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While Unity is a very easy engine to work with, it does require basic coding abilities and so may not be the best choice for people just starting out.
Unity Cookie - Huge selection of video tutorials, this links directly to their getting started section. March 7, 2013 by Rachel Pin14K Share149 Tweet EmailReading games can help your child read!
Go on an alphabet hunt, ask your kids to find the letter that makes a certain sound, or the letter that starts a particular word, all while digging through a bin of colorful spaghetti.

Play a game of soccer and practice sight words (or a spelling list) at the same time.  I bet this game can be adapted for football or basketball, whatever sports your child is interested in. Have mismatched puzzle pieces or parts of a toy set?  Why not use them to create a story-starting bin.  These would make fun writing prompts for kids journals. Help kids who are struggling with sounding out words or with a spelling list to learn new words with this simple word tube tool that you can create for your child. A scrabble variation is fun for kids.  Give them a set of letters and see how many words they can come up with from those letters.

The free version of the engine is very capable and allows you to release commercial games, however some advanced features require you to buy the pro version of the engine.
It's capable of importing models from most 3D packages and it has a comprehensive editing suite that allows you to put much of the content of your game together before you add any code.

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