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We’ve created a website privacy policy template to help you understand what your website privacy policy needs to say.
If you would like to include this on your own website, you must credit the IT Donut and link back to this original page.
Your website privacy policy explains what information you collect from people as they use your website.
Our website privacy policy template is designed to help you create a privacy policy that works for your business. As every company is different, it’s important to consider what data your website collect before writing a privacy policy to suit these requirements. However, you can use our privacy policy template as a starting point then add, remove or change information as required. Privacy and data protection are important issues for every business, so it’s a good idea to seek professional advice before publishing your privacy policy on your website. Although your website privacy policy is likely to sit on a page which relatively few website visitors will see, it’s still important to make it clear, straightforward and relevant. But perhaps more importantly, the people visiting your website have the right to know how you use the data you collect from them.
They might only choose to view that information if they have a query or complaint, but it’s at that point when having a privacy policy is most important of all. When you click 'Register' to create a new account, you accept our terms of service and privacy policyWe check all comments before publishing them on the site. Australia’s Privacy regulations are some of the most stringent in the world and so if you meet them you will satisfy other jurisdictions too. Just input your website name into the template and your website Privacy Policy statement is automatically generated. Australian Consumer and Privacy law is constantly changing, particularly with regards to the Internet and online businesses. Storage of information – Statement on how you securely store and protect customer and visitor information.
Showing ads – Statement on how customer and visitor information is used to serve ads (incl. Unsubscribing or changing – Statement required by law that you will promptly process unsubscribe or information change requests. We offer a full money back guarantee if our templates are not suitable for your circumstances or a technical difficulty prevents you from using them.
1 July 2014Silke, Perth WASimple and transparent Buying the t&c document was the easiest and one of the cheapest decisions I made.
25 May 2014MichaelSaved an enormous amount of time As a small business the online business package saved an enormous amount of time, and it is legal. 26 May 2014Rad BowmanGreat service We needed a Privacy Statement in a hurry for our Association's website.

19 December 2011Adrian H.Best websites I have come across One of the best websites I have come across. 8 April 2013DanielaSave me hours The online business package was perfect for me; it saved me a lot of hours and money. 20 April 2013IreneIt's brilliant Just purchased and went through the online business legal package. 12 July 2012James H.Definitely recommend I didn't realize how critical it was to have the correct Terms and Conditions on our site and am glad to have found Legal123.
9 January 2012Julian GuySave so much time Purchased the Online Business Package, so worth it!!
24 February 2014LeanneFantastic service We received fantastic service from Legal123 when we purchased the online business package. 5 December 2012PanCould not have been easier From purchase to published on my website in under 5 minutes, could not have been easier. 6 March 2012Roz E.As simple to use as advertised The online business package was as simple to use as advertised. 30 November 2011Silver H.Couldn't have made it any easier I don't think they could have made it any easier. 28 April 2012TeressaWonderful resource Exactly what we were after and so very easy to use - brilliant! Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Trademark Registration Agencies!11 January 20163 Ways to Protect Your Holiday Rental Property11 December 201510 Lessons Learned from Starting an Online Business18 November 2015Are You Accidentally Sending Spam? Legal123 Pty Ltd is an Australian law firm and Incorporated Legal Practice (ILP) registered with ASIC (ABN 66 153 012 269). You can go the hard road and hire a lawyer to write the necessary policies for your WordPress website to make it a legal website or alternatively you can access a WordPress Plugin designed specifically for this purpose. Often you will find that a set of policy statements will come with other purchases that you make (for example, if you purchase the software for a membership site as I did with my personal productivity site).  You can use these alternative policies if you prefer and it is just a matter of editing the ones provided with the WordPress Policies Plugin.
It is important to make sure your WordPress website is a legal website by adding the relevant legal policies – the WP Policies WordPress Plugin gives you an easy way to do this.
Anne is a Master WordPress designer who has designed my small business site and this website. For example, if you use Google Analytics, Clicky or another tool to view website usage statistics. For instance, by asking them to sign up to an email newsletter or entering their details to make a purchase. Embedding ads, videos or content from other services may add their code and cookies to your website. And even if you think you don’t need one, it may be wise to include a short privacy statement to set visitors’ minds at ease. Using this privacy policy template may cut your costs, because you won’t need your lawyer to create one from scratch.

The Legal123 template may be used for Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Copy and paste the text into your website editor (or email to your website designer) and you’re done. We’re Australian lawyers and we make it our business to keep on top of these changes. This is considered private information and you need to have a statement notifying visitors how you use this information. I didn't want to find a lawyer and create a workload for my website so the templates were super handy.
The privacy policy, T&C's and website disclaimer was the only part of my website and business that I was not looking forward to, but Legal123 made it so incredibly easy, efficient and so valuable. I did have to tweak a few things with my own solicitor which pertained to our business, not the Privacy Policy itself - in fact, they didn't change anything of the actual template! All prepared templates made it easy to use but they also gave me the personal service to sort out the issues particular to my website. I will definitely recommend it to others and use you again in the future for other projects. And thank you for your prompt support in updating your disclaimer and terms & conditions documents to suit the unique nature of my business.
Legal123 made sure that our particular circumstances were properly covered by the Terms & Conditions.
My english is not good so I was despair on doing the T&C and privacy policy for my website. She went above and beyond for us in assisting us with a compliant website for our recent business launch. We don’t bug you with emails, but when the law changes and the template is updated we let you know, so you never have to worry. In one hour (with coffee break) all documents were uploaded on my website assuring that I was protected since then.
My legal requirements for my website were done in 5 minutes, giving me more time to get back to business. I'll definitely be back for future updates as my business grows and expands it's products and services.
I have loaded all my legal info on my website in a matter of 5 minutes and I am not a technical person. They spent a lot of time explaining different legal terms and asking questions in order to get my tailored policies exactly right!

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