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I know that the end of school is fresh on everyone's mind, but I want to talk about First Grade! I wanted them to feel prepared and confident, but I didn't want them to feel too much pressure that their nerves would get the best of them.
I hope this helps and again, I'd love to be a resource for those in Dual Language Spanish classes. Oraciones numericas y pruebas de ortografia! With the twins being my first children, I got a little nervous for their first tests that would result in a number grade!
Here's some words we studied in First Grade, starting with the beginning of the year to the end.
We are advocates of the program and love hearing tips, success stories and struggles within the program! With 10-12 words a week, it takes alot of focus for the six year olds to sound out the word when they are spelling it.
After weeks and weeks of these tests, I wanted to share some tips and tricks I learned along the way!
The apps keyboard included letters with accents, so the kids could hear them words correctly!
It was helpful to say "remember there were 2 words with acentos!" while we were practicing. The word a€?vauntetha€? has lost its meaning in todaya€™s vernacular,A but in Greek it is very powerful! In other words, it describes a person who endlessly promotes himself and exaggerates hisA own virtues. His self-promotion is so outrageous that he is usually prone to exaggeration that bordersA on lying.

If you know anyone like this, youa€™re probably thinking of that person as well, because people like this are such an annoyance that ita€™s hard to ignore or forget them.A Regarding the man Ia€™m thinking of, people who see him coming in their direction immediately begin to look for a way to escape. They know that once this man gets hold of them, hea€™s going to start talking endlessly about himself, his projects, his ideas, and his accomplishments. Dona€™t you think it would be good to show at least some interest in what others are doing? Ia€™m the only one doing anything significant.a€? He was so self-consumed that he couldna€™t even recognize the fact that there are other hard-working high achievers in the Kingdom of God!A Coming from a terrible, insecure foundation in his own life, this man somehow feels that he must stretch the truth to a ridiculous extreme and brag about his own accomplishments. He has sung his own praises so long that no one close to him wants to hear those songs anymore!
His total lack of concern for others and his complete preoccupation with himself have become offensive and disgusting to nearly everyone who knows him.A Often people exaggerate and boast endlessly because they have a hidden agenda they want to promote or because they want to gain some higher position or place of authority. Other times they are hoping to make the kind of impression that might give them special status or recognition in the eyes of others.
RealA agape love would never flaunt itself in this way; instead,A agape love wants to focus on the accomplishments of others in order to build them up and make them feel more valuable and secure.
Thus, this word vividly paints the picture of a person who is filled with pride.A Paul warns thatA agape is never phusio.
This means agape love is never deceived into thinking too highly of itself, nor does it arrogantly claim that it is better than others. After boldly confronting the Corinthian church for tolerating a grossly immoral situation among its members, Paul expresses hisA amazement that they could be a€?puffed upa€? in light of the ungodly relationship that was thriving rightA before their eyes.
He writes that love a€?doth not behave itself unseemlya€¦.a€?A The Greek word for a€?unseemlya€? is aschemoneo, an old word that means to act in an unbecoming manner.
Both his actions and words tend to be rude and discourteous, and he exhibitsA bad mannersA in the way he deals with people.

His language is harsh and brutal, revealing that this person isA uncaring, insensitive, and unkind. If you see that you have fallen short of the high-level love God wants you to possess and exhibit in your life, ita€™s time for you to go back to the Lord and talk to Him about it again!
I dona€™t want to do anything with my life that brings disrespect orA dishonor to Your precious name!
I ask YouA to correct me when I am lured into snobbery or pride and to lovingly rebuke me when I a€?actA uglya€? toward others. I dona€™t go around talking about myself all the time, constantly exaggeratingA and embellishing the facts. I dona€™t behave in a prideful, arrogant, haughty, superior,A snooty, snobbish, or clannish manner. Have you been guilty of exaggerating or embellishing the truth to make yourself look better in front of other people?
Would you feel comfortable telling those same stories if you were face-to-face with Jesus?A 2.
Are you and your friends so tight that others might view your group as an exclusive little clique?A 3.

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