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Despite being flooded a while back, Hello Games has continued development of No Man’s Sky. I mean…they just about lost everything when their office flooded, and yet here we are getting a news story as if it never happened. First off, I’d like to thank the universe for giving me an opportunity to write that headline. While shopping in Times Square and having lunch at Nobu Restaurant with Jenner, Smith apparently wore the outfit above at first, then climbed into their fancy car, changed and came out like…this. Maybe this is just a reminder that, despite being one of the wealthiest and most famous teens in the world, Jaden Smith is still just a kid. Can someone make a fancy info graphic video for all the scripture highlights in the book of Leviticus?
Drogg would amend this comment but unfortunately when he spotted the mistake he f**ked his computer out the window. I would appreciate an editable function on posts, it would save me a fortune on laptops being smashed.

Having kids is making clean living a lot easier and it seems most people i have talked to about it are saying it is the only way to truly stop. Could be that any decent video production companies refused to do it based on their personal beliefs.
They say that same-sex marriage will lead to young children being taught about homosexuality and transgender issues like it’s a bad thing to happen. I’m just lucky that when I was young, being handsome was promoted to me, because after all that is how these things work.
So they’re talking to young kids about LGBT issues in England, all because they legalised Same Sex marriage? Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 4 examples worldwide of interactions between ostensibly Yes and No voters where the No voters got a knee-grazing. Seriously besides all the religious bigotry the no side has the money to make well produced videos and this is the shit they come out with.

I am not saying run out and have yourself some kids, enjoy the freedom as long as possible but it defiantly makes you want to balance your life in a different sort of way. I am gay because I wasn’t guilted into marrying a woman, and the same could happen to your kids if you allow me have equal rights in my own country. All I am saying is whatever moron edited this on his iMovie better prey to whatever sky fairy they believe in that I never find them because I will stick their iMac so far up there bum that only Jesus will be able to find it. To be fair, Times Square undoubtedly has older, weirder people dressed in superhero costumes. But is it the single most excellent thing to happen to celebrity teenagers and romance in months? Yes it is, because Jaden Smith wearing an Iron Man costume while on a date with Kylie Jenner is absurdly excellent and exactly the kind of thing I would do if I were richer-than-god 14-year-old whose father is the Fresh Prince of the entire world.

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