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PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions don't allow you to draw a semi-circle shape although that's not an issue within PowerPoint 2007.
Find a friend or colleague who has PowerPoint 2007, and ask them to follow the steps in our Creating Semi-Circles in PowerPoint 2007 tutorial.
Then tell them to save the resultant file as a PPT file, as opposed to PowerPoint 2007's default PPTX format. Thereafter whenever you need a semi-circle, just copy that shape from the PPT file you received, and paste it into any slide as required.

Place an instance of the Block Arc, as shown in Figure 2 -- note that there is a diamond handle in the left side of the arc tube. Select your chart -- be careful not to double-click your chart since that will re-activate Microsoft Graph -- so just gently select it. PowerPoint will warn you that the chart picture will convert to a Microsoft Office drawing object (see Figure 9). In this tutorial, I'll show you three ways in which you can add a semi-circle to your PowerPoint 2003 slide -- whichever way you choose, make sure you save one semi-circle so that you can copy-paste and reuse it again whenever required.

In both these cells, type in identical values -- I typed in 100 in both of them (see Figure 6 again).

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