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In conjunction with Zazzle, we have produced an extensive range of gifts, using images from these old postcards. Daniel Sturridge faces Euro 2016 heartache as injury curse strikes again - so, is this Marcus Rashford's chance to shine?
Palace intruder Denis Hennessy once battered a defenceless tramp to death with an iron bar.
David Icke says the royal family are shape-shifting lizards on BBC national TV The Irishman was 18 when he attacked Kevin Cusack after the 45-year-old tramp asked him for cash.
But one former neighbour said she heard rumours of his previous conviction found it hard to believe Hennessy was capable of murder.
In the most serious break-in at Buckingham Palace for more than thirty years, a man climbed the perimeter fence Monday, evading guards, security cameras and sensors to get inside the Queen's home.
Millions of visitors have flocked to Buckingham Palace since it first opened to the public in 1993 Philipa€™s wisecracks continued when he spoke to blonde Maja Oven.
From the reverse of this postcard - "This magnificent memorial to the late Queen Victoria stands in front of Buckingham Palace, which makes a fitting backdrop to the sculpture.
The items available include many reproduction postcards, coffee mugs, greetings cards, key chains, fridge magnets, watches etc. He stamped on his head and chest, leaving the victim with a flattened skull and virtually every bone in his body ­fractured.

He climbed over the wall at the Palace on Wednesday night, tripping an alarm and cutting his hand on the barbed wire. They ruin cities.a€™His comments come despite royal aides regularly stressing the importance of tourists to Britaina€™s economy a€“ with one million visiting Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle each year. When the 36-year-old told him her group had proposed meeting points in cities for people to discuss ideas, he replied: a€?They call those supermarkets, dona€™t they?a€™The Queen did not hear his remarks because she was carrying out duties elsewhere in the city. Many images on these pages have a direct link to a reproduction postcard - just click on the image to see and buy it ! Denis Hennessy is back in jail after his ­ Buckingham Palace prowl that sparked a major security scare. Sirkinder Choudry, defending, said: a€?He did not have any malicious intent toward the Royal Family . It follows other infamous faux pas by the Prince a€“ including telling a British student in China he would get a€?slitty eyesa€™ and asking Aborigines in Australia: a€?Do you still throw spears at each other?a€™Dr Uran, associate professor of tourism at the University of Primorska, was among four groups of experts who met Philip last Tuesday at the Hotel Union in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. The 41-year-old kept asking if the Queen was home when he was arrested by armed police within 50 metres of the home where Elizabeth, 90, husband Philip, 94, and their son Prince Andrew, 56, were staying. Mr Nicholson said: a€?He became very angry and attacked him with an iron bar, fracturing his skull into small pieces. She told Philip she wanted to organise a network of people with local knowledge to help tourists.

Heavy cannabis user Hennessy had been boozing all day before he climbed a 10ft spiked wall and clambered over barbed wire to get inside the Palace grounds, where he roamed freely for 10 minutes before finally being apprehended. He could not find the pal so had another drink and tried to meet someone else in Victoria, near the Palace.
But district judge Howard Riddle said: a€?He knew precisely where he was and it is reported he asked if the Queen was in the residence. Unemployed stonemason Hennessy was convicted of battering a tramp to death with an iron bar in 1993 in a Clockwork Orange-style attack that was so barbaric it left hardened police officers stunned. What stands out to me is he made the most determined effort to enter Buckingham Palace Gardens. He appeared before Westminster ­Magistrates' in Central London on Friday where he admitted trespass and criminal damage.

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