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Before there was Mac DeMarco, the all singing, all dancing lovable rogue, there was Makeout Videotape. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The band has a seven-inch record in the works which is due in February 2010 and a full-length in the early summer, both to be released on Unfamiliar Records. Before indie rock it boy Mac DeMarco went solo, he and Alex CalderĀ (among others) were making music together under the moniker Makeout Videotape. A limited run of 1,200 12-inch copies of the album will arrive on August 20 via Thursday Friday.

The album was originally released online a few songs at a time, with the first six suddenly appearing without any advanced notice.
The final 13-track version of the record was initially passed around amongst DeMarco's friends, followed by an 'email me and I'll send it over' policy. We've all got people who we can't stand on social media, but rather than hurt anyone's feelings, we usually opt to use the mute button. Proving once again that they're the most hilarious entertainers boasting the name Gallagher, theĀ Oasis boys are at it again. This year their 2010 effort Ying Yang is getting a physical re-release via Thursday Friday.

You can also revisit our recent feature with Mac and watch our interview with him at a theme park in Sweden.

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