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This week I received an email from Henry Cazalet, a fan of the Tatango blog and the Marketing Director at Text Marketer, a UK based Bulk SMS service.
As you can see, thanks to a strong redemption rate, the franchisees overall sales increased by 33% over the course of the three week campaign. Papa John’s Pizza is a perfect example of the way in which text message marketing can help with your promotions, sales offers, or any other type of messages you’re looking to get out to your audience.
Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. For the second time this year, Papa John's is offering the Buffalo Chicken Pizza for a limited-time just in time for the start of the NFL football season (a prime time for buffalo wings). The pizza features ranch sauce, slices of breaded chicken strips, bacon, onions, mozzarella cheese, and a swirl of buffalo sauce. A large Buffalo Chicken Pizza carries a price of $11 for a large pizza during the promotional period.
The Buffalo Chicken Pizza was offered earlier this year beginning in April and has returned several times since its introduction in early 2012. I have two sons that can eat enough pizza to feed an army, and on movie night Friday, a pizza hut chocolate cookie is a must have.

He was telling me about one of his clients, Papa John’s and how SMS marketing boosted their sales 33%. Franchise Operator, Grant Wiszniewski, explained how ecstatic he was with the campaign’s performance and the huge Return on Investment (ROI).
With high conversion rates and ROI, this form of marketing is also cost effective and highly targeted. It can also be had for $8.99 from Monday through Wednesday if they're running the "Early Week Mania" promotion in your area.
I skipped breakfast, then set out with the husband to pick up one of each of the super-sized treats — along with a gallon of milk.
I’m salivating even without the photos ?? Maybe you should move on up to BlogTalkRadio! After considering other forms of marketing, they decided on SMS marketing because of its effectiveness. He also announced that future campaigns will carry on using SMS marketing as a platform to communicate future messages. If I wanted fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, it’s easy enough to buy similar-tasting pre-made dough for less at the grocery store.

It was also more fully packed with Hershey’s chocolate chips, and these chips seemed sweeter to me, though they are labeled as semi-sweet as well. Using their pool of contacts who had expressed an interest in receiving exclusive promotions and offers, they sent the SMS message to approximately 8100 contacts.
The chocolate chips themselves tasted like semi-sweet chips to me, and my first thought overall was: Nestle Toll House. Although Pizza Hut’s cookie is supposed to be cut into 8 pieces, ours came sliced into just four. The flavor was almost spot-on to the classic cookie we all know and love, so naturally, I thought it tasted pretty darn good. The texture was different than Papa John’s, more chewy and gooey, with a crispy bite at the outer crust.

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