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When you’re feeling like no one can relate to the depth and devastation of your pain, a visit to the residence of one of the most famed star-crossed lovers in literary history might help.  Because who better to relate to the suffering caused by an ill-fated love than the girl whose husband killed her cousin, fled the city and then committed suicide? They say that the best way to rid yourself of your problems is to help others rid themselves of theirs.
Though the famous balcony in Verona is fictitious, the stories of heartbreak inked in the letters on the wall below it are very real.

This service works well for the recently dumped because as many would agree, there’s no greater confidence boost than being told by a handsome, well-dressed stranger that you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Ed may not solve all of your problems, considering room rates start at just 70 dollars per night, it might just be well worth the try.
Building a house for those in need of one is certainly one way to do that, but if helping humanity isn’t enough of a draw, just think of the work out you’ll receive in the process.  A week spent hauling plywood around a construction site in New Orleans, for example, will mean that not only will you be too busy and sore from all of the hard labor to mope or obsess about your ex, but after it’s all over, you’ll be able to return home slimmer, fitter and with a heaping dose of karma points to carry over into your next relationship.

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