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Email Address Collector is probably the most powerful and user-friendly Windows email address extraction program that you can get for a reasonable price.
Email Address Collector supports Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 to 2013, Outlook Express 6 or higher, Mozilla Thunderbird 2, documents of Microsoft Office 2000 to 2010 (including Office 2007 docx files), any non-encrypted Adobe PDF-compliant files. VeriSign fully secured online credit card payment, FAX ordering, postal mail or phone orders. IvyDate is not just a dating site--it is a selective community of young, intellectual professionals in major cities.

Exclusivity sets IvyDate apart from other dating sites, and a thorough screening process ensures that all members can contribute to the "unique community of thought-leaders, innovators, & trendsetters," that IvyDate has created.
Upon being selected to join this pool of driven individuals, members gain access to exclusive IvyDate members-only events to mingle with like-minded singles. It will scan the top ranked pages directly from the most popular search engines, like Google.
It supports multi-threaded scan and can be set strongly targeted to specific subject by keyword.

It supports multi-threaded scan,wise spamtrap recognition, fast duplicates auto-remove,multi-language search engine and advanced filter engine to get more Email addresses, these doesn't exist in other popular Email extractors. All the extractions are saved in the text file while searching, you will never lose collected information even if your computer suddenly crashes down.

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