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Mykel and Ruth haven't eaten in over 24 hours, so Ruth ventures off to collect edible plants.
As the pair head down the treacherous Velebit Mountains in Croatia, Mykel spots their first chance for a meal in two days. Mykel and Ruth encounter a problem in the mountains of Croatia - minefields leftover from the war in the '90s. Mykel and Ruth must hunker down in the cave and wait until daylight to continue their journey. Ruth and Myke Hawke attempt to make their way out of a vast dark cave in Croatia, avoiding sinkholes and falling stalactites. Mykel thinks he is stuck eating lily tubers for dinner, but Ruth surprises him with a handful of newts to cook up. Mykel is suffering from a bad stomach bug, so he makes sure to drink plenty of spring water to stay hydrated.
In an effort to fill up on as much freshwater as possible, Mykel and Ruth turn a condom into a cantine. Being a Girl-Bro: Do you like to take a Totinos pizza, fold it in half, and eat it like a taco? According to a widely-read Thought Catalog essay by Leigh Alexander, the Internet chose cats.
I’m sure that growing up Catholic in Duluth, Minnesota, I knew more than one Jewish family. This event was one I had sort of buried in my memory for most of my life, deep down, still accessible but not really something I was con.. From a young age, you will be surrounded by peers who beat the shit out of each other—and out of you—whenever they get bored. Insecure Artsy People: These people always have writers block, or whatever their medium’s equivalent of that is. Sexts from the Sea is a collection of the best humor writing from the first five years of The Tangential. Bright Lights, Twin Cities: A Collection of Stories from Real Minnesotans is an essay collection by The Tangential, published by Thought Catalog. He exhibits a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for other members of the Special Forces, as evidenced in his work supporting that community. He was also generous enough with his busy schedule to make room to chat with me about a few survival-related questions.

AWitW: You’ve said before that survival is in your blood, that it’s something you’re always thinking of.
AWitW: The will to survive is often cited as one of the most important things in an extended crisis.
Mykel Hawke: That is true enough but it comes with a HUGE quantifier- one MUST have the SKILLS, too. AWitW: Immediate adaptability and creativity is very important for your survival situations.
Mykel Hawke: It’s a hard call, but a lighter will always be my first choice, then a knife, then a canteen, canteen cup and a spoon, then a poncho. AWitW: I enjoy being in the woods, where I don’t really have to sweat the big stuff (well, except for an occasional angry moose in the rut). AWitW: You’ve typically concentrated on stressful survival situations, where some other survival experts swing more towards bushcraft and primitive arts.
Mykel Hawke: I do not focus on living off grid, end of the world, going green, reverting back to caveman, or gettin back to nature. Mykel Hawke: We do what we do because we believe in it and want to share so that others may benefit.
AWitW: On behalf of my readers, thank you for your time today, and thank you for your service to your country and around the world.
Mykel Hawke: I appreciate that you care and take the time to share and so, thanks for what you do.
UPDATE: looks like the Travel Channel has moved the timeslot for Lost Survivors to Sunday 11am. Although the duo are enjoying the beautiful scenery in the northern region, they know they need to make a quick exit.
They use hand gel to create a fire, which provides them with two essentials for survival - light and heat.
Steve O’Gara, a childhood friend of my dad’s and a member of the family who run O’Gara’s Bar & Grill in St. The will is what sees you through the hard times, helps you overcome failures, makes you not quit when everything else tells you to throw in the towel. I get tired of seeing the arguments on TV all the time, and it was refreshing to see people that could disagree on something but still be caring and civil, and get on with what needed doing. How did the experience of doing a show like this with your wife differ from what you thought it would be? I am sorry to laugh, but it doesn’t differ, that is simply life in the Hawke Household, simply relocated to the woods and played out on TV.

I think I have always been like this but the survival has enhanced and honed my skills at dynamic improvisation as I like to call it. We know you’re good at surviving in the jungle, but where do you go, and what do you do to enjoy yourself? Many skills overlap quite a bit, so do you have any interest in exploring that side of things (on or off camera)? I focus on getting through any environment and any situation and getting back home to fort living room and my family.
We couldn’t do it if they weren’t interested, so we see it as a two way street, and we appreciate their support. It’s really great to see that sort of genuine respect and patience, especially in a TV climate that seems to always promote conflict and arguments.
And if they are fortunate to find something they are passionate about, then it is always a bit magical to watch those kinds of people in action. Not saying anything negative about her because I like her as well, but he didn’t even hint at being annoyed. The good news is that most skills are common sense and most folks can figure out a lot of things, so long as they don’t panic and don’t quit. One thing we both learned was that the physical difference in men and women for strength, naturally lends itself to a certain stereotypical division of labor.
May 24, 2016 5:59 pmMEC is giving 10% off when you buy one each of their house-brand tents, sleeping bags, and pads in-store only. But when I got into Special Forces and learned those basic survival skills, I realized we do not learn anywhere near enough and that is what set me on a path to learn more—and over time, to begin teaching it; as surely if I felt we didn’t get enough REAL survival in training, then others must feel the same way. For me, and most folks I teach, it is simple to find you will, ask yourself one question, what is it that you want to live for?
And the surviving together has helped us learn better how each responds under duress when apart. I WILL LIVE TO SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN is my mantra when times get tough and so far, it has seen me through.

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