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The Santa Fe River valley was used by all peoples who entered the area and an important concentration of thousands of ancient petroglyphs are found along a volcanic escarpment formed by lava. San Felipe is one of the most culturally conservative of all the Keresan speaking tribes and passionately retains their traditional religion and customs despite relentless pressures from the outside world. Join Southwest Seminars and David Grant Noble for an archaeological journey on the scenic Yampa and Green Rivers through Dinosaur National Monument. Trip Description: Meeting in Vernal, Utah on May 20, we will visit the Dry Fork Creek Petroglyphs near Vernal, one of the most famous rock art sites in the Southwest.
In Echo Park wea€™ll hike to two Fremont petroglyph panels and along the way cool off in Whispering Cave.
On our final day, wea€™ll emerge from the canyons for a leisurely float through Rainbow Park followed by an exciting ride through Split Mountain and its series of rapids. Santa Anaa€™s original location is unknown as all the members of the Pueblo either left or were killed during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Join Southwest Seminars for the experience of a lifetime led by Geologist Wayne Ranney, author of a€? Carving Grand Canyona€? and featuring 7 days rafting the Colorado River through the legendary Grand Canyon and 7 nights camping under the stars. Learn the story revealed in the thick sequence and variety of rocks exposed in the walls of the canyon which provide a record of the Paleozoic Era (550-250 million years ago). Wayne Ranney is the author of a€?Carving Grand Canyona€? and a€?Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateaua€?, which he co-authored with Ron Blakey. Trip Details: The trip will be in 37 foot motored raft as they are the preferred mode of transportation for this kind of river excursion by Wayne, being more comfortable and safer for this kind of expedition.
Enter Grand Canyon and within the first few miles begin our descent though the geologic layers, traveling 78 miles by river to the bottom of this great stack of rocks.
Float deeper into the Marble Canyon section of the river and see lush green spring of Vaseya€™s Paradise stopping at Redwall Cavern, a vast alcove that J.W.
The canyon is truly Grand Canyon as we float downstream to the turquoise blue waters of the Little Colorado River, the spiritual birthplace of the Hopi Fourth World.
Raft the notorious Lava Falls in the depths of the Grand Canyon near the end of our journey. Arriving at Whitmore Wash, we board a helicopter for a scenic flight out of the canyon, followed by charter flight returning us to Marble Canyon for farewell dinner with Wayne and those often dreamt about beds. We have learned more about the Coronado Expedition in the past 25 years than has been pieced together in a century of prior work. Located on Ute Mountain tribal lands, this park was a 1911 compromise: between the United States taking tribal lands and the visionary leadership of Jack House, son of the Ute Chief Acowitz, who in the 1880a€™s tipped off the legendary Wetherill brothers to the existence of fantastic ancient Pueblo sites in Lion and Johnson Canyons in the Southwest.
Step back in time to the late 19th century as we ride the train from Lamy, to Las Vegas, NM on the tracks of the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad to visit three historic hotels: Castaneda, Plaza, and Montezuma. Join us for a special visit to San Ildefonso Pueblo, one of the best-known New Mexico Pueblos because of the famous black-on-black pottery, which originated there and was revived in the1920s.
Join Alan Osborne and attend Candelaria Day festivities at both San Felipe and Santo Domingo Pueblos, both Eastern Keres villages on the banks of the Rio Grande, where traditional and culture are closely held and tenaciously kept. We have been invited to the Acoma Sky City Governora€™s Feast Day where we will feast at the home of the governor and his family and witness celebratory observances of this important event where tribal members renew their culture, language and native religion.
The juxtaposition of young lava and old sandstone makes for a wonderful geologic setting and story.
When sixteenth-century Spanish explorers first set foot in what is now Arizona and New Mexico, they encountered people who lived in large multistory apartment buildings of stone and adobe enclosing communal plazas. Join John Ware, Porter Swentzell (Santa Clara), and Connie Eichstaedt for a seven day tour of the Ancestral Pueblo world to visit the sites highlighted in Warea€™s new book from the SAR Press, A Pueblo Social History. Our 3-day 2-night visit will be centered at the Chaco National Park campground, where our outfitters will provide a luxury and restful camping experience, including catered delicious food and shelter on-site under the stars and the night skya€™s pantheon of other heavenly bodies. Eighteen giant calderas, or a€?supervolcanoesa€?, erupted in southwestern Colorado between 30-25 million years ago, forming much of the modern San Juan Mountains. Visit an early 18th Century Comanche camp, a site which encompasses where lodges were erected as well as ritual sacred areas beyond the dwellings. Journey to sacred sites in northern New Mexico, which are spiritually significant to different traditions, which have made a mark on New Mexicoa€™s cultural and religious landscape.
This excursion will visit the remote site of Tsipinga€™uinge, an ancestral Tewa village on the northwest edge of the Tewa world. Attend the Jemez Pueblo feast day dances and witness an age-old religious ceremony, one of the only occasions outsiders may visit the Jemez Pueblo village of Wallatowa. Following our cultural orientation we will drive to the village of Santo Domingo for the occasion and spend the balance of the day watching the dances and ceremonial activities. Frontiers a€?the leading edges of contact and change between culturesa€? and boundaries are important because they recognize that social systems are open and provide perspective on the more intensely studied central places, such as Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and the Mimbres River. This important cultural area embraces the entirety of the Rio Alamosa drainage, from its headwaters at the Plains of San Agustin to its mouth on the Rio Grande including its tributary drainages and was the home of Ancestral Puebloans for more than 800 years. What could be better than a spring float down the mighty San Juan River, legendary cultural resource in the heart of the Four Corners region?
Our expedition outfitter is Wild Rivers Expeditions with its staff of expert and well-informed river guides, who tell the local stories, row the rafts and prepare all our river meals, and also furnish our camping equipment and supplies. After a hearty breakfast on Thursday, we will board our rafts for a 3-day float down the San Juan River.
Float through the fabulous Upper Canyon of the San Juan with its stunning geologic formations and fascinating stop to see fossils.
Includes 3 full days of floating and 2 nights of camping on the river, 2 nights lodging at Desert Rose Inn, (the evenings before and after the raft trip), with tents, and sleeping bags for the camping nights.
Laguna Pueblo is seen by literally thousands of travelers who pass along Interstate 25 heading west of Albuquerque, but few are aware of its history, legacy, or traditions. The next morning, we drive to Bisti Badlands area, where we will marvel at the hauntingly beautiful scenery and enjoy a (requiring good walkers) 4-mile round-trip hike on relatively flat grounda€¦a gourmet picnic luncha€¦followed by more spectacular scenery and outdoor geology classes as Dr.
Nestled between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Sandia Mountains, While much attention has been given to the important archaeology of the Galisteo Basin, much less has of the public interest has been devoted to the geology of this rich resource area, until oil and gas exploration was proposed recently before our Governor imposed an important moratorium on extraction industries in this beautiful area just south and east of Santa Fe located along the Rio Galisteo. El Malpais National Monument offers many learning opportunities for us, including a presentation by Dr.
We will drive over the continental divide through a lovely, ponderosa forest setting amid volcanic flows, cinder cones, and scenic sandstone bluffs landscape to El Morro National Monument.i?? This prominent high rocky promontory sheltered a large fresh-water pool, which attracted wildlife, as well as ancestral Pueblo, Spanish and Anglo-American travelers seeking water at the base of the bluff. Georgia Oa€™Keefea€™s Beloved White Place: A Geo-Walk Through the Rocks at Plaza blanca with Dr.
Located in the Sierra Negra Badlands, Our special day trip to Plaza Blanca (White Place) with our wonderful and favorite vulcanologist and Fulbright Scholar, Dr.
You will also have the extraordinary blessing of spending a day with Sunny Dooley, a traditional Dine storyteller from the Chil Chi Tah area south of Gallup, who will guide us through her rural homeland. Make a memorable visit to the Crownpoint Navajo Rug auction, a significant monthly cultural event held in the Crownpoint Elementary School auditorium, where you will see many traditional weavers, as well as appreciate the opportunity to view a stunning collection of 200 or more weavings of all sizes, regional styles, and prices. Tour participants will visit three recently discovered (2008) Apache petroglyph sites along the upper Rio Grande, near Pilar, with noted Ethnobotanist and archaeologist Dr.
Visit some of the most important Archaic era petroglyphs in the U.S, estimated at 4,000-6,000 years old or more. The charming town of El Rito, north of Santa Fe on El Rito Creek, is situated along the margin of both the Colorado Plateau and the Rio Grande rift. For those of you that have explored the eastern half (the part you see from State Highway 4 out of Los Alamos), of the Valles Caldera, this tour will provide new insight and understanding to the amazing geologic and natural history of the Valles Caldera. Join Alan Osborne, Southwest Cultural historian for a day trip to Zia Pueblo for feast day dances. Spend an enlightening day with noted archaeologist, scholar, author and professor emeritus Dr. Arroyo Hondo was composed of 1,000 rooms arranged in 1 and 2-story room blocks and was originally investigated and partially excavated by Nels Nelson of the American Museum of Natural History. Tijeras Pueblo is on the east side of the Sandia Mountains and was occupied, like Arroyo Hondo, from about 1300 to 1425 AD.
While neither Arroyo Hondo nor Tijeras Pueblos remained occupied into the mid-1400's, settlement did continue at a pueblo in the modern village of San Antonio. Paa-ko Pueblo also began in the 1300's AD as a plaza-oriented adobe-walled compound of several hundred rooms. Journey into the magical Canyonlands and Arches National Parks of southeast Utah and the spectacular Red i??Rock Country of the Colorado Plateau for an unforgettable five-day experience with Dr.
Something extraordinary happened a thousand years ago in a shallow canyon in the heart the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico.
Saturday, April 7, 2007 The many layers of geologic history unfold as we spend a fascinating day hiking among the sacred landscape and spectacular i??formations of the new Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. This one-day hiking adventure will explore the geologic story of the Abiquiu area, including rock formations and vistas that inspired Georgia Oa€™Keeffe. With Deputy Director of the OAS and Chaco scholar, Wolky Toll and cultural historian Alan Osborne, we'll leave Santa Fe early in the morning and drive along a scenic route through lands of the Santa Ana and Zia Pueblos and the Jicarilla Apache Reservation on our way to Chaco Culture National Historic Park.
This six day tour of the Rio Grande Pueblos will include visits to Taos, Picuris, San Ildefonso, Pojoaque, Cochiti, and Zia Pueblos, as well as tours of important and seldom visited Eastern Pueblo archaeological sites, including Tsankawi, Hanat Kotyiti, Guisewa, Kuaua, Pecos, and the world famous rock art panels of the Galisteo Basin.
Departing Santa Fe, we will travel to EspaA±ola, then turn west onto Forest Road 144 (also known as 39-mile road), winding our way up into the northern Jemez Mountains. This edition of MacVoices is supported by Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17. Our next stop on The Road to Macstock features three different presenters covering very different topics. MacVoices Magazine, our free magazine on Flipboard that helps you do more with your Apple tech.
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The 4th edition of his Ancient Ruins of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide is due to appear in 2015, as his a new edited volume, Living the Ancient Southwest.
We float through the beautiful canyons of the Yampa River for three days, reaching the confluence with the Green River in Echo Park, so-named by John Wesley Powell on his famous 1869 expedition. The Yampa is the only remaining free-running, undammed tributary of the Colorado and its flow level depends on the winter snow pack and spring runoff. Our outfitter will be Dinosaur River Expeditions, family owned and locally operated in Vernal Utah staffed by experienced and knowledgeable river guides that love sharing the beauty, the history and the wildlife of the mighty Yampa River of Colorado and the crystal clear waters of Utaha€™s Green River of the Flaming Gorge. Three nights lodging at Landmark Suites in Vernal, Utah (2 nights before the rafting trip and 1 night after). 1300-1600) by visiting four important Classic Period Ancestral Tewa sites in the Ojo Caliente Valley northwest of Santa Fe.
Following the 1692-4 Spanish Reconquest, Old Sana Ana Pueblo (Tamaya), was founded 8 miles NW of Bernalillo.
We raft into the Canyon beginning at Leea€™s Ferry and exit the canyon via scenic helicopter and charter air. He holds a mastera€™s degree in geology at Northern Arizona University and leads tours for the Museum of Northern Arizona, The Grand Canyon Field Institute and the Smithsonian, including round the world trips by private charter. Our 190-mile trip between Leea€™s Ferry and Whitmore Wash has been selected by Wayne as covering the most scenic and geologically significant sites within the canyon in just the right balance of time on the river and off site exploration. Jane Coulter in 1922 as a tourist camp, ita€™s style was later adapted to most National Park Service locations. Explore the relationships between settled Puebloan villages along the Rio Grande and early Spanish-led expeditionaries.
This led to a race for claimants to the treasures, the search and disappearance of artifacts along with the creation of a brisk trade in antiquities looted from these sites before federal laws were enacted to preserve them.
After a warm welcome by a Harvey Girl we will get a detailed description of what railroad passengers experienced as they will bring back the deep appreciation of those magnificent days when the customer was king and the Harvey Girls, a€?those respectable young womena€™ and Couriers were ambassadors of impeccable service and local culture. We will visit friends who have invited us to feast with them as they observe this important sainta€™s religious day in the Pueblos. It was extensively studied and researched by School of Advanced Research (SAR) in the 1970a€™s and has been the subject of nine monographs and numerous scholarly articles. These two parks are geologic showcases for the Jurassic Navajo sandstone, the largest petrified dune field in the world.
We then travel to Zion National Park where we will stay in the park at the renowned historic National Park Service Lodge cabins, Zion Lodge for 3 nights. The Spanish referred to these people as Pueblos (Spanish for a€?townsa€?), no doubt to distinguish them from the regiona€™s rancherA­a dwellers and nomads.
Wea€™ll visit the contemporary Eastern Pueblos of Cochiti and Jemez, the Western Pueblos of Hopi and Acoma, and Ancestral Pueblo sites in Chaco, Mesa Verde, the San Juan River Gorge, and Canyon de Chelly. Scott Ortman will lead us on a very special tour of the Santa Clara Tribal Park at Puye Cliff Dwellings.
We will hike the 3.6 miles South Mesa Trail Loop to Tsin Kletsin, (3 hours) on the South Rim with a visit to the important great kiva at Casa Rinconada. With less driving back to town for overnight lodging in a town, we will see morea€¦nature, birds, plants, landscape, the skya€¦basically the full day and night Chaco experience.
Kirt Kempter for a 4-day geologic exploration of the Creede and Lake City and Pagosa Springs, region of Southern Colorado, where four of the massive supervolcanoes eruptions occurred.
Visit the scenic North Clear Creek Falls and the spectacular Slumgullion landslide en route to Lake City. Zia achievements in pottery and other arts and crafts, their storied history as well as spiritual tenacity are legendary. Our purpose will be to enhance our appreciation and understanding of these special sacred places and the spiritual traditions which hold them dear.
We will also visit the Jemez State Monument, a 17th century Spanish Mission church, and the ancient village it was built near, now operated by the New Mexico State Monuments Division, as well as a delightful lunch at Deba€™s Deli in Jemez Springs, a resort community in the beautiful valley of the Jemez River. Joe Suina, former Governor of Cochiti Pueblo and Professor of Education (ret.), for the renowned Santo Domingo Feast Day, an annual ceremonial held in one of New Mexicoa€™s most colorful Pueblos on the Rio Grande. Suinaa€™s home in Cochiti Pueblo for an informative cultural education presentation on the ceremonialism of Pueblo dances and Sainta€™s day feast celebrations in theEastern Keres villages of Cochiti and Santo Domingo.
Tuition of $90 includes Study Leader honorarium, transportation, meal, and donation to the Keres Language Project in which Dr. Steve Lekson and Karl Laumbach for an archaeology and history field study trip to visit important sites of the Canada Alamosa, located in southwestern New Mexico.
Studies suggest that the Pueblo populations of the CaA±ada Alamosa were at times strongly linked to a central place(s) and at other times were reorganizing in an independent effort to adapt and survive. Rio Alamosa is fed by a perennially flowing warm spring (Ojo Caliente), home of the Warm Springs Apache, the hot springs are located three miles northwest of the ranch headquarters. Enjoy an educational and relaxing 3-day trip down the scenic San Juan River between Montezuma Creek, Utah and Mexican Hat. Shortly before our river trip ends, we will pass the amazing balancing rock known as the Mexican Hat, which is near our river put-out. All meals: 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinnersa€¦2 at a€?Bluffa€™s besta€™ and 2 a€?round the campfire. Visit one of the traditional western i??Keres villages of the Lagunas, Paraje, with Southwest cultural historian Alan Osborne where we will attend the annual Feast Day honoring Saint Joseph, patron saint of the Pueblo.
Containing some of the most spectacular and b bizarre geologic formations in New Mexico, including gravity-defying hoodoos and multi-hued shales, the stacked layers, or formations within this 45,000 acre wilderness area show a continuous record of ancient environments, formed between 160 million and 40 million years ago, with episodes of uplift and erosion, inland seas, shorelines, estuaries, large forested river deltas, meandering steams, bogs, and numerous fresh-water lakes leaving evidence of early mammal fossils, dinosaurs, petrified wood caches, and periodic volcanic ash showers. Its subtle natural beauty, with wooded hillsides, dramatic volcanic dikes, and wide, open grasslands has drawn many noted contemporary artists to settle there and has attracted attention from those seeking easily accessible but less traveled areas containing important sites of natural history, including those who specialize in flora and fauna, as well as geology and vulcanology. Kendrick on the many archaeological sites found El Malpais and recent discoveries, as well as current preservation projects in which Dr. Taylor, an 11,301-foot volcano, which figures prominently into native cosmology, life here has been longstanding, adaptive, and enriched by the landscape.

We will a chance to see some of the most exciting and interesting ancient and historic petroglyphs (more than 2,000) in North America, including the Onate inscription of April 1605, (15 years before Plymouth colony in Massachusetts) most of which are accessible by a scenic paved walking trail. Kirt Kempter, who will feature his a€?wise and well-considereda€™ thoughts and research on the geology between Santa Fe and Abiquiu, including a few roadside stops to look at important landscape features, rocks, scenic overlooks, and geologic field maps. Paul Zolbrod, Research Associate, Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, Professor of Literature, Dine College, Crownpoint, Professor Emeritus, Allegheny College, Pennsylvania, and Author, Dine Behane.
Sunny is a scholar for the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities and travels widely sharing her culture through stories.
Included is transportation, lodging at legendary El Rancho in Gallup on Route 66, most meals, special presenters and Study Leaders honoraria, and donation to Chil Chi Tah Elementary School, and celebration dinner. We will take you to seldom visited sites in northern New Mexico That are spiritually sacred and significant to different traditions which have made a mark on New Mexicoa€™s cultural and religious landscape. These western-Keres speaking and traditonal people have occupied the scenic hilltop village and this rugged region NW of Albuquerque for centuries. Linda Cordell, with whom we will be visiting four archaeological sites on the edge of the Galisteo Basin: Tijeras Pueblo, Paa-ko Pueblo, Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, and San Antonio. Intensively studied by Douglas Schwartz for the SAR, it sits at the margins of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just outside Santa Fe.
It is located above a seep, it is bisected by 2 arroyos, and was excavated by UNM field schools in the late 1940's, and again in the 1970's, directed by W. Kirt Kempter, vulcanologist, geologist, former Fulbright scholar, and Alan Osborne, Southwest cultural historian. Not only spectacular vistas, but also wildlife, including bighorn sheep, are always a possibility for sighting and photographing on this memorable day.
Puebloan peoples constructed over a dozen elaborate Great Houses of stone reaching three to four stories above the desert floor.
Wea€™ll first arrive at the Chaco Visitora€™s Center on the north side of the canyon, which features exhibits and interpretations of recent archaeological research as well as historic excavations, and artifacts revealing ancient life at Chaco.
By preserving position, scale, opacity, blending modes as well as titles and many third-party effects, your timeline opens in Motion, ready to take advantage of its superior key framing and compositing. Robert Carter is a university psychologist where he provide psychological services to students and trains pre-doctoral interns in the practice of psychology. He should know better but being a blonde from Florida means hea€™s probably incapable of understanding the damage he has wrought.
He is an early pioneer in electronic and online publishing, and was one of the first podcasters in the world. Adam will taking an educational angle A looking at Apple and STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, Music). Visit virtually anywhere in the world from the comfort of your iPad, pre-select places you want to visit, and learn how to get around before you get there with the intuitive interface that helps you zoom in and out and navigate to your target destination. Mike will give us an introduction to his favorite productivity app at the conference, and teases with some of his thinking on how to get organized for both production and just plain sanity.
He is also a contributing writer for The Sweet Setup, a site dedicated to reviewing and recommending the very best Mac and iOS apps. Whether you want something that a€?just worksa€? or want to dig in deep, Dave explains why features such as Quality of Service and Airtime Fairness are so important in a world where we seem to have abundant bandwidth, but often experience network slowdowns and degradation. She is an expert in iPad and iPhone integration and currently teaches at Lake Michigan College in support of the aging community on how to use these devices in their daily lives.
She lives in Tucson, AZ where she synchronizes with her science teacher husband and their two young fanboys. Dona€™t worry, AltConf is once again taking place in San Francisco in parallel with Applea€™s developers conference, and is already boasting some notable names in the developer community. He's recently branched out into more inspirational tech conferences, focused on what makes great technologists great. The iPad Pro 9.7a€? and the smart keyboards, Applea€™s financials and his primary uses for the iPad start things out. MacVoices is always looking for sponsors who appreciate our high-signal, low noise, A approach to tech topics with an Apple focus. Not only does it they find duplicates on your Mac, on external drives, or in any folders, but also locates a€?similara€? files - photos taken from similar angles, music files that have slight differences, etc.
The NosillaCast brings you Mac and iOS tips and tricks and tools, but also dives into photography and security and accessibility among many other technology subjects.
In addition to making conversion to Word or Excel function without anA Internet connection, the new version provides sophisticated digital signature capabilities. Over that time she has worn many hats, including those of customer support, technical writing, marketing and PR. Are Your Bits Flipped?A helps you understand some common tech misconceptions that can make you more efficient and appreciate the way the world works.
Lagunitas, known for their signature IPA, and heavily recognized for the graphics on their labels, including font style, sued Sierra Nevada. Free from the bygone limitations of “web safe” fonts, website designers and developers have found effective ways of implementing custom fonts in projects, an essential design tool that allows us to present typography that matches a customer’s branding while increasing the legibility of the site. Typesetters would spend hours carefully placing each letter and space, a new set for every font size and style, a fresh coat of ink for each color and resetting for each page needed — imagine how much of a backache distributing even this short of an article would have been.
In order to properly employ custom fonts for web development, although there are no tile sets or ink types to keep track of, there are still a number of format, file, license and hosting specifications we have to take into consideration. The two types of file formats we work with are TTF (TrueType Font) and OTF (OpenType Font). Much like a copyright, these licenses are legally binding and may result in legal action or fees if a font is used in violation of their terms. However, using a third party means there is less or no optimization of the font files available. After acquiring the license for the font files you want, there are some application techniques that will improve their appearance and performance to fit your project. The glyph, a single shape of a particular font, can be anything from the letters A-Z, a-z, symbols (= + & %), the Greek alphabet and even a variety of icons used throughout a website.
Even in the digital age, it is common for a single font file to contain upwards of 1,300 glyphs, most of which will go unused on a single website. Not only can we choose a preferred font style, but embed Bison and Moose iconography into font files as well. By default, Safari renders text with the CSS syntax -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased.
We use the program Glyphs (another popular program is Font Lab) to create custom icons for our sites. There are companies that we recognize solely by their brand’s font and, as proved by the Lagunitas-Sierra Nevada legal spat, sometimes shoulder some serious monetary worth. Your clients’ needs and requirements can be all over the map, or at least appear to be. Visit the different websites and check out the niche-oriented themes, the pre-built layouts, and the design concepts offered. Animations are readily available to give your websites an extra dash of pizzazz, custom Google Maps are also ready to be put to use, and there is even a module dedicated to saving your work in the unlikely event of a system crash.
It is, in fact, the biggest WordPress theme ever, with its more than 200 pre-built websites, 40 core features, and a dynamic world-wide user base. This is, in fact, the most customizable theme on the market today, due in large part to its more than 630 theme options. The Divi package is filled with features galore dedicated to helping you build one unique and awesome website after another. It’s smart because its authors relied heavily on feedback and suggestions from other theme users in the design and development of Divi. These homepage concepts have been neatly placed in 5 common categories, Classic, Creative, Portfolio, Blog, and Shop. Kallyas has addressed the problem with its Live Search feature that allows you to find exactly the pre-built element you want in seconds. While there are a number of WP themes that help you design great product displays, this theme goes an extra step or two.
Among its many classical website-building features, you’ll find built-in portfolio functionality and attractive blog masonry layouts. You will also receive a valuable bonus if you purchase X, consisting of access to an impressive library of online marketing videos.
While Shopkeeper and Merchandiser are more e-commerce oriented, they are, like the others in this list, genuinely multipurpose as far as website building is concerned.
But not always, if there is enough content on the page to push the footer lower, it still does that. Then there is not any overlapping going on, just two elements stacked on top of each other totaling 100% height. The kind of customer who abuses you, spending as little as they possibly can while trying to squeeze as much free work out of you as possible? Their mistaken ideas keep them in the dark, which is exactly what these thirsty bloodsuckers want.
Is this how you repay me?” “My company pays your bills.” “How do you justify not including that feature?
It tells you that customers value your work and they’re willing to take a risk with you. While they might not always result in financial gain, the long-term benefits are often much more useful. Developers are accustomed to setting up linters in programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, but they rarely use a linter for style sheets. Web designers and developers are always looking for new ways to integrate shopping carts into their website.
Shopify has become very popular and uses its own type of code called liquid to edit and modify templates. Any PayPal buttons you use will work with the shopping cart and if the user clicks on a buy button the product gets added to the shopping cart. The main benefit of WooCommerce is that it is very easy to use thanks to the WordPress polished dashboard and file structure.
It is built in accordance with cutting-edge web design trends and techniques, offering your visitors unmatched user experience and smooth checkout, and ensuring high conversion rates for your store.
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Its minimalist layout is based on a well-aligned grid, which creates a feeling of symmetry and orderliness. Its outstanding visual features include CSS-powered animations, parallax scrolling effect, responsive sliders, and many more.
It has a classic two-column layout with a left sidebar, and can easily be customized by picking another color in the dashboard. Grid Commerce has pixel-perfect design, is coded with valid XHTML and CSS, and can be used on an unlimited number of domains.
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With its help you will be able to automate orders with ease, and save time and resources for other activities. 6 Gear will be a perfect fit for any WooCommerce-based e-shop selling car parts, tools or hardware, due to its multipurpose design. Its homepage is almost entirely occupied by a slider, which you can use to promote your top offers. It has an extraordinary dark background, which makes it easier to highlight your product photography. Its boxed layout is combined with a full-width top menu bar, ensuring great readability and optimized navigation. It features two fully-fledged inventory menus: a sticky one at the top of the layout, and one in the sidebar. Its clean layout and stylish hand drawn background will help you with creating a visually appealing showcase of your products. As every other theme on this list, it’s 100% compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
Although there is plenty of white space throughout its layout, the design is very easy to navigate thanks to the unique on-hover animations, which indicate the active elements of the page. And if you know more trendy WordPress themes, please share them in the comments to this post. We will learn about the history and theories relating to Ancestral Puebloan rock art, migration of Tewa Pueblo peoples, Colonial Spanish exploration and settlement along El Camino Real (Royal Road). Individual interests are subordinate to community values and responsibilities so that the strong ceremonial structure and the traditional rituals have kept the people as a vital and distinctive tribal entity with a proud heritage of ancient origin. Along the way, wea€™ll see the remains of a pioneera€™s cabin, a series of pictographs in the Barrier Canyon style, and Serviceberry Shelter, where Archaic hunter-gatherers camped millennia ago. See architecture, agricultural fields, and ritual features in the context of some of the largest and best-preserved ancient Pueblo sites in the region. Tribal members usually maintain two places of residence, one in the farming community along the Rio Grande and the other a traditional home on the north bank of the Jemez River several miles away. The trip includes hotel lodging and dinner the night before the excursion as Wayne sets the stage for our grand adventure and another night and dinner after the trip wraps up as we celebrate our amazing journey through this vividly colored canyon, a nine day study tour on the most coveted raft trip in the world.
Discuss the origin of the canyon and how the complexity of erosional features of the Colorado River and precipitation created and continue to shape the canyon. We begin our journey with slow moving rapids, which increase in intensity as we travel further into the Canyon.
Our highly recommended outfitter, Colorado River & Trail Expeditions (CRATE) has been in business since 1971 and features knowledgeable, trained and experienced river guides, who are excellent outdoor chefs, enthusiastic river companions and certified in CPR, Wilderness Medicine and River Rescue. Protecting these lands from Anglo incursion, touristic curiosity and the federal government has created a seldom visited trove of four well-preserved canyon cliff dwellings requiring three miles of hiking and climbing five ladders when accompanied by a Ute tribal guide.
We will learn about Fred Harvey, the Englishman who founded the hotel and restaurant chain. They have a strong sense of identity and retain ancient ceremonies and rituals and dances tenaciously.
The site was occupied in two separate and distinct phases more than six centuries ago, and at its height was comprised of approximately 1,000 rooms. Over 2000 feet of Navajo Sandstone form massive cliffs within Zion Canyon, creating one of eartha€™s grandest geologic settings. Our days at Zion will include visits to more remote corners of the park, such as Kolob Canyon in the northwest, and the more central Kolob Terrace Road, where we will hike the scenic Northgate Peaks Trail.
Classifying people by settlement pattern and architecture, the most visible of cultural expressions, may be a natural thing for explorers to do, but i??the label a€?Puebloa€? glossed over considerable cultural variability. Participants will be regaled with stories of the Pueblo past from an archaeologist (Ware) and Native Pueblo scholar (Swentzell), and view the spectacular landscapes of the Southwest 4-Corners from the comfort of a modern coach (with on-board restroom!).
These ancestral Puebloan sites figure prominently in his ethno genesis research on Tewa Pueblo origins, migrations, settlement patterns, and history. This study tour is designed to experience 2 backcountry trails while still visiting Great Houses within the central a€?downtowna€™ area of Chaco Canyon Culture National Historic Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Their mission church and plaza and the village and surrounding hills and mountains are powerful spiritual forces.
Visits include (subject to change): Upaya Buddhist Zen Center, Sikh Dharma in Sombrillo, Plaza Blanca and Dar al Islam in Abiquiu, and Christ in the Desert Monastery overlooking the Chama River, the Sikh Dharma in Somlbrillo, Our day will be filled with opportunities for reflection and awareness on the different paths for restoring balance and harmony in our world. 1312-1350 and is possibly one of the places where immigrants from the Four Corners region entered and settled the northern Rio Grande region. In the centuries before the Apache (Athapascan) migration in to this area, it was the setting for two large-plaza Pueblos, a migrant Mesa Verde village, a huge 500-room Tularosa town, the northernmost Mimbres village, the southernmost Socorro site, and a sizeable earlier Ancestral Puebloan pithouse community, all located on the Monticello Box Ranch. Wea€™ll camp for 2 nights, learning about the cultural history and archaeology of the region with David Grant Noble. Comfortable overnight motel lodging the night before and after our 3-days and 2-nights on the river at Desert Rose Inn, a log lodge recently built on the edge of the town of Bluff, Utah. This scenic stretch of the river is especially noted for its Puebloan ruins and Basketmaker rock art panels and many are only accessible from the river.
Honorarium for our exceptional Study Leader and river guides, all fees for permits and services. You will have the opportunity to be part of this important ceremonial day and by your silent observation both give and receive the blessings of the Lagunas. The area is filled with multi-colored ash created by iron, manganese and crystal-forming silicates, and has been described as a paleontological treasure trove!
Kirt, offering plenty of time for on-site educational lectures, photographic moments, and awe-inspiring sacred landscape. Drive back to Santa Fe that afternoon for evening arrival with a stop at our favorite Cuba, NM dinner spot, Brunoa€™s for some home-style cooking before our Santa Fe evening return. Many myths and legends abound about this remarkable area, including oral tradition never written down.
For an optional energetic uphill hike, those interested may visit the ancestral Zuni village of Atsinnaon top of El Morro.
Along the way, we will Santa Rosa de Lima, the historic site overlooking the Chama River and original site of the Abiquiu Valley settlement. We visit her local Chapter House and to the Chil Chi Tah School, where you will meet Navajo teachers and students.
Our purpose will be to enhance our appreciation and understanding of these various sacred places and the spiritual and religious traditions which hold them in esteem. Ford who serves as Arthur Thurnow Professor of Anthropology and former director, Ethnobotanical Laboratory, University of Michigan. Zia, located beside the Jemez River, is near the Nacamiento Mountains and red rock foothills of the Pajarito and Jemez Plateaus. Each of these is representative of different ways Ancestral Puebloans built 14th century communities. In the 1970's, portions of the ancestral pueblo village and the historic San Miguel de Laredo were excavated by the Museum of New Mexico and scholars conducted important ethno historic research. By the 1500's, a smaller, mostly stone-masonry pueblo was built on-site and occupied into the 1600's AD. Wea€™ll spend all four nights at the new and beautiful Red Cliffs Lodge, featuring a popular restaurant and on-site winery and vineyard, as well as beautifully appointed riverside timber lodges with private patios overlooking the Colorado River. Within just a few generations, masonry Great Houses were built by Pueblo communities throughout the San Juan Basin and beyond to eventually encompass portions of four adjacent states. Following lunch we will take the short hike to the nearby-unexcavated Una Vida site, as well as an optional scramble up to the petroglyphs overlooking Una Vida. Robert Carter of The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast will discuss Mac accessibility, Guy Serle of the MyMac Podcast will be showing tools and techniques to create podcasts from his iPad, and Tim Robertson of The Techfan Podcast will serve as ringmaster for the on-stage speaker roundtable discussions. In his other life, he is an Apple podcaster, producing and co-hosting the Tech Doctor podcast. Having worked with or for some of the biggest tech companies in the world, Tim was the COO of MacSpecialist, contracted for the Department of Defense, worked as an IT Manager within Kellogg Co. He made it through college using my trusty Mac Plus and after graduation migrated to a Performa 575. Streets 3 now supports Apple Watch, and while the idea of panoramas on a watch may seem strange, Ortwin demonstrates that it isna€™t. He also talks about some of the notes apps that he uses, and why it is acceptable to use several, as long as they make sense for your objectives.
He lives in NE Wisconsin with his wife and 4 crazy boys and is the author of Thou Shalt Hustle. Why an Apple Airport may not be your best choice right now, recommendations for all kinds of users, and even custom router software are part of the conversation with a self-described router geek.
How being women affects what they do, their approach to servicing their clients, and some surprising favorite tools for being successful business people are all part of the conversation. She enjoys social networking and helping people all over the globe and in her own back yard get more joy from their Apple hardware and software.
Judy ChenA and John Wilker, the organizers of this yeara€™s event, talk about the dates, location and costs associated with being part of AltConf, their volunteers, and the speakers that have been announced. Our sponsorship packages feature inclusion in all of the audio and video versions of MacVoices at all their distribution points, a web presence, inclusion in The MacVoices Dispatch, our weekly newsletter, and more.
Now, Gemini II recognizes the patterns you have when dealing with duplicates, makes suggestions and saves your preferences, and awards you achievements for managing your files. Not just putting a graphical representation of your signature on a document, but a certificate-backed signature suitable for business uses.
From something as simple as the way you open apps on your Mac to what your email address says about you, to who you should really trust and why, Joea€™s guidance will help you unflip your bits and be more tech savvy. Sierra Nevada, already a regional competitor, had just come out with the Hop Hunter, also an IPA, and their branding included a font that was just a tad too similar for Lagunitas’ liking. Because it warranted a large amount of time and skill, professionals were hired to design and produce font families for specific purposes depending on their clients’ needs. OTF is our preferred format because OTF files don’t require anti-alias hinting, leading to smaller file sizes. Otherwise known as “free,” many open source fonts have been released for any use, including modifications, with no limitations on page views.
By paying a license fee to the creator of the font or a reseller, we can use it on a website for an unlimited or estimated number of monthly views.
Pay a fee to the creator or reseller per period of time or number of uses, (such as page loads) then pay-as-you-go for further use. By allowing another company to host our fonts, we would sacrifice the ability to remove unnecessary glyphs leading to substantially larger files. Unlike those tiny lead characters tucked away in their drawers, however, the virtual space today’s extra characters use compromises the loading performance of the site. We’re often able to reduce our custom font sets to collectively weigh in under 80 KB, with 150 KB as an upper target for projects that require more fonts or have fewer images to slow down the page load. Anti-aliasing can improve the appearance of your fonts, especially for larger point sizes and when zooming in a window. For that reason SVGs are required for vector-based images such as logos that are not monochromatic.
Developing custom font files in web development is an effective way to include ideal typography and produce unique vector art to more accurately meet the needs of the client. Your choice can, therefore, be that of investing in several specialty WP themes in an effort to cover all the bases, or seeking out a single multipurpose theme that’s capable of doing the same thing.
The Advanced Visual Builder, a wealth of ready-to-use shortcodes, 700+ fonts, and multiple header, footer, and slider options making it easy to build almost anything you want to; and do so faster than ever. Just watch the live demo, and you’ll see how easy it is to auto-install demo content.
Be is also an extremely flexible theme, a necessity for any theme designed to accommodate the diverse design requirements you often find yourself confronted with. Choose a layout header, upload your logo, specify your background, font, and color settings, and sit back and let the Wizard automatically complete your web page design. Its flexibility is due in large part to its 46 content modules that you can mix and match like building blocks. You can even save the pages that turn out to be especially attractive, which probably will be most of them, for later use or as templates. Merchandiser gives you the features you need, and it doesn’t load you down with features you have little use for – an innovative design approach that yielded an innovative theme. The X Theme package includes 22 free extensions (plugins), it includes a modern, innovative, front-end page builder in Cornerstone, and it includes a comprehensive and extremely useful library of shortcodes. Check out the various websites and you’ll get a better idea of what these multipurpose themes offer. But if the content on the page is short, a sticky footer will still hang to the bottom of the browser window. If it did, that would have to be factored into the negative margins, and having those two numbers not in sync doesn’t look quite as nice.
These are the customers who, once they’re inside your business, bring in 20 percent of your income and 80 percent of your headaches.
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Put conditions or limits on what you’re willing to give them and they become vicious.
It requires all of the ingredients I mentioned earlier and the strength to stand up to anything they throw at you.
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In fact, Fairy style is a GPL WordPress theme meaning you can use it to build more than one eCommerce site.
This theme includes Ajax-powered product preview, which is intended to make the shopping process more streamlined and convenient for your customers. This theme is not just versatile – you can literally change any element of its layout in order to get a totally unique-looking design. This theme is fully compatible with the GPL license, so you can modify it to your liking and use for an unlimited number of WordPress shops.
The core part of the homepage is an image block with masonry grid layout, which contains banners, category previews, and even a slider.
As with other minimalist themes featured in this article, it can be customized by just replacing the logo. The navigation of this theme is represented by an informative sticky top menu, and is complemented by a back-to-top button. Have a look at the demo: just under the welcoming message you will see a looped video, which can easily be replaced with your own footage.
The theme’s design is based mainly on soft colors, with the exception of some call-to-action elements highlighted with bright hues. Free live chat is also at your disposal, so you can provide support and answer customers’ questions in real time.
Online sellers will also benefit from the integrated functions of this theme such as product reviews, add to wish list, add to compare, and Quick View. Despite the horizontal orientation of this template, it features a sticky top menu, so you can add as much content to your product pages, as you want, without affecting the usability.
Other remarkable design features of this theme include ghost buttons, parallax scrolling effect and sticky menu bars.
The theme possesses advanced social media features represented by various widgets such as Facebook, Like Box and Twitter Feed. The theme features pleasing to the eye product previews with rounded corners, pastel colors and creative script fonts.
The theme has a very simple layout structure, allowing your visitors to pay maximum attention to each product presented on the homepage. Scroll down and you’ll find tons of amazing icons, texture effects, fonts, templates, and themes.
At certain times of the year, however, they welcome visitors and the Green Corn Dances in May are the main attraction to outsiders and other Pueblo people as well. We will learn about the archaeology of the Desert Archaic and Fremont cultures through Davida€™s lectures and hikes. Wea€™ll also hike to Mantlea€™s Cave, a huge rock shelter where Fremont Indians stored an astonishing array of specialized items in storage cysts, now in the collections of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Set among towering red cliffs and ancient ponderosa pines, we may see a variety of wildlife, deer, eagles and big horn sheep along the shoreline. Learn Tewa history and how we use different techniques, archaeological review and Tewa oral tradition, to better understand their past. Learn about the variety of species of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds that make the Grand Canyon home, including many threatened and endangered species and plants that have found a refuge in the Parka€™s protected lands. There is plenty of whitewater excitement, including some of the most famous a€?drops and fallsa€? in the world: Horn Creek, Hermit, Crystal and Lava Falls.
While millions visit Mesa Verde National Park, which borders Ute reservation lands, these are seldom seen and striking sites that have not been stripped of their ancient presence and essence. Wea€™ll tour the famed Castaneda, newly purchased and under renovation by its new owner, Allan Affecldt (or resident partner), who also restored La Posada, the Harvey Hotel in Winslow, Az. The significance of Arroyo Hondo is that it was one of the earliest large, aggregated pueblos built during a period when settlement patterns throughout the northern Rio Grande were evolving in the direction of large towns located near dependable sources of water.A We will have an archaeological tour of this important cultural site, owned by the Archaeological Conservancy, with site steward and noted author, and archaeologist, Dr. Several easy to moderate hikes will be offered within Zion Canyon, including Echo Canyon, Weeping Rock, and the Riverside Walk. Coral Hills Best Western will serve as our base for two nights to explore beautiful Snow Canyon. The people the Spanish called Pueblos spoke at least seven mutually unintelligible languages (six are still spoken today) from four different language families, and their linguistic diversity was mirrored in many of their social, economic, and religious practices and institutions. He is able, using linguistics, metaphors, architecture, and material culture, to follow ancestors on their long journey south from Mesa Verde and the San Juan River Basin. Between them, wea€™ll learn about the history and theories relating to ancestral rock art, migration of Tewa Pueblo peoples, Colonial Spanish exploration and settlement along El Camino Real (Royal Road), plus fascinating concepts of earth science, significant geographic landscape and visible volcanic features young and old we see in this region, as well as the causes of the rise of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Wea€™ll be like trees: silent observers, important witnesses, participants in the continuing strength of Keres Pueblo culture here today. Wea€™ll explore the sitea€™s well-preserved architecture, cliff dwellings, artifacts, rock art and trails, and the world-quarter shrine all while overlooking the stunning Piedra Lumbre made famous by Georgia Oa€™Keeffe.
Suina will share with us aspects of culture, history, spiritual underpinnings, and ritual observances which are tied to the rhythms of nature in the native world of the Eastern Keres Pueblos.
The area has been extensively studied by scholars for several years in recognition and interpretation of frontiers and migrations of peoples in the archaeological record. Lekson and others have made a strong case that the Canada Alamosa was the destination for a migrant community from the Mesa Verde culture area.
He has guided educational and archaeological groups down the San Juan River for more than twenty years. Learn the history of the Keres world and its influence from both the ancestral Puebloan and European traditions.
Kirt Kempter, will use this outdoor classroom as an educational opportunity to explain and discuss the earth history of this beautiful basin in our own backyard. From them, you will learn about the magnificent natural and cultural history of this scenic area, called a€?the evil countrya€™, or the badlands, by chroniclers on the Coronado Expedition of 1540, as a result of their extreme difficulty in crossing through lava flows by the expeditionaries and their horses along the legendary Zuni-Acoma Trail. The mythology of El Malpais will be discussed as well as the many different native cultures in the area, including Acoma, Zuni, Dine (Navajo), and others, which have made their home in the region for centuries and in some cases, millennia. All will have access to the modern Visitor Center, featuring rangers, interpretive exhibits, and books and literature. Departing Santa Fe, we will travel through EspaA±ola, turn west over the Rio Grande, and on the north side of town turn west again onto a dirt road which we will travel for several miles on a scenic forest road, where we wind our way up through the Pajarito Plateau and into the scenic Jemez Mountains. Zolbrod will escort us to an important ancient Chacoan outlier, Kin YaA­a (Tall House), where he will help us understand the importance of Chaco Canyon culture.
You will have an opportunity to interact and learn about Dine culture in education from the teachers and students and tour the school. Our Study Leader is a specialist on sacred spaces and places, and this will be a unique opportunity to share in his wisdom and insights. After scenic drive up the northern Rio Grande valley to Pilar, we will access the petroglyphs by hiking to view some of the most exciting images on stone.
Forest Service and members of the American Rock Art Research Association, as well as Arizona State University scholars, these areas (Sites #006 and #147) are filled with over 600 known rock art carvings, which are astronomically aligned to Summer solstice and equinox sunrise and sunsets. These lands were the site of hunting gathering and farming communities for many millennia, as this region was populated by different peoples over long periods of time who came together to become those who were encountered by Spanish conquerors, missionaries and settlers. All four pueblos were constructed of adobe and noted scholars excavated each to different degrees during the 20th century and today visitors see low mounds of earth. Pottery traditions of the village were shared with other puebloans of the Tewa Basin and Pajarito Plateau but Arroyo Hondo appears not to have participated in much broader networks of exchange.
While much smaller than Arroyo Hondo, with about 250 rooms, it experienced 2 different construction episodes during which the community completely reorganized its space. This is one of Americaa€™s recent national monuments and is an important area sacred to Keres and other Pueblo peoples. The group cover their individual presentations, comment on Apple upgradability, and share if and how they use their iPads.
The Performa sustained him while working in pre-press for a successful Portland, OR advertising agency. She have been in the Technology field since 1985 and started out as a hardware technician in Education for the first Apple II computers and have never stopped.
A non profit formed to encourage and promote entrepreneurship, and education in Denver.A John Brought the Ignite series of events to CO with Ignite Denver in 2009, and this year took on the roll of Co-chair of the marquee events committee for Denver Startup Week '13 happening in September. Philip and Maia talk about the costs, methods and degrees of confidence associated with those signatures, the move on the the new attachments features that let you embed audio, video and other types of files in your PDFs, creating PDF portfolios and more. Although the case was eventually dropped, the turbulence demonstrated not only how heated craft beer enthusiasts can be, but also the huge role fonts play in brand recognition.
We’ve found that by creating files that contain custom vector art and iconography using font files, we can avoid performance degradation, improving not only the appearance, but the functionality of the site as well. Additionally, when a font is hosted on a third party server, every time the site is loaded, that server must be running and perform well for the site to load properly, making the site more vulnerable to problems. Loading all these unnecessary glyphs wastes memory and bandwidth and slows the rendering and experience; at the high end of the spectrum, a single font can demand more than 1MB, which balloons the time required to load the page. Techniques vary depending on your screen, browser and operating system, but the main idea is to display glyphs so that they’re smooth and crisp by blending the colors on a square grid.
It also decreases the number of requests required when loading a page, improving the overall performance of their site. This is just one example of how this theme enables you to build pro-grade websites without ever touching a line of code. No coding is necessary, and there are more than 150 pre-built elements to get you on your way.
These include features that allow you to manage inventory, arrange for shipping your products, help with cataloging, and arranging payments.
Adobe Muse has its own built-in PayPal buttons that allow you to easily add e-commerce to your website. You can also have the shopping cart reset on the page so that if the user leaves the page the next time they come back the shopping cart will be reset and they can start from the beginning. Adobe Muse does not require any code to build the website and all you need to do is drag and drop the PayPal Shopping Cart Widget onto your Adobe Muse website, and you now have an e-commerce website. Our hike will include some relatively flat trails on the mesa top, some rough uneven terrain along the boulder slope where the rock art is located, but will also include the short but steep rocky talus access to the mesa top, so please come prepared for this rugged landscape on the outskirts of Santa Fe which overlooks the important riparian stream banks of the beautiful Santa Fe River downstream from the city now featuring beaver dam ponds. Hundreds of men, women and children dance throughout the day, accompanied by a male chorus, in the huge sunken bowl of the Plaza worn down by the centuries. Ann features Corn Dance, a colorful spectacle which draws the entire Pueblo together as most of its population, nearly 700 people, return to the Old Pueblo (normally not open to outside visitors) for traditional ceremonies and visiting native arts and crafts vendors. Discover more about the 5000 year human history presence and importance of the canyon to ancestral Puebloan, Hopi, Havasupai, Navajo, Hualapai, Paiute and Zuni. As importantly wea€™ll hike beautiful side canyons with cascading waterfalls, turquoise pools, and the cooling shade of hidden grottos and enjoy stargazing at night. Wea€™ll enjoy dinner, a lecture, and overnight at the historic Old Plaza Hotel, built in 1889.
It is with anticipation that we look forward to spending time with our dear friend, Dora Tse Pe, the legendry potter and San Ildefonso resident as well as her family who have invited us to share a feast meal with them on this important occasion. George, Utah, just a few minutes from Snow Canyon State Park, where geologically young volcanoes poured dark basalt lava through spectacular canyons of red and white Navajo sandstone. The close proximity of Snow Canyon and Zion will allow us to spend significant quality time in both parks, with less highway travel. On Day 3 we begin our exploration of Zion, lodging for three nights in individual historic cabins right in the heart of Zion National Park, a very special opportunity indeed.
They were not, in other words, a monolithic culture, but several different peoples who shared cultural practices.
On this day trip, we will see remains of Tewa houses dating from the 14th century, much evidence of pottery as well as other artifacts in situ.
We will also review the local hydrology and understand the presence of many natural springs nearby. It is with anticipation that we look forward to spending time with legendary potter and Zia native, Dora Tse Pe and her family who have invited us to visit and share a feast meal with them on this important occasion.
He will also share information on the important Keres language preservation project for which this study tour is organized to support.
In addition to providing commentary on each site visited, he will offer us interesting facets of Puebloan and Dine (Navajo) history.
Wea€™ll also visit the beautiful Laguna Mission church, operated by the Franciscan order, built in 1699 and containing beautiful native paintings, colonial reredo (altar screen), and traditional adobe architecture. We will travel through the historic ghost town of Waldo and along the railroad tracks laid through the area in the late 19th century to the picturesque village of Cerrillos, then travel across the Galisteo Basin heading east on the backloads through this scenic area. Visit a small rural family-owned Trading Post, rarely seen by outsiders, which helps bridge cultures and maintain community.
Special visits and tours of Dar al Islam Mosque in Abiquiu, Christ in the Desert Monastery, the Sikh Dharma and community in Somlbrillo near Espanola, the Buddhist stupa in Santa Fe, plus special presentations by representatives at these very special locations.
In addition to petroglyphs, there will be spectacular views of the Rio Grande gorge, birds, possibly early wild flowers, important Apache cultural shrines and their campsites. These types of carvings from this era are often associated with nomadic hunter-gatherer societies. While conquest is an important chapter of Pueblolan history, a€?survivancea€™ is its modern reality. Why did ancient Puebloans build monuments whose construction required the quarrying and shaping of thousands of tons of sandstone from canyon walls and the hauling of over 200,000 pine logs from mountain slopes 60 miles away, all to build a dozen 300-600 room edifices that housed only a handful of people? The trail is well marked and follows along a small arroyo and enters an elegantly carved slot canyon, then climbing to a scenic overview of the spectacular Rio Grande valley where we will enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch. A short walk down the canyon will lead us to Kin Kletso, an important part of the developmental history of the area. They are particularly interested in interviewing users and developers who incorporate Applea€™s VoiceOver accessibility technology into their work-flow and apps.
In Portland, with the help of the local Mac User Group (PMUG), he quickly made friends with other Mac Geeks and officially joined the Cult of Macintosh.
She holds numerous Apple Hardware Certificates and ran an Apple Service Center for many years. Find out how to upgrade no matter where or how you purchased the previous versions of PDFpen.
There are six different types, but we’ve found the most success working with a WOFF, (Web Open Font Format) paired with a TTF or OTF file. If they go out of business or change their business model, your company is left with the consequences. Some fonts, especially ornate “display” fonts used for titles, have high levels of complexity in each glyph and it becomes necessary for us to edit those files to save bandwidth. In the case of a black letter “a” for example, the black edge pixels would be smoothed by the interpolation of grey pixels so that it appears smooth and sharp on-screen even if you zoom in close. Web typography that is well thought-out and crafted is one of those subtle but unmistakable clues that improves user experience and shows customers that they are dealing with a professional organization. It’s that bottom margin plus the height of the footer that need to be added together to subtract from the viewport height. Etsy, Sellfy, and Gumroad are great but they don’t include a website, so you get the shopping cart but with no website.
You can use these buttons to create products on your website, and with the shopping cart widget users can add their products to a PayPal shopping cart.
This works great if you want to set a page that resets the shopping cart after a user has finished a purchase. The trip inclui??des all lodging, meals, river and rafting arrangements and quality time with David Noble. Experience the soothing comfort of a quiet river valley and nearby pond, a welcome oasis in the heat of the summer.
Visit interesting historical sites only accessible by the river, study unique geological features, and gain a comprehensive educational perspective on the geology and natural history of this majestic canyon. We will take a short hike to Piedras Marcadas Canyon, where the first petroglyph of a horse known in the United States is found amid a rich concentration of petroglyphs, most of which were created a century before European contact. On the next day, accompanied by our modern Harvey Girl we will tour the legendary Montezuma Hotel, now part of the United World College campus. Featuring gas log fireplaces and a private porch at each cabin, we promise a bit of quiet time to enjoy the majesty of one of our favorite U.S. The wealth of data on Pueblo culture, from three thousand years ago to the present day, provides an ideal laboratory for the study of culture change. Those who have accompanied Ware and Governor Joseph Suina on past Pueblo World Tours will visit many of the same destinations but see many new sites, and youa€™ll be able to follow along with Warea€™s commentary on Pueblo social history with an advance copy of his new critically acclaimed book. The site contains lots of petroglyph panels, spectacular views and a large important ancient Santa Clara village that includes a reconstructed kiva. Sam Duwe, assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology and Director of the Tewa Basin Archaeological Research Project at Eastern New Mexico University.
David is the author and editor of many books relating to Southwest archaeology and culture, including Ancient Ruins of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide and most recently, In the Places of the Spirits. A short but interesting hike (one mile round-trip) will illustrate the fascinating earth history of the Cerrillos Hills, Ortiz Mountains and the beginning of rifts in the Santa Fe area. In El Malpais are found ancient jagged lava flows, volcanic cinder cones and rims, pressure ridges, lava tubes, ice caves, and other landscape features, as well as prehistoric ruins and cairns, rock structures, and homesteads, plus important cultural sites where ancient pottery and other material artifacts have been discovered. Paul Catholic Church in Crownpoint, where Navajo spirituality coexists with Roman Catholic Christianity. The glyphs follow the contours of the rock and incorporate natural features, such as nodules, bumps, and cracks, into the carving. Some have said the Zia people have retained most of their traditional beliefs and thus absorbed very little influence of our dominant society.
Cordella€™s interpretation, we will walk each of the sites to understand their similarities and differences.
Their kivas were of 2 different shapes and construction techniques, and the village maintained 2 different traditions of painted pottery, while participating in extensive trade networks. Why did ancestral Puebloan communities over a geographic region the size of New England build community centers that emulated these monumental structures? Learn the fascinating geologic story of how these dramatic columns have eroded as you appreciate the power of Mother Naturea€™s forces: wind, water, and time.
Wea€™ll visit smaller habitation sites, small farming settlements surrounding Casa Rinconada, Chacoa€™s massive great kiva.
Adam's career quickly moved from pre-press to IT services, while all along doing freelance web design and development under the name Terraform Creative. She is a Macintosh specialist and has been servicing hardware and training people on this platform since it's invention.
As an example, we recently stripped a pizza glyph, among others, from a font being used for a header.
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Using flexbox for a sticky footer not only doesn’t require any extra elements, but allows for a variable height footer. After the user has added all the items to the cart they can simply checkout with PayPal and complete their purchase. The video shows you just how much you can do with the widget and how to add it to your Adobe Muse website. Charming casitas, comfy beds and organic samples from the garden will round out our archaeological day excursions. Appreciate the context, and underlying meanings of this powerful ritual and sacred cultural landscape. Our mission is to arrive before dawn so we witness the entrance into the village of the deer and other animals. Few places in world provide so much historical information, over so many centuries, on cultures that thrive today. On the Saturday following the tour wea€™ll visit Cochiti Pueblo for a tour of the community by this yeara€™s Cochiti Governor, Dr.
We begin to learn how Tewa people understand their own unique history and become witness to the kind of collaborative work Scott and tribal members have been doing to link the native understandings to Southwestern archaeological research. Our afternoon will conclude with a relaxed social Happy Hour, including a glass of wine and appetizers at Conniea€™s Casa, the owner-built, passive solar traditional home to Southwest Seminars Director, Connie Eichstaedt. Includes transportation, 4 meals, overnight accommodations, entrance fees and Study Leadersa€™ honoraria. You will also need long pants and hiking boots, hat, water, and hiking sticks (poles) if you use them.
They are typically deeply incised and may represent the only remnants of conscious communication left by these early peoples.
The Zia achievements in pottery and other arts and crafts, as well as spiritual tenacity is legendary. Was it political hegemony, economic imperialism, or religious fervor that inspired the architects of Chaco and their emulators?a€?a€?Amerinda€™s spring tour to the northern Southwest will spend two days in a€?Downtown Chacoa€? in search of answers to these questions.
3-mile roundtrip hike, 400 feet elevation gain Includes: Study leader honorarium, transportation and a lovely picnic lunch included.
After and brief stint on the PMUG board of directors, he purchased a shiny new B&W G3, packed up his stuff and moved to San Diego to dry out.
By being aware of this and other browser font-rendering quirks, we can ensure consistency and performance in our designs.
Along with the amazing scenery and geo-education wea€™ll enjoy periods of profound peace as we drift quietly through narrow corridors of polished granite.
Meredith Davidson, an enthusiastic young scholar, is Curator of 19th and 20th Century Southwest Collection, for the New Mexico History Museum and curated the current permanent exhibition, Setting the Standard: The Fred Harvey Company and its Legacy. We will have a picnic lunch on site and finish with a visit to a Santa Clara pottery-making family for a demonstration of their famous deep-carved black and red ware, which often features the water serpent, or Avanyu, as well as other symbols and imagery significant to the Tewa villages of the northern Rio Grande. On our last Southwet Seminars field trip to the North Rim we had a very special porcupine sighting! These incredible rock carvings include curvilinear, rectilinear, non-representational, irregular, geometric, spirals, starbursts, animal tracks, hunting images, and vision & Dream scenes. Their mission church and plaza are all part of the accommodation and compartmentalization of different but powerful spiritual forces. Wea€™ll begin our tour 150 miles to the north in the central Mesa Verde region where Chaco probably had its roots. Adam began a new life as a Software Engineer and sought out new Mac Geeks in the San Diego Macintosh Users Group (SDMUG). This allows web designers and developers to easily add e-commerce to their website with simple to use PayPal buttons. Sam Duwe, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma and Director, Tewa Basin Archaeological Research Project will be a highlight of our trip as he shares knowledge of the Tewa and the region.
Includes 7 full days of activities and 8 nights in favorite lodging in scenic locations, and featuring the interplay and dialogue which accompanies scholarly discussion and debate. Includes Transportation, scholar honorarium, lunch, followed by wine with apps at Conniea€™s Casa (and hoped-for lilacs) before return to Hotel Santa Fe, our pick-up and departure point. Our destination will be a high altitude alpine meadow overlooking the spectacular north rim of the Valles Caldera where we will be served a gourmet fajita picnic lunch with a breathtaking view down into the caldera valley below. Zolbrod will also introduce us to two Catholic nuns who were part of the effort to create the Crownpoint Rug Auction, now a major cultural tradition and artistic event which you will have the privilege of attending.
We will be like trees: silent observers and important witnesses of the continuing strength of culture here today at Zia Pueblo.
He currently serves on the Board of Directors for SDMUG, as well as the Board of the San Diego Computer Society (SDCS). We are proud to offer this unique opportunity, a Must-Do for all lovers of the Southwest culture and landscape, especially when accompanied by such exceptional scholars. All expenses covered coach transportation, admissions, all lodging and meals, donation to tax deductable donation to the Amerind Foundation. Their lives represent an intersection of cultures that they have chosen for their life's work. Lunch included at Conniea€™s Casa in Canoncito at Apache Canyon for debriefing and sharing our adventure stories. The Macintosh and the Mac community continue to amaze and inspire him and he is happy to be one of the crazy ones. In these humble surroundings, you will come to respect and understand the Dine and their important connections between people, language, and land.
His discussions and commentary featuring his perspectives on Dine culture will be valuable tools for our own education.

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