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So you’re looking to visit Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley for a spot of wine tasting, and don’t want to hassle with your car? Lyft Napa is probably my favorite way to goa€”Lyft drivers are the friendliest, and it’s such a cute and fun app to use. The benefit of BeMyDD is that they can use your cara€”so you end up with your car at the end of the night. Granted, Sonoma has fewer Lyft and Uber drivers than Napa, butA they’re still therea€”especially in Sonoma Plaza and closer to Santa Rosa. While rideshare jobs in wine country probably aren’t going to cover you as a full-time job (riders are less common than in big cities), they make great part-time gigs to pick up some extra cash. Ziyaee discovered it was harder to drive with a broken foot, so Joseph’s referral bonuses for signing up new Uber drivers became a boon and blessing to Ziyaee. Referral credits will be reflected on your payment statement when the partner you referred has completed the minimum number of trips required.

Apparently, an Uber referral can average about $450 per referral, according to the figures published about Ziyaee. Ziyaee actually drove to some cities to recruit new Uber drivers, like San Diego and San Francisco.
These codes are intended for new users to acquire in-app credit toward their first app or store use. According to Uber, there are indeed referral payments paid to folks who refer new Uber drivers to Uber, but Uber doesn’t publish the exact payment bonus rates as of this writing.
Business Insider reports that Joseph went after new potential Uber drivers in cities that had the highest bonuses — the cities that needed Uber drivers so badly that Uber was will to pay big bucks for new driver referrals. With Ziyaee urging his new Uber drivers to sign up under his Uber referral code, both the new Uber driver and Joseph got bonuses. Joseph did a lot of handholding, with Ziyaee directly training folks and helping them get started with Uber’s process.

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Uber does report that their referral codes for new Uber drivers offer payments that vary based on the city where the promo code is attributed, and that’s where Joseph found his sweet spot of Uber earnings. You can check how much you will earn for a particular referral at any time in the Invites section of your partner dashboard. Having signed up about 200 people onto Uber, Joseph’s $90,000 in referral bonuses mean Ziyaee has averaged a $450 Uber referral bonus for each sign up.
As seen in the above text from Uber, Uber doesn’t let folks plop their referral codes just anywhere.

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