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Product Architecture Teaching materials to accompany: Product Design and Development Chapter 10 Karl T.
Planning Product Development Process Concept Development Concept Development System-Level Design System-Level Design Detail Design Detail Design Testing and Refinement Testing and Refinement Production Ramp-Up Production Ramp-Up Product architecture is determined early in the development process. Product Architecture: Definition The arrangement of functional elements into physical chunks which become the building blocks for the product or family of products.
Integral Product Architectures Functional elements are implemented by multiple chunks, or a chunk may implement many functions.
They represent a very important manufacturing material, particularly in the furniture industry.
Gold is the only metal to be found in its pure state; all others are chemically combined with other elements in the form of oxides and sulphates. Incidental interactions –Those that arise because of geometric arrangements of the building blocks, such as thermal expansion or heat dissipation.
The task slides are mostly designed to be copied onto note paper or into a jotter, with the exception of Task 10 which should be printed out and photocopied.
Manufactured boards have a number of advantages over wide wooden boards or planks: There is a limit to the number of wide boards that can be cut from a tree and this makes it expensive. It can be heat treated to remember that when its temperature is raised to 70°C it should contract by 5%.

Integrated –Functional elements of the product are implemented using more than one chunk –A single chunk implements many functions. Modular architecture has advantages in simplicity and reusability for a product family or platform. Integral architecture generally increases performance and reduces costs for any specific product model. OBJECTIF: Aujourd’hui nous allons parler de la famille et du role de la famille comme lieu ou on apprend a vivre dans une communaute. La famille Simpson Vrai (v) ou faux (f) ou on ne sait pas(?) 1.Le pere et la mere s’entendent tres bien. Fill in the blanks with the following adverbs: rarement quelquefois de temps en temps souvent toujours normalement jamais 1. Manufactured board is available in sizes up to 1525mm wide whereas hardwood is typically 300mm and softwood is 200mm maximum. Plywood is formed in large presses from veneers (thin layers) of wood and bonded together with adhesive. The range of sizes has to be vast because, unlike wood, metal cannot easily be converted from one size to another. But: Aujourd’hui nous allons comparer les droits que nous avons avec ceux des fourmis- elles aussi sont des animaux sociales.

But: Comprendre ce que nous apprenons en famille et comment cela nous aide plus tard a nous integrer dans la societe. Les associations religion sport musique amis danse gymnase clubs Qu’est-ce qu’il y a de commun dans tous ces groupes?
It is, however, cheap and is usually used with a hardwood- or plastic-veneered face in cheap furniture. This alloy is increasingly used in place of bi- metallic strips in coffee makers, etc., because all the movement takes place around the temperature change point. As a wire, it is now being used in garments where body heat changes the characteristics of the fabric. There is always an odd number of veneers (3, 5 or 7); this ensures flat faces and stability.
Plywood is used for doors and applications where it is necessary to have thin sheet material, for example as drawer bottoms.
It is not very strong but provides a cheap substitute for plywood where strength is not of concern.

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