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It's rewarding to hear when advertising works, and Safe T Plus reports that they're now outselling their closest competitor by 5x.
Safe T Plus is a steering stabilizer that This project uses a variety of phrases addressing common road hazards from the point of view of a confident driver. After launch, Rainbow employees have told us they're seeing lots of new faces walking in the door, and sales trends back that up with an increase over months prior to the ad launch.
We particularly appreciated the chance to translate the school logo seamlessly to the athletics logo.
Scott said that he's gotten good feedback on the cards, including one "That's bold!" which we count as a thumbs up for sparking conversation. Scott asked us to create an identity for him as he leveraged some extensive education, nonprofit, and fundraising experience into a consulting practice in Portland, Oregon. For Scott's stationery package, we wanted the experience of getting a card to contain a little insight that would open a conversation that those big, out-of-reach solutions could be possible through a consulting engagement with Scott. We were asked by the Festival Planners to produce a website and promotional materials for the inaugural Mississippi Book Festival.
The Festival event tripled the initial attendance projections, and will be a successful event for years to come!
Ray, the business owner, had been making and selling this product based on his mother's devotion to cold-brewed coffee.
This is a great example of something that looks good but also has an immediate impact in sales.
This project was brought to us by the Millsaps College ElseWorks business consulting program. Engage Mississippi is a new statewide partnership to sync up the disparate efforts of funding foundations, government organizations, nonprofits, and volunteers using a collective impact model. This had a number of publication design challenges: accessibility for audiences with literacy issues, an affordable 2-color printing scheme, and a priority on clarity and function. Foundation for the Mid South asked us to design the print version of this publication that collects resources for released ex-offenders. We enjoyed this redesign of The Mississippi Chorus website, getting them off a template and into something that's customized. As frequent attendees of the Museum of Art's events, we knew that they were becoming the gateway through which visitors find the permanent collection & rotating exhibitions, and wanted to increase the visibility of events throughout the site. Whether it’s for the organization’s Males of Color initiative, Way to Wealth Building earned income tax credit advice, or documenting the impact of grantee programs, we’ve been able to use Facebook graphics to depict dense material.
The young, female members of our team are right in the target demographic for this, so it's been fun to build out this fashion & lifestyle-focused subset of the Goodwill of Mississippi brand. Goodwill Glam Girl is a Tumblr page with a mix of original and reblogged content featuring a fashion focus on Goodwill of Mississippi. With this account we've been able to connect with the Goodwill International Tumblr account as well as a vibrant community of fashion-forward bloggers who are putting together looks and home decor all from Goodwill finds. Glossy ad published in Mississippi Magazine for Old House Depot, an architectural salvage warehouse.
We have grown a loyal fan base on Facebook and Pinterest for Old House Depot, an architectural salvage warehouse in Jackson. In addition, Old House Depot's social media profiles appear at the top of Google search listings.
We created Goodwill Industries of Mississippi’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest presence from scratch and have educated followers about Goodwill’s mission while keeping them engaged with regular merchandise updates, giveaways and special campaigns.
Springboard To Opportunities is a recently-launched nonprofit based in Jackson, MS that works with residents of affordable housing. In July 2013, Creative Distillery hosted a 30-day photography challenge on Instagram as a way for people to engage with our brand through social media.
We conceived of this flowchart as a way to meet the customer where they are and lead them through the complexity of all the different oil change options available. Safe-T-Plus is a steering stabilization product for large vehicles like RVs, trucks, and buses.
This is our second year doing the GIVE Awards book, and the first after the organization's rebrand to Volunteer Mississippi, shortened from Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service.
Mississippi Center for Nonprofits launched their new logo at the 2013 Positioned for Progress conference.
In 2013, the awards celebrated Mississippi's literary excellence, featuring photography by Tom Joynt of William Faulkner's typewriter. Old House Depot, an architectural salvage store in Jackson, Mississippi, has a constantly rotating selection of items. We love working with The Rowland Foundation, based in Vermont, on their annual Conference on School Transformation.
Swift Capital has helped more than 10,000 small businesses get working capital to further their growth and success. My Trio Rings is an online jewelry retailer based in the diamond district of New York City and specializing in wedding and engagement rings. Creative Distillery writes two blog posts a week for My Trio Rings and works closely with the company to create relevant and engaging content for brides and grooms-to-be.
The famous "Bay to Breakers" race in San Francisco is so named because it begins on the eastern side of the city along the San Francisco Bay and ends on the western side, at the Pacific Ocean. One recent My Trio Rings customer, Kyle, proposed to his fiancee in a very unorthodox manner. Creative Distillery completed a blogging campaign for Applico, covering topics such as mobile technology news, company updates and mobile strategy analysis and tips.
SXSW 2012 lived up to high expectations on the technology front, whether you were attending as a mobile app developer or a brand marketing manager. Peace of Mind & Body: 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness is an e-book we wrote and designed for our client Create Write Now, a company that helps people use journal writing for personal growth, health and self-discovery. 27 Days is Create Write Now’s bestselling e-book and the inspiration for several journaling events, including the 27 Days Self-Discovery Journaling Challenge, which included an online classroom and private sessions for participants. John Maxwell is a wonderful actor, and it was an honor to be chosen to update his materials for his lauded one-man Faulkner show "Oh, Mr. The Mississippi Opera is impressively one of the oldest continually operating opera companies in the U.S. Frascogna Courtney, PLLC has a long and established history of legal excellence in areas of sports and entertainment law and elder law. The best way to illustrate the firm's successes was through a series of case studies outlining challenges faced by clients and how Frascogna Entertainment Law helped ensure a positive solution.

We art directed an original photo shoot to move beyond the traditional attorney portrait in front of law books. We designed the title and landing page for this campaign by IDEA to raise money for a foundation matching grant through individual online donations.
The Women's Fund of Mississippi had lacked a giveaway piece that explained what they do and what their grantees do. One of IDEA's challenges is talking about education in a way that's different from the usual narrative. We were approached by Head to Head Radio to help them develop a brand for the launch of their new statewide sports talk radio show. In the discovery process, we thought it was remarkable how much lighting could change a room for a special event. High Noon Cafe, the all-organic vegetarian cafe inside of Rainbow Natural Foods, was in financial trouble in December 2009.
Creative Distillery successfully navigated dense scientific language, regulations on safety claims, and word count restrictions to create a compelling body of copy about the science behind Diver's D\Lyte. For this ebook series helping musicians to set up international tours, we set out to create a feeling of travel that is respectful to the subjects of the books. Creative Distillery has a special relationship with IDEA as writer Melia Dicker is a co-founder of the nonprofit.
On Instagram, which is entirely visuals-focused and more stylish, we really amp up the fashion and style potential of looks found at Goodwill.
One of Scott's hallmarks is the ability to get to the real, messy issues that lie at the heart of problems. These can also be given to people targeted industries so the recipients are seeing a message that resonates with their experiences.
Because it was the first festival, the scope and demands of the project were quickly evolving. Our Project Manager and Design team were able to scale their efforts to meet the challenge, and produce all the related t-shirt, signage, advertising, and promotional materials needed for the event. Ray reports that the phone is ringing off the hook from national retailers who want to carry this product. Our role was to let audiences know that this effort has a fresh energy and enthusiasm behind it, which helped inspired the optimistic, electric colors and the case variance in the type treatment.
We set out to create a look for this truck that's very friendly and polished to create a sense of positivity around the donation experience. While many of our efforts focus on Goodwill's mission, this is a narrowly-targeted style leader to highlight the thrill of matching outfits and finding incredible brands on the Goodwill racks. Through product photos, blog posts and building and design inspiration, we maintain a high level of reach and engagement among Old House Depot's audience. We grew their Facebook likes from 920 to 40,000+ and engaged daily with customers, answering questions, responding to comments and maintaining a friendly and positive personality for the brand. They needed a logo identity, website and copy to quickly establish themselves among nonprofit circles, national funding foundations, and the residents themselves. The movement in modern wine and spirit sales is towards craft and artisan selections and a more advanced taste palate in the audience.
The challenge was open to anyone and simple to execute; over the course of 30 days, participants had to take a daily photo that fit with a set theme and post it to Instagram (using the #cd30day hashtag for others to follow along). As participants began posting their photos to Instagram (and sharing on Facebook and Pinterest), their friends started commenting and asking how they could join.
Traditional RV marketing can be stuck in the past; very reliant on technical specs while failing to capture emotional benefits. We incorporated the new ribbon logo into our "pay it forward" theme carrying between pages.
We introduced a yearly system of medallions which allow us to keep consistency while addressing each year's theme. In 2014, the awards celebrated the International Ballet Competition, which rotates through Jackson, Mississippi and world-class cities like Moscow. We wanted to really cement Rainbow Co-op's building as a destination for the growing number of visitors to Jackson's Fondren neighborhood. For the 2012 conference, we settled on a Rubik's Cube as a solution to represent the active work the conference does in trying out creative solutions to transform education. The company was looking to expand its social media marketing, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, and hired Creative Distillery for a social media setup and strategy package. Because the company sells its products exclusively online and doesn't have the same overhead costs as a brick-and-mortar store, it is able to offer beautiful, high-quality jewelry at affordable prices.
Our ongoing "best places to propose" series, featuring different locations around the country to pop the question, has been a significant source of traffic for the My Trio Rings website. With dozens of well-known landmarks, romantic waterfront destinations, and breathtaking views, the City by the Bay will capture your heart. This means that you have plenty of coastline to choose from when planning where you'll propose.
Since his girlfriend is the one who generally checks the couple’s mail, he used the ring sizer package from My Trio Rings to propose to his now fiancee before they even selected their affordable wedding rings.
The company works with clients to create comprehensive, long-term mobile strategies and builds custom mobile apps that fit the unique needs of each brand. Instagram had a brilliantly simple idea: creating an app to make it easy for users to capture and share beautiful images. The goal of the project was to create a branded workbook that reflected Create Write Now's mission and ideals and guide readers through writing reflections and exercises. Faulkner, Do You Write?" The performance is funny and dramatic, capturing Faulkner's indecision in accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature. For their upcoming season, we've created a look that's sophisticated, but also captures the power of the operatic voice.
The two divisions work separately, and the entertainment division needed a presence to establish its credibility in the creative community. Frascogna's work and paves the way for the firm's innovative global music work and literary representation work. Discussing which case studies to include was helpful for the firm to prioritize its desired clientele and to help inbound SEO traffic.
By stripping away extra navigation and coming up with a targeted pitch, we created a page whose sole job is to drive potential donors to the Give Now button.
We designed a piece that was efficient to print with no binding required, and folded into a booklet.

This fact sheet infographic establishes the landscape of education and what IDEA's doing to improve it in a way that's approachable and easy to understand.
Their vision involved bringing to Mississippi a show with a statewide focus and a national level of polish. There are strong copywriting and call to action elements without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the site. We wanted to make the site very 'glowy' in order to show off the photos displaying Stephen's lighting artistry.
We pitched this ad campaign featuring "No Bull," a play on being all-vegetarian, and having only pure ingredients with nothing to hide. This piece acts as an artifact for IDEA to bring to conferences, distribute to organizers, and give to anyone who's interested in learning more about the organization. We worked with Beck Photographic (and airport security!) to do a photoshoot concept that would carry across all the books. The IDEA website shows the broad coalition of educators, activists, parents and school administrators coming together to make education more student-centered and hands-on. Rather than just featuring one item, many of the setups feature interesting pairings, which allows the customer to realize their unique style.
Oftentimes the solutions can be found in examining the spaces where these issues intersect. We created several approaches, ultimately settling on this one for its shelf appeal at a distance. The system linking the products has been effective as well, and the products alongside the coffee have especially enjoyed increased sales. The overlapping arrows show partners moving together in a common direction, and we also developed a negative space E on the left side of the arrows. This was a chance for us to use a strong typographic foundation to make the guide clear, legible, and easy to navigate. FMS is getting calls from other states for advice on how to produce similar guides, which helps further the Foundation's brand of being a leader in improving the Mid South region. The copy is reminds all citizens that their futures are intertwined with Jackson Public Schools.
At the end of the month, everyone who had completed the entire challenge was entered into a random drawing for a prize. Word of mouth and social media sharing led to participants recruiting their networks to enter the challenge and helped us reach a wider audience. Our copywriters came up with a sequence that really exemplified Safe-T-Plus' chief benefit: an increased feeling of safety and peace of mind, allowing vacations to be more enjoyable.
It's been a great way to launch the updated colors with a vastly more contemporary look and feel for the MCN brand. We then integrated the look into the school's online curriculum software to create a fully branded experience for Sterling students. The 2015 awards feature live music photographs by James Patterson and celebrate Mississippi's live music performance culture, from venues to festivals.
Our upcoming ads for Old House Depot will highlight one item and build an atmosphere around it, with a call to action for customers to write their own next chapter for the item's story.
The stamp is Rainbow's seal of trust to inspire confidence in its buying policy of only the most pure products for store shelves. The neighborhood has a 50's aesthetic, and we also wanted to reference ideas of Americana and farming. We researched Swift Capital's business, market and competitors to create a custom report, including best practices, specific tools and recommendations for each social network, sample posts and branded graphics. Each of the book's chapters focused on a different theme, including self-criticism, goal setting, fear, money and nutrition.
Artists, athletes, and those connected with the entertainment industry can be focused on creativity, not the legal and business world. With the booklet, we were able to show important donors, advocacy work, and what the organization's grantees accomplished.
We developed the HH lockup that is a strong, fast, athletic symbol that also references football and basketball, the main topic areas of the show. As an added benefit, we've found that this site performs very well in SEO tests for "diver hydration" and related keywords.
The 'Ideas' page was a cool addition so that brides & event planners could learn how elements of lighting could be effective in transforming their events. Our goal was to make High Noon from an unknown alternative into a "regular" lunch option for diners. The site features blogger-driven content, visitor comments, an events calendar, a resource database and editorial features. This led us to an intersecting monogram that is appropriate for a consulting practice based around a single person, but carries a slickness and meaning. The potential literacy issues of some of the readership also inspired the creation of icons to distinguish the topic areas. The objective was to create a fun and interactive social media experience that people wanted to join. Pictured here are the login screen with logo and seal, the admin area of the software, and the Facebook cover photo. The upward arc created by the swoop suggests a rainbow without being an actual drawing of a Rainbow. Instead, it focused on delivering a straightforward and well-designed product that users were eager to adopt.
The look appears on custom-printed folders, and John's able to quickly re-order new packets to send to VIP festival circuits and venues. It became important to position Frascogna Entertainment Law as being a trusted steward that will successfully navigate clients through those waters. The product area is inspired by Mississippi craft quilts, and serves as a quick color system to differentiate between the offerings.
We also developed the stamp for use as a social media icon and to reinforce Rainbow's commitment to its buying policy of only stocking the best products. The takeaway for other companies is to create a mobile app that does one thing (and does that one thing better than anybody else).

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