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This PowerPoint tutorial is just what you need to get up to speed using PowerPoint to create engaging and effective presentations.
Each PowerPoint tutorial features text and screen shots of the actual application, and some include narrated multimedia tutorials in that will show you step by step how to perform common tasks in creating a presentation.
Guides and Tutorials helps you create expert slide presentations in minutes to impress your family, friends, students, and co-workers.
These helpful pages will teach you how to put custom animations into your slides, add speaker notes and handouts, and use design templates to make a professional presentation. This Audacity tutorial will show you how to use the basic tools and procedures in the open source audio editing program, Audacity. This Excel 2003 Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using the Excel 2003 spreadsheet program. This Podcasting tutorial includes a step by step guide that will show you how to record, publish and promote your podcast. This LCD Projector Guide will assist you in the use and purchase of a digital LCD projector or DLP projector. This Microsoft Word 2007 Workspace tutorial will acquaint you with the new tools and features in the Word 2007 Window.
Making an impressive powerpoint presentation is an important toolkit in anyone’s arsenal. At a workshop recently I heard someone giving a talk which was really interesting and I took away some valuable points from it.

So from my experience of both creating and listening to presentations, I’ve put together some tips of what I think can make or break a presentation.
Put your company branding and logo on the presentation to make it look professional and help build a relationship with your brand and the audience.
Keep animations and transitions to a minimum so they don’t confuse and distract the audience. Use creative ways of presenting your information eg, pictures, charts, and animations which will grab people’s attention.
Don’t wander off the subject, and if you do, ensure the audience knows why and quickly come back to it. Read from a script – it can sound stilted and prevents you from making eye contact with the audience.
Valerie Eaton is the owner of Smart VA Ltd, providers of virtual assistant support to small businesses and self-employed professionals. Whether you're creating a PowerPoint presentation for an informal gathering, a school or classroom assignment, or one for your business partners or associates, Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful Office application that lets you create stunning presentations. With PowerPoint 2003, we will show you how to create and edit professional looking presentations. We will teach you how to choose color schemes, create exciting backgrounds, import text and charts from other programs, and play your slide show from your computer. Its one thing to make an ordinary powerpoint and another to make something that wow’s the audience.

However, it’s important to remember that a clearly delivered and well-designed presentation will promote you and your business professionally and effectively to your audience.
There are many tips and ideas that you can grab from the net  for inspirations to achieve your presentation goals. However, others can stand up for an hour and speak off the cuff about their subject, and make it interesting and memorable. OK, there are a few people who are natural public speakers, but for most of us, it takes a lot of preparation to stand up and speak clearly and concisely about our subject.
Or just create a fun presentation to celebrate a wedding or a birthday?Impress your Boss and ClientsIf you are looking for presentation ideas to impress your boss or company clients or you just want to have a professionally looking business presentation, one of the best presentation tip is to use helpers as visual aids. Other design helpers to make use of are widgets with arrows, balloons, pointers and callouts on PowerPoint.The arrangement of the presentation is very important. Opt for pictures or images, since the presentations should be more visual than simply pure text.

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