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There is another kind of theft that is very relevant with the invention of the Internet and all of these social networking sites that provide a lot of information about people.
In relation to identity theft, a huge security breach occurred in early 2014, when the incident involving Target and other retail stores occurred. Social networking sites are a big part of our lives today, and one of the biggest is known as Facebook.
A video that I found on Youtube showed what it would be like to use Facebook in the real world, it is called, “Can I be your friend? In relation to online dating, I found a clip from Funny or Die where Lindsay Lohan explains what she is looking for in a man and what they will be getting their selves into. The other concept is online identity, which is what everyone on social media shows the world who they are, what they carry, and how they represent themselves to the world. We're a 100% free dating site, so you don't have to worry about any subsciption fees unlike many other dating sites. It only takes a few moments to sign-up to our free online dating website and then you will be able to take advantage of our totally free dating services.
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Identity theft is when a person takes information from another person, usually through the internet. The Communication Privacy Management Theory suggests that people own their private information, revealing can be risky, and dialectic of privacy and revealing.
The bad thing was the thieves were not just stealing their identity, but committing fraud as well. The principal told her that since one of her students saw her drinking alcohol she had to either resign or be suspended. There are three defining qualities to social networking in general, the profile page, links to friends and followers, and the  ability to post or leave other people messages. Cyberbullying is the willful and repeated harm inflicted through phones and computers, this ranges from teasing texts to harassing sites. This article suggests that people are more likely to stand up to people who are cyberbullying then in a real bullying incident. First there is eros, which is a person who believes in love at first sight, this can tend to be very fierce and can end abruptly. The clip uses an eHarmony commercial for Lohan to tell everyone that she knows what she has done in the past and that she knows that men probably have seen her in the tabloids.
The author uses Disney fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid to show how all these princesses achieve love at first sight.
Is it because of the knowledge and entertainment that we receive in just the click of a button? Leiter explains that social media comes down to one thing: the desire to be part of a group and to connect with people.
The video brings up an important point, that the things that we tend to remember shape our identity and things we forget are not who we are. However with our completely 100% free dating site you don't have to pay a penny and you can contact other singles direct totally free of charge.
Identity theft is also very common, in 2012 12.6 million cases United States adults were victims of of it. She chose to resign because she thought it was ridiculous and she turned to het attorney to get her job back. It can be hard to quantify, but common online, with 1 in 5 students thought they had been bullied online. The guy goes around this public setting, just regularly asking if he can be their friends and they look at him very weirdly, but I am sure if they got a friend request from him on Facebook they would be more willing to accept his request. In a face to face scenario physical attractiveness is what’s important and online dating finds personality more of a factor. This comical take on online dating profiles actually portrays how Lohan is showing low self-presentation because she is telling the truth for the most part, obviously some of it is exaggerated, but a lot is true. This kind of gives a false hope as the author believes that Disney is showing that having love at first sight will end happily ever after.
The contemporary view on identity reveals that we are flexible, multidimensional, and socially constructed sense of self.
This supports the gratification approach, since connecting on a larger scale through Facebook, is easier then individually creating all these groups and connections by face-to-face interactions. For instance, a punk rocker would not post about business ideals and that they got a new expensive watch,they’ll be sharing photos of bands and their cool hairstyles. The Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about identity theft then anything else and if someone does commit theft, it takes time and money to repair.

Facebook also allows for a large friendship network, with 10-20 close face-to-face friends, and the average number of 338 Facebook friends.
It is bad that there is no set precedent because when it comes to cyberbullying cases, some rule in favor of bullies, and some rule in favor of the victims. Dillon, had the mediator bully some of the people in the chat, without the students knowing that this was the real purpose.
One of the keys for online dating is there is a lot of chatting before meeting someone actually in person, so the person knows a lot about the person before even meeting them for the first time. There is also high warranting because she tells the people interested in her what they would be expecting and that any newspaper or magazine will reveal what she has done in the past. This is not true because couples will always have arguments over something, but we as the viewers want to believe that there are happy endings like the fairy tales. This approach is defined as the traditional theory of mass media that’s reused with CMC. People take on multiple identities throughout life, for example your identity will be different at work then at home with your family.
Another important reason to why people use social media is to know a lot of knowledge about a vast number of people, we are always curious about other people’s lives. This is because that is who they are and their online identity is being created through what they personally like and the experiences that they have experinced.
Victims in 2009 had to pay $400, but fortunately that amount has decreased since 2012 with it only costing $100. She says she wants to be sure that the Internet won’t just record how Ashley Payne lost her job, but that she fought back. A study found that men and women mostly reveal the same thing, but men are more likely to share their phone number. I thought this was very clever because on Facebook those people would probably hit like with no problem, but in a real life situation, they are really hesitant and find it weird. 10.4% of the students intervened directly and 68% of the students intervened indirectly, this shows that people are willing to stand up to cyber bullies. Another style called ludus explains how some see love as a game, they like to chase people. She even says that she is looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with, but then makes the joke, or the rest of my probation with.
The author points out another important point to why love at first sight does not exist, it puts a ridiculous expectation on men. There are some assumptions that surround this theory, like the functionalist perspective, which explains why people are more willing to google an article then go to the library, we do this because it is more convenient. Leiter brings up another good point, that decades ago we might of belonged to one social group that we had to walk down the street to town hall for. The video brings up another important point about Facebook and the identity that it creates, the timeline of Facebook allows us to view what we have done since we have had Facebook, so we do not have to remember that time and use our brain for other things. Cooperation is when management requires information, there can be boundary turbulence when there are co-owners. A dermatologist named Lauren Campbell who resides in Texas, is scared for what will come as a thief or thieves applied for cards in her name, buying everything from toys to diamond rings.
Another interesting study found that the more time college students spend on Facebook, the more likely it will lower their self-esteem.
There was also a proposal for disemvoweling, which would take vowels out of sentences, really would not work because the person could still make out the message.
The graduate student also went on to talk about Yik-Yak and how if there is a comment on there that people do not like, they can down-vote the comment, to show their disapproval, and if it reaches negative five the comment is deleted.
First they want low selective self-presentation, which reveals our good personalties and leaves out the rest. The problem with ludus is that these people are more attracted to love when it is fun, then lose interest when it is not. For them to become that prince charming that would mean for them to be or become that prince or risk everything. What can separate our identity from online identity is the way you want people online to perceive your identity.
Now through the advances in technology, you can become apart of numerous groups from the comfort of your couch. For example, if you went to Disney World seven years ago, and you posted to Facebook, you would not really remember that experience, but looking back on your timeline would jog that memory in your brain. The rules system includes, access rules which is knowing when to share, then protection rules which is knowing when to conceal. Campbell also said that she received an American Express card in her name, but that it was clearly fraudulent: the thief’s photo, that of a woman unknown to her, was shown on the reverse side. First year students that have a lot of friends correlates to having bad adjustment to college. Another solution is persistent pseudonymity, which is a set number of usernames, which is also ineffective.

This guy shows us if Facebook was used in a real life situation, we would not be accepting of it. Dillon said, “My data suggests the more indirect ways you can give people to intervene, the more likely it would be for them to intervene.” I think that this is true and could be a potential way to fight cyberbullying by creating more ways to show disapproval for comments and be able to have a deleting system in place like down votes. There is also secondary styles of loving that are a combination of the styles just mentioned. The commercial even provides the eHarmony music they play in real commercials, which gives the video authenticity. The author does not believe there can be love at first sight because that would consist of magic, like in fairy tales, but clearly magic does not exist. This approach also explains as technology advances things like the news become easier for us to access, for instance a person can access a newspaper website to read articles, instead of going and getting the newspaper. You can alter it because you are free from constraints, you post what you want people to see. The gratification approach relates to this because as technology advances, things like social groups are easier to become apart of.
Online identity is really shaped through Facebook because it shows the things you like, the pictures that define you, the groups you belong too, and ideas that you might post. Then the more friends upperclassmen have, shows better adjustment and more attachment to the university. There is still yet to be an effective act in place against cyberbullying, unfortunately I do not know if there ever will. For example, instead of saying that you write a blog, provide a link so people can actually read it.
Pragma is a blend of storge and ludus, this takes the compatibility of storge and strategy of ludus. Obviously this video is for making fun of Lindsay Lohan and she is a good sport while shooting this, but there are actually some good techniques used in the process, even if they are exaggerated. This article was interesting and makes good points to why the style of love called eros could be nonexistent. Gratifications vary by media, for example the gratifications a person receives from social networking sites and face-to-face interactions is different.
This manipulation can provide false identities of individuals, this is called identity play.
Another thing that Leiter does is break down all the social networking sites and gives a run down to why people use that particular site. Facebook remembers so much more then what we actually can retain, so looking back on Facebook posts gives you an idea of who you really are, which the video gives light too. Privacy has gotten more complicated with social networking sites, like who owns the content and what happens when private information is shared.
The strange thing also was Target sent out emails wanting to know their personal information, but people were weary of that because it could of been another scam. The best combination is low self-presentation and high warranting, this is good because it makes the person seem real and provides good details about the person’s profile. Identity can also be seen as a performance that people are always putting on because we have freedom and creativity in forming our identity.
Lastly, there can be a lot of regret from Facebook posts that range from these sensitive topics: sex, alcohol, and fights. What is interesting is this theater metaphor that breaks down different forms of our identity, the front region is the stage and how you portray yourself to different audiences, and the back region that is behind the scenes which is when no one else is present. Lastly, there is medical, when someone uses someone else’s information to obtain medical care or drugs. There are some settings that are provided from social networking sites like restricting access, using coded language, and to camouflage content. The combination of these can be dangerous because these people like to challenge a partner’s love and it is a game to them. There are many ways in which people can obtain other people’s information then just online, like throwing away personal information in the trash. Facebook can be very beneficial, but can also be very bad, it depends on the way you use it. Agape is the last style and consists of the passionate love of eros and is blended with the stability of storge. Identity theft is a problem over the internet as there are a lot of ways online that thieves can use to obtain information.
This style is a very ideal combination because these people put the needs of others before themselves.
The different styles of love is very interesting because there are actually categories people are put in for how they find or define love.

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