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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Bundle Publishing is a way to move a group of content through an approval workflow together. When starting to tackle this issue we realized we needed a way to attach this bundle of nodes to a parent node.
The next step after setting up your content type or types is to set up the workbench moderation states and transitions.
One of the coolest things about Workbench Moderation, is that a new revision of a current live node can go through the moderation states without creating a new node, or the public seeing the node before it is ready to be published. Now that we have the foundation set, we need to set up multiple Rules in order to cover all the possible conditions and accomplish a successful bundle publishing. All this content moderation is great, but what if you want certain content to go live a specific date and time? Now that we’ve covered bundle publishing, and workbench moderation and access, let’s get into notifying everyone of these transitions! All this talk about the different Workbench modules would be a waste if we didn’t talk about the awesome dashboard that comes with the base Workbench module. Whether your own website needs a new logo or your clients are screaming for one, this Mighty Deal from Zeppelin Graphics is the perfect solution.
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Now a days I am creating a presentation and this collection will help me to create something awesome. Line25 was built in March 2009 as a place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs. Now, this could always be done with node references, but we chose to use the much overlooked Book Module that comes with Drupal core. I recommend adding a new state for your children nodes called “Ready to Publish” We will use this state to get the go ahead to publish our bundle when the time comes. So, in our example for our client, they can actually edit their existing quarterly report nodes and have the new revision go through moderation while the current edition shows to the public.
It’s important to note that the Rules Integration with Workbench Moderation is only a couple months old, so if you are looking to use this functionality on an existing site, you should probably update the module to the most recent version to tap into this awesome integration! You will see the Trigger Event is “After moderation transition” Under conditions we have a data comparison to confirm that the new state is Published, a data comparison to check that the node id = the book id, Then we have a php snippet that runs a database query to loop through the contents of the book and check that they are “Ready to Publish” returning true if all nodes are ready to publish and false if they aren’t. Well, scheduling Workbench Moderation State Transitions is as easy as adding the Scheduler and Scheduler Workbench Integration modules to your site and then turning on the settings for the necessary content types. Workbench Access works off of either a menu or taxonomy vocabulary to group content together for setting access control on a per user basis. This screen will show you what sections are covered and which still need editors, and also who is the editor of each section. It’s important to note that the Workbench suite of modules are all independent of one another.
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Because these creative Powerpoint templates are very diverse and come in various colors and styles, they are perfect for a variety of uses such as a business presentation, client presentation, product pitch presentation and almost anything else. The whole process will take less than an hour and you’ll have a perfectly done presentation ready in no time. Every subscriber gets a free pack of 100 HD Blurred Backgrounds + bonus 10 realistic web shadows. Check out Iggy's design tutorials and articles at his Web Design Blog or follow his daily findings on Twitter. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. The client wanted to basically push a button on ”Release Day” and have all of the content in the report be pushed live at the same time.
The book module ships with a way to relate nodes to each other, and it also comes with ways to navigate around the group of nodes using previous and next buttons and a built-in menu.

Another part of this configuration is to set up the permissions for WHO can move content from one state to another.
Each rule will be kicked off when a node has been transitioned to Published First rule we need is to make sure child pages are not set to Publish on their own. Under actions we have another PHP snippet that will actually publish the nodes, and a little message to print to the screen when the bundle publishing is complete. When combined with Workbench moderation you can control who can transition content through the different states in each section rather than giving transition access across the site.
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As most of you know, presentations are typically conducted using Powerpoint, but creating a presentation from scratch without using any templates is both time consuming and inefficient. Any content type can be used as a book node, so as you are building your bundle publishing workflow you can actually include multiple content types in your book including node blocks if you are using that module! This same set of settings is available for Unpublishing content, which is great for archiving content or removing past events for example. This is a great tool for assigning editors per section, and making sure users can only publish content in their section not throughout the site. The rule will be triggered by the Node: After Moderation Transition and after saving new content event. You can moderate just by clicking a link, search content with ease, look at all content in the Needs Review state at one time, and all the content in the sections you have been assigned to.
Each element is fully customizable thanks to the original PSD, AI and EPS files that let you change up the color, shape, size and more. That is why, in this roundup we’ve collected a total of 25 Powerpoint templates to help you create presentations faster and easier. I’ll try to cover some of those other options as we go through, but know that there are many ways to skin this cat.
There may be functions available in the book or workbench modules that may help with these tasks, but I had trouble finding them when I was building and found a database query to be faster. The only limit to the combination of Workbench Access and Workbench Moderation is that you can’t assign roles per section, so if a user has the publisher role and is assigned to three sections of the site, then they can publish in any of those sections.
Then add a condition to check the new state, for example, check to see that we are in Needs Review, so you send the email to the right person or role to review the node.
If it does, then we check to see if the children have all been set to “Ready to Publish” if they have, then we loop through and set each node to be published. And the best part is, that once you have this down, you can use it to reverse the situation, and bulk archive content, or bulk update it when triggered.
The third rule will not let the parent move to the Published state if not all children have been set to Ready to Publish.

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