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Last year, we conducted this programme twice in December 2014 during the school holidays.
As per our modus operandi, the participants were given a little theory and a lot of hands-on practice.
And again, there were opportunities to practise delivering speeches while standing and while seated. For this session, the trainer Azmi Shahrin had begun to use the new syllabus which would be officially implemented from 2015 under Epic Training Sdn. As usual, the trainer expounded each module before the participants were given an opportunity to apply the new skills.
Another new feature of this session was the opportunity to practise speaking while sitting down.
The conference table was put to good use for the above purpose but we did not make use of it for lunch. As usual, the opening session was spent discussing the problems faced by each participant in public speaking. The usual modules were covered including the 4 elements of body language, vocal variation and speech organization. Two more sessions to go (September & November) before we move to a new arrangement under Epic Training Sdn.
Due to the small class size, the trainer spent more time trying to understand each participant's problems or fears about public speaking, after which he gave an in-depth solution to each problem mentioned.
Of course the main thing remained the main thing, and that would be the expounding of each module followed by individual practice and direct one-to-one coaching. This group was very sporting and open to share about their lives, hobbies, passions and concerns.
All in all, I wish more people had attended this course but it was a truly profitable experience for those who did attend. After a brief introduction as to why public speaking skills were so important, the trainer Azmi Shahrin asked each participant to share their fears about public speaking. The course then proceeded in a play-by-ear manner, catering to the needs of each individual participant, while at the same time ensuring the key modules were covered. For lunch, I did make a minor improvement after a participant complained about the food during the last class (mentioned in the course evaluation form).
After running this training programme for 5 years since January 2009, we finally moved it to our own centre.
The trainer Azmi Shahrin started off the programme by asking each participant to choose a character by whose name they would be called throughout the 2 days. The next step was asking each participant to name their most common fears in public speaking. However, several necessary improvements have been identified which includes silencing the air conditioner and procuring better food for lunch. Once again, on the afternoon of the second day, a graduation ceremony was held and parents (as well as other family members) were invited to attend. On the afternoon of the second day, a graduation ceremony was held and parents (as well as other family members) were invited to attend. Since we had not had any programmes for students so far in 2013, I was relieved to have put on at least one programme.
As usual, the trainer Azmi Shahrin followed the routine of alternating brief lectures with practice sessions.
I believe the participants were happy with the results because a number of them decided to send their children to our future classes (for students or adults).
Congratulations to ProSkills Trainers for having successfully organized 30 programmes without a break over 5 years (once every 2 months).
For this round, since the class was scheduled on weekdays, I decided to use the Jaya33 Convention Centre (available on weekdays only) which we had not been to since last year. On the first day, after a hearty breakfast at Coffee Bean, the class kicked off with a round of introductions where the participants shared why they were there and what they feared most in public speaking. After the introductory session, the trainer covered one module after another where each module consisted of a brief explanation followed by a round of speeches.
The trainer Azmi Shahrin was still enthusiastic despite having explained the same stuff hundreds of times before! The participants had a total of 6 rounds of practice where each person was coached individually and in detail. All in all, the participants had 5 rounds of individual practice and one-to-one coaching and made reasonable progress. As usual, the key modules covered included body language (4 elements), vocal variety, speech organization and others. For tea breaks and lunch on both days, I had to buy food from outside and it involved a lot of work.

For this round, registration was slow at first but it really picked up as the programme dates were fast approaching.
Amazingly, nobody pulled out before the class or on the second day due to work-related emergencies (despite the class being held on weekdays). In this course, the key modules covered included body language (4 elements), vocal variety, speech organization and others.
Besides going through the usual modules, the trainer Azmi Shahrin was always sensitive to the personal needs of the participants by providing opportunities for them to gain skills critical to their work. The trainer also threw in some bonus tips for an effective PowerPoint presentation (not part of this basic course). In addition to ordinary speeches, we also had a discussion session where participants had to practise speaking while seated!
It's difficult to believe that the Dare To Speakaā€˛? Public Speaking Programme has been running for 4 years. For this first session, we faced some difficulties in getting enough participants but it was overcome with extra effort. Right from the beginning, the effectiveness of this course lies in the extensive hands-on practice. Facing the Kawang river and cornered at the end of the beach makes it an ideal site for water activities and beach activities. Maximum capacity of 120 participants at one time, the food served are Halal food prepared by our Muslim cooks.
Every morning, all participants gathered in this area to share information as well as to boost patriotism. This is another popular site because of its peacefulness, many instructors would use this to have an depth review. In the Outward Bound tradition, we put high concern on good relationship, team spirit, strong sense of community and compassion. However, one of them could not make it on the second day (had to attend a wedding) and did not graduate.
The trainer drilled each participant to the maximum so that they would show the maximum improvement over 2 days.
We hope that all our past participants will continue to apply the life-changing skills they acquired. Due to an oversight, there was clash with another programme which could not be rescheduled. This was in recognition that very often at the workplace, participants would be required to speak while seated. Several participants also enquired about our public speaking club as they were interested to continue honing their skills while improving their English. The trainer did his best to dispel all the fears by providing construction suggestions, ideas and new ways of thinking.
Each module included a short exposition followed by a round of speeches with on-the-spot coaching. The modules were body language, vocal variety, speech organization and correct English pronunciation.
Simple topics were suggested; participants were also allowed to select their own topics including those related to their work. However, a few more improvements need to be made to bring this programme to a higher level.
He said this was done to allow participants to step outside their normal selves so that they could unlearn and relearn more easily.
Since there were only 9 participants, all of them had the opportunity to speak many times and be coached by the trainer Azmi Shahrin. However, 2 participants who missed the last class (after registering) joined this class, which meant we had 12 persons in the class. During every practice session, each participant would deliver a speech and be coached individually. However, 2 of them could not attend due to unavoidable work matters and we were left with 8 participants. It turned out (as was normally the case) that some participants signed up on their own while others were sent by their respective bosses. By the end of the first day, we have covered all the elements of body language plus speech organization. This was partly attributable to the special discount which we traditionally gave to Muslim participants during Ramadan. And again, the highlight of the course was the personal coaching that the participants received.
However, the highlight of the course was the personal coaching that the each participant received.

In the following photos, another participant had the chance to practise with the flipchart.
The sighting of sunset are always different from the others makes it a good way to explain the future, an ideal place for solo reflection. The participants delivered their respective final speeches which they had been practising all day. This was probably due to the class filling up quickly that I did not have to repeatedly highlight the promotion. After the participants felt more comfortable and confident, the actual teaching and drilling began.
The trainer also touched on the elements of a good business presentation by using Steve Jobs as an example. The final events on the second day were certificate presentation and a photography session. However, registration was not too encouraging as the training was held over a long weekend. Before each practical session, of course, brief lectures were delivered to add to the participants' formal understanding. I also started recruiting participants early since I knew that generally it was harder to get participants for weekday courses. Since the number was small, he had more time to ask each participant in detail what he or she feared most about public speaking and what he or she wanted to get out of this course. Each participant had the opportunity to present 6 speeches throughout the programme and was coached intensively. I also had some problems booking the training room but fortunately our usual room at Crystal Crown was made available after another event organizer postponed his event date. During each round of practice, the participants were coached and directed as to which areas to improve. It is very important for us to maintain the interest while improving the programme so that more people can benefit from this highly effective course. The trainer Azmi Shahrin explained each module briefly and spent the rest of the time coaching the participants individually (after the module was explained). In an intensive training environment like this, it would almost be impossible not to progress quickly.
On the second day, the participants was given the freedom of choice where they could eat anywhere they liked and get refunded provided they presented the receipt.
Key problems with each participant (in terms of public speaking) was identified by the trainer on the spot and corrected. On the second day, I ordered pizzas and chicken wings from Pizza Hut and we had them in the Executive Dining Hall on the ground floor.
He then assured all present that their respective problems were common and could be overcome.
During some of the speeches, the participants were encouraged to speak on topics related to their work. The modules covered included body language (4 elements), vocal variety, speech organization and others. Under Epic, there will be more courses and I will only prepare a picturial report on each programme conducted.
Each module was duly covered including body language, vocal variety, speech organization, etc.
Eventually I had to accept the 12th participant because his dad called me a few times a day over a few days so I gave in. After certificates were presented and participants filled out the evaluation forms, the class was dismissed. To be honest, I have run out of things to say after writing 36 reports (including this one) since 2009. The critical element in this entire learning process was the direct and on-the-spot coaching by the trainer who made sure each participant made the necessary progress. On the formal track, each module was covered by means of a brief explanation followed by a practice session. The modules covered included body language, vocal variety, speech organization and correct pronunciation.

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