you’ll be happy to hear. You’ll have access to new weapons, gadgets, and amphibious vehicles, and four all-new maps – Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar.Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC - Experience all-out urban warfare with four new multiplayer maps taking place in war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army. Gambling needs to be done legally so that you as the consumer can be protected by the checks and balances put in place by the government and regulatory bodies. Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC - Battlefield 4 Final Stand brings the all-out war to the cold arctic with secret military installations unleashing high-tech prototype weapons and vehicles in four new multiplayer maps.
This takes the Xbox gaming experience to another level because now you can play the games you have always loved, and earn some money at the same time!
If Xbox 360 were to bring sports betting to console they would also help in diminishing the demand for black market gambling, by encouraging mainstream (and regulated) betting. Many people have no recourse or official channels to follow if they are not given their winnings in an illegal gambling ring.
By having console as an additional sports betting platform, this would create more access to legitimate and safe ways for people to enjoy the long-standing hobby of sports betting.

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