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A Family Conference is based on principles of restorative justice which, in essence, means healing the harm done to victims, while holding the offender accountable for his or her actions.
The Court may direct the Probation and Welfare Service to arrange for the convening of a family conference.
IT Services maintains a central installation of WordPress which has the most recent version of the ANU WordPress theme installed. To view extra fields on the Post page, click on the Screen Options tab at the top right corner. Our WordPress template uses automatically sized images for thumbnails, features and post images.
You should upload featured images at high resolution, oriented in landscape = 1600 x 1075 pixels (these dimensions scale perfectly for feature images -- 320x215). To change the front page from displaying your latest posts to displaying a custom page, go to Settings > Reading.
The Related sites menu is created using a widget that displays a list of links of a particular category type. To add a list of your latest posts to the home page, drag a Recent Posts widget to recent-sidebar. To create a navigation menu in the left column, drag a Pages widget to nav-sidebar and use settings as per the example image.
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The aim of the Family Conference is to divert the young person, who has accepted responsibility for their behaviour, from court, conviction and custody, and from committing further offences.
The Court can order the young person to comply with the action plan and be supervised by the Probation and Welfare Service.
All other websites or blogs representing the University in an official capacity using WordPress as a CMS should use this ANU WordPress theme.
You'll need two pages to setup a basic site similar to the examples shown above: a home page to display content and features, and an index page to show a list of recent posts.
Open the post or page where you want to display a default image, and locate the Featured Image box in the bottom right corner under Page Attributes. These may or may not be displayed on your homepage depending on the selection of the Enabled checkbox. At the meeting, an opportunity is given to the young person and the victim to express their views, as well as family members, and others participating.

The Court then adjourns the case for a period of up to six months, when a review takes place.
Pages can be displayed based on the Order number field in the Page Attributes panel - so make sure you set that field correctly on each page, as in the example image. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the user documentation before activating any additional plugins, as they are not supported by ANU staff. No statement made or information obtained from the conference is admissible as evidence in court.
If the Court is satisfied that the child complied with the plan, then the charge may be dismissed. You will see an uploading screen identical to that used when inserting an image into a blog post. If the child fails to comply with the plan, the probation officer can apply to have the case returned to Court and the Court can resume proceedings and progress to the next stage. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose the image from your computer and upload it or choose it from one of the images already in your Media Library. Once the image has successfully been uploaded, look underneath the sizing options, and click Use as featured image.

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