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After spending an entire day searching for water, Mykel and Ruth successfully locate a stream.
As the pair head down the treacherous Velebit Mountains in Croatia, Mykel spots their first chance for a meal in two days. Mykel and Ruth encounter a problem in the mountains of Croatia - minefields leftover from the war in the '90s. Mykel and Ruth must hunker down in the cave and wait until daylight to continue their journey.
Ruth and Myke Hawke attempt to make their way out of a vast dark cave in Croatia, avoiding sinkholes and falling stalactites.
Mykel thinks he is stuck eating lily tubers for dinner, but Ruth surprises him with a handful of newts to cook up.
Mykel is suffering from a bad stomach bug, so he makes sure to drink plenty of spring water to stay hydrated.

In an effort to fill up on as much freshwater as possible, Mykel and Ruth turn a condom into a cantine. Holding a Bachelors Degree in documentary filmmaking and photography from the University of Westminster, London, Ruth England has traveled the world recording wild adventures, natural phenomena, tribal societies, and exotic wildlife. Now, Ruth is about to embark on a documentary assignment that blows all of her past experiences away. While attempting to cross the it, Ruth falls in and risks hypothermia due to the freezing mountain water. Although the duo are enjoying the beautiful scenery in the northern region, they know they need to make a quick exit.
They use hand gel to create a fire, which provides them with two essentials for survival - light and heat.
As a successful TV journalist and photographer, Ruth has traversed the world from the wilds of Africa, to the jungles and mountains of Asia, to the frozen Arctic tundra.

She's dangled from a cliff in Rwanda, holding onto nothing more than a machete blade, while being charged by a 450-pound silverback mountain gorilla. For the first time, she's documenting the best survivalist she's ever met as they journey together into the unknown. Ruth has faced a herd of stampeding African elephants, gone swimming with sharks in Australia, and tracked tigers in Nepal.

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