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I'm 15 years old and me and my girlfriend met on the Internet last August and we just started talking. This poem is exactly how I am feeling and I am 23 my boyfriend is in Virginia USA that is 1200 miles from where I am.
I love this poem, it does relate to me so much it's crazy, my girlfriend is so far away but feel so close when we talk with each other just wish life was fair but that is how it goes.
Thank you for such a beautiful, It has inspired me to write to my luv who's only away for 3 weeks yet I missed so much. This poems just gave me shivers as to there's other people out there in the same situation as me! How sweet, that no matter the length of the relationship, almost all long distance couples can relate. Damn and I thought I was the only one who is in a long distance relationship, because I met this girl on a social networking site and we've been together since September and although we have our little fights and squabbles we still make up even though we haven't actually met. Very good poem good luck with you and your boyfriend and cherish as many moments as possible. I never thought I would be able to love someone that I've never met in real life, but I can't imagine myself without him. It's hard because sometimes you just want to let it go but a empty feeling kicks in and then I miss him even more.
I wanted to make a scrapbook for my boyfriend and give it to him when he moves to New York. I really do love him a lot and would do anything for us to be together and I know he would do the same. I live in England and he lives in America and his part of America there's an 8 hour time difference between my time and his. I live in the states, and I thought for sure that this was just some curse that I happened to fall in love with a girl that was 9,000 miles away. My hubby and I are 6 and a half years currently, and a country away, and the simplicity of this poem is very relative. I am in the same situation at the moment, I am 15 years old and I live 5 hours from my boy..

We talk on phone for long periods of time, sometimes for five hours and we also chat and Skype a lot. After reading this poem and the comments above, I feel a little less alone and that I'm not the only person in this kind of situation. I'm 15 and I have this same situation I have a clandestine love with my boyfriend which I get to see him at least three times a week cause his mom and my mom would make our lives a living hell. There is nothing I want more than to be in his arms, and it sucks that since we're both in school and plane tickets are really expensive, there's no way we can meet at the moment. Every day without her is painful and I just want to be able to hold her and be able to tell her that I love her. When he leaves, I won't see him for a while, so I wanted to make a really pretty scrapbook!
We FaceTime a lot and we are constantly talking about our future and we want to get married one day.
It hurts not having him next to me at night or waking up to him next to me knowing we have so much love for each other and being so far apart makes it hard for us but we aren't getting discouraged. We facetime regularly but are dying to see each other face to face xxx I love him so much it's unreal.
Yes distance is really hard and really can tear two people apart, make you go crazy, helpless even, but for those who make it through, it truly can be beautiful.
I too have someone from a far away place that I wish I could be next to, and it can be really hard at times.
I love her very much and she loves me too, I met her during a holiday when she visited my location and I asked her out and she said yes after some weeks of trying and now we are dating that's why I came to this site to get sweet poems for her though she stays faraway from me.
At first it was difficult for me to accept the situation, but there was no choice and I've accepted the situation. We are thinking positive and its nice knowing there are others out there going through the same thing to know that we aren't the only ones. But, after several months of persuasion on her part, she finally got me to be in a relationship with her. But as many have said before, deep rooted love cannot be worded or fashioned for others to understand.
I've spend two beautiful holidays with my holiday love who lives far away and who is not prepared to be a real couple.

But just be patient as I am doing I have to wait 3 years and 9 months to be able to move to mine's home country . He's always in my head, that is for sure, I wonder if he thinks about me as much as I myself think about him.
She wants to come over here, but she said she wants to wait until I'm 18 before she comes over.
The only thing we do is to visit each other during holidays or sometimes when I'm on leave. We talk on the phone all the time before I go to bed while she is getting ready for school. At first it made me cry, almost everyday but he always assure me that it will always be me, his one and only.
It's good that there are sites like these that I can share my story because most people would just laugh and call me stupid but there's some people who don't get it and there's some people who do.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that is going through this and I hope that all of you people will someday meet your lovers.
Everytime he send me a message all my worries disappear and my world looks like a paradise.
She shared a poem with me to express how she felt about me in the beginning and I saw this and all I could do was cry because I understood completely.
We've been together happily for a year and a half now, and I have applied to college at UCT. It's actually really hard to keep the relationship since we have never met and for us to meet each other is really really hard. If you have questions to me, just ask them in another message, I always like to talk about this subject. Sometimes I feel myself soo ashamed because I don't know how to describe how much I love him in words and I feel really dumb about it, because every times he sent me cute messages about how much he loves me, misses me and cares for me. I know that when we finally get to be together it will be stronger than any close relationships because we actually worked for it to happen.

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