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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). I don't know if this is true in all cases, but I just uninstalled VS 2012 Web Express, deleted the contents in the Microsoft Visual Studio 11 folder, and then installed the Professional version instead. If you want to publish website in visual studio 2012 go to this article:Publish website in Visual studio 2012. Step 3: Then property window will open of the solutions explorer as given below in the figure. In this article we will study how to create header and footer and using both on the master page .
If I change the application's virtual directory from site\wwwroot to site\wwwroot\wwwroot, then it works! An alternative is to push to the Azure Web App using Git or FTP instead of Publish-AzureWebsiteProject.

Changing the application's virtual directory from site\wwwroot to site\wwwroot\wwwroot works once. As a consequence you have to change the application's virtual directory to site\wwwroot\wwwroot\wwwroot to get any results in your browser.
Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server?
When I click on "Publish" button, Visual Studio just creates another copy of source project with all code (.cs) files.
What are some waterproof materials that meet my criteria for folding origami stars and cranes eggs? If async-await doesn't create any additional threads, then how does it make applications responsive?
Maybe the Express version doesn't have this, but after installing the Professional version, I do have the "Publish Web Site" option. We are assuming that you already created your web application project and ready to upload it on the Window server.

If you want to publish website on local system then select File System method and then choose the location where to publish the website. This is on our CI build whereby we release to our development environment after every successful integration. Since you can create a MVC project that mix MVC Controllers and Api Controllers, why do you need two different projects? If you choose the Git route, while it will work out-of-the-box, also check out Project Kudu.
Even when I right click on the website, it just gives me an option to Build, but not Publish.

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