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One day in 17-year-old Amani Mosed’s high school class, her teacher presented a lesson about hereditary illnesses. The two centers in Sana’a offering the genetic test welcome walk-in patients:  Al-Awlaqi  Laboratory  is located on Al-Zubairi Street across from Al-Jumhori Hospital. For most couples, applying for the marriage license is the least romantic part of getting married. It is easy to wave off the marriage license as one of those tedious governmental documents. You are probably familiar with that part of the marriage ceremony during which the officiant asks if there are any objections to the union that is about to happen.
Centuries ago, when a couple wanted to get married they would pay a visit to the head of their parish and announce their desire.
The Banns of Marriage, believe it or not, were canonical law until 1983 when the Catholic Church finally abolished the practice. Marriage licenses were introduced in the fourteenth century as a way to circumvent the Banns of Marriage and allow for people to get legally married within the church without having to wait for such a long time. One of the things that have always been slightly stressful about applying for a marriage license has been the idea of taking a blood test. For many decades marriage licenses were used as a way to keep people from different races from marrying.
The Libertarian party is trying to keep the state from requiring marriage licenses to recognize the legal union of two adults.
There are some churches that believe that the only authority to join two people in marriage is the church and that the state and federal government shouldn't require licenses or records of the unions at all. Marrying people from two different states can be tricky but typically the state in which the ceremony takes place is the state in which the marriage license must be filed.
The laws surrounding marriage licenses vary from state to state and often from county to county or even city to city. Marriage licenses might not seem like the most romantic part of a marriage union, but they are the most important aspect of the ceremony, particularly from a legal standpoint.
Rafiq urged against marriages between carriers of thalassemia so that the disease was not transferred to the next generation. Health experts informed the participants that hemophilia was a genetic and congenital disease affecting blood coagulation. When you pass a certain age in life, there are certain tests both men and women should undertake.
These genetic ailments, such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia, are found in Yemen where their prevalence is related to the custom of marriage within families and between cousins. They go, they sit, they fill out the form, they show their IDs, they pay the fee and then they leave. They started being used by the Catholic Church to get around a situation called The Banns of Marriage. This is a practice that also dates back to the middle ages and it was called the Banns of Marriage—but it was a lot more complicated than the short uncomfortable moment people are familiar with today.
The head of the parish, then, would publish a notice in the church bulletin announcing the hopeful couple's intentions. Imagine having to wait for almost a month before knowing whether or not you would be allowed to married!
They were not just started in modern times to cover the cost of materials, filing and record keeping. A lot of people assume that blood tests are required to make sure that the couple isn't related to each other. Because so many of those diseases are curable now, most states have done away with the blood test requirement.

Specifically it was used in many states to prevent Caucasian people from marrying people from African American, Asian, Hispanic, Mongolian, Filipino, Native American and Mulatto backgrounds.
Once a marriage is legally recognized by any of the individual states, it is recognized on a federal level and by all of the other states as well. The only way to know for sure what the laws and fees are for a marriage license in your local area is to contact your local records office. What you might see as a tedious hour spent at your local courthouse, is the most important step to making sure that you and your partner are legally covered for the rest of your lives. In some cultures, a low-key, inexpensive wedding seems almost impossible, while in others, it may be perfectly normal. Sundas Foundation Patron-in-Chief Munnu Bhai, President Yasin Khan and Jamia Ashrafia administrator Hafiz Asad Ubaid also attended the seminar.
He praised the provincial government for upgrading health service infrastructure in the Punjab. As a result, they said, minor injuries started bleeding and some time internal organs bled without even any injury. If untreated, genetic disorders can be fatal.To reduce the chance of inherited diseases, Amani’s teacher advised her class to get blood tests before they marry, to be sure that they will not pass any defective genes to the next generation. It is easy to look at it and see it as something that is necessary for things like the census and record keeping. For the most part the Banns of Marriage are associated with the Catholic Church though it has ties to the Church of England as well.
Then, during holy day ceremonies (in today's culture it is called "church") the head of the parish would stand up and announce that the two hopeful people wanted to get married. If the two people belonged to different parishes or were of different faiths, there were questions about which parish's law needed to be followed. The truth is that the blood test requirement was introduced as a way to make sure that neither person had syphilis—or another disease that could easily be passed along to a child. Or, better yet, just use our state-by-state guide for the marriage requirements in your area. He praised Sundas Foundation for its efforts for the prevention and treatment of blood diseases.
The change in lifestyle too plays a havoc in our life and with stress accompanying it, the health issue doubles up.In some cases, women and men will not even be aware of what is happening to their body. Sami Al-Qubati, the manager at the laboratory, said since the campaign he has seen some change in attitudes, or if not that, at least a growing number of young men and women coming in for blood tests. A lot of people reading this article might even think it is something that was thought up as a way for the government to keep track of everybody. He would ask if there was anybody in the parish that had any reasons to prevent the union from taking place. InterNations member Philip, who has recently moved to Iran, gives us a very personal insight into Iranian wedding ceremonies past and present, and talks about how traditions can take an ugly turna€¦In Iran a wedding is a big deal to many families, traditionally it has been seen as a time of celebration. The participants were informed that around 20,000 people were affected by hemophilia in Pakistan. But, she says, if it’s found that she has a defective gene, the marriage will be called off. However, in the past quarter of a century you see a sea change in the mentality of the parentsa€™ generation and the distancing between themselves and their offspring.Growing up outside of this country and only having just ventured into the hot house in the past 12 months, I noticed some slight variations in how the wedding is perceived by all counterparts. When you marry too early, there is a chance of the woman suffering from an ovarian cancer if she has a baby too quickly. Most of the time this had to be repeated for at least three weeks (or three holy day services).
However, on the other hand, marrying too late and getting pregnant after 35 years can give rise to a lot of health complications and deformities in the unborn child.

If nobody voiced any objections during that time, the head of the parish would allow the couple to be married. They would cast doubt on her “purity.”Abu Salim, a 47-year-old taxi driver from Sanhan, a province south of Sana’a, heard about pre-marriage blood tests from a program on the radio. He didn’t want his grandchildren to be born with any faulty genes.But Abu Salim was shocked by his future family’s reaction to his suggestion. Usually these days in the first or second khasatagari the groom would offer an amount and the family would either accept or throw the baby out with the bath water. This in recent times has been an absolute nightmare to couples wishing to get married as the price of gold as we all know has sky rocketed. Hence people have poured their savings into gold, bumping the price up by awesome amounts, pretty much pricing anyone who isna€™t a millionaire out of marriage.The jaheezieh is another minefield for the bride-to-bea€™s family. So, if your partner has had a lot of relationships in the past or if you have had a lot of past physical relationships, getting a STD medical check-up done is a must.
Abu Salim is trying to undo the damage, to put things right between his son and fiancee, but the two families have yet to make amends.Dr.
Well all I can say, washing machines in Iran are very expensive and we agreed that I have all the necessary stuff apart from the washing machine, so Indesit it is!The Blood TestAlthough a newly introduced tradition, over the past decade or so this has become an integral part of getting married, this is the one thing that can put a spanner in the works and crush all the hopes of those who would wish to marry. Nadim Ismaeel, is the manager at the Central Laboratory in Sana’a, one of two facilities in Sana’a that administer the blood tests. To the outsider this seems a pretty strict system to check those who would like to marry and have children at a later date, but there is logic in the idea.
He believes a major reason couples do not take the genetic test is the stigma surrounding cancelled marriages. Perhaps not surprisingly, this stigma does not extend to men, as their “virtue” does not come under as much scrutiny. It also includes a small genetics test to prove whether your children would have a high chance of a disease like say down syndrome. If this is the case then as far as I understand the two must part ways and never see each other again.Aghd (Wedding document signing event)The contract signing for the wedding is usually done before the ceremony of Aghd, so that the ceremony can flow naturally. A man will come, Ismaeel explained, but refuse to bring his fiance, dismissing the doctor’s advice to do so by saying that it’s “not important.” In rural areas, doctors see greater resistance to the medical exams. When the groom signs the marriage contract, he legally agrees to provide the bride with a mehriye. If you or your partner is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, etc, there is a high possibility that your off spring can get it too. Salah Al-Dien Al-Joma’i, a professor of psychology at Sana'a University, said that almost no one undergoes this kind of examination in these parts of the country.
He is also asked whether his wife can divorce on 10 points which the cleric speaks out in front, for example. So, before getting married, it is necessary to get a medical test done and know the medical background of the family as well.
This event is the big party time where families would get together to celebrate the union of marriage. This in itself is a great thing but can pretty much bankrupt any father of the groom due to the numbers of people who come.After the eventOur party was small, no more than 30 people, and my father generously flew over to save our bank accounts from total annihilation.

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