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Windows Azure is an emerging technology that will be gaining bigger share of our life as software developers or IT Pros. Before we begin, let’s make sure we have installed the most recent version of Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio. There are two options to choose from: Create Service Package Only and Deploy your Cloud Service to Windows Azure. At the last step of configuring our account, we have to define a meaningful name for it, so when we see in the drop down list of installed Credentials, we will know what service is this account for.
A As is the case with McNeila€™s current works, Festival Frenzy incorporates a black and white photograph with a birda€™s eye view of artista€™s tents with the rush of patron vehicles waiting for entry. McNiela€™s studio overlooks the scenic Yaak River in the Purcell Mountains of Northwest Montana. Beneath the richly textured surfaces of Coloradoa€™s backcountry trails slept treasure, and young Adam Neeley was drawn by its lure each time he went rock collecting.
Adam was accepted into the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, CA, considered the premierA institute of gemology both nationally and internationally.
2008-2009 Visual Arts Scholarship Awards, it was announced by LQAF Executive Director, Christi Salamone.A  Since it was established in 1984, LQAFa€™s scholarship program has awarded a total of $847,302 to Coachella Valley students in pursuit of college degrees in the visual arts. Annual scholarship awards are made possible with proceeds garnered from LQAF activities, including La Quinta Arts Festival, Art Under the Umbrellas, Blues, Brews & BBQ, along with La Quinta Arts Foundation memberships a€” as well as contributions by community partners and memorial contributions. Scholarship applications and art portfolios are submitted online beginning in February, and reviewed by a six-member scholarship committee in April. For more details about La Quinta Arts Festival, please go to the La Quinta Arts Festival Application at ZAPP. The Art Under the Umbrellas shows are one day events located in Old Town La Quinta from 10 am to 4 pm on designated Saturdays.
These one day events are perfect for Artists who do not wish to dedicate an entire weekend to exhibiting in an art show. Art Under the Umbrellas embraces a combination of Artist newcomers, along with veterans of La Quinta Arts Festival.A  We are fortunate to have the support of local Artists, and those coming from all over Southern California. Art Under the Umbrellas has developed a loyal following of local art patrons, and is popular with hotel concierges seeking quality activities to recommend to their hotel guests.A  Hotel clientele at La Quinta Resort, Embassy Suites, Santa Rosa Condos, as well as neighboring properties in Indian Wells and Palm Desert, flock to the desert to celebrate the long holiday weekends.
If payment is not received by the due date, you may lose your space to a wait-listed Artist. If an Artist a€?no-showsa€? an Umbrella show, they may be prohibited from participating in subsequent shows as determined by LQAF.
Of course, payment received earlier than the designated deadline is appreciated, as this is a true indication of which artists are definite about participation.
SHOW FEE: Artists remit 20% of daily sales to LQAF, made during or as a result of your participation in Art Under the Umbrellas.
LAY-OUT: A lay-out map with booth assignments will be e-mailed to all Artists one week before the event. Your booth location may also change throughout the season depending on the number of artists confirmed requiring either an Umbrella or a Canopy.
LICENSES: It is the Artista€™s responsibility and a state requirement to have a current California Resale License in their booth at all times.
In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, please address them to our Artist Helpline.
The 29th Annual La Quinta Arts FestivalA returns toA the visually stunning setting of La Quinta's Civic Center Campus in the greater Palm Springs area - Southern California's preferred desert resort location.
La Quinta Arts Festival is nationally recognized by artists and art patrons alike as one of the renowned art festivals in the nation.
The 13 acre La Quinta Civic Center campus, surrounded by the rugged Santa Rosa Mountains, is located adjacent to the west side of City Hall at the corner of Washington Street and Calle Tampico. For nearly three decades La Quinta Arts Foundation has presented the finest contemporary artists to the residents and visitors in the Coachella Valley and beyond.A  Our limits in bringing the nationa€™s talent to you have been time and space a€“ until now!A  Through this new virtual gallery you will now be able to connect with your favorite artists and meet gifted emerging artists anytime you wish. La Quinta Arts Foundation is guided by its mission of "Promoting and Cultivating the Arts." A We use proceeds from our various fundraising and cultural events to support artists, artistic endeavors, educate art students, and for cultural enrichment programs for all segments of the community. La Quinta Arts Foundation is a proud member of the National Association of Independent Artists.
La Quinta Arts Festival 2010 is located at Civic Center Campus in La Quinta, March 11 - 14, 2010, 10am to 5pm each day.
Art Under the Umbrellas are one day art events located in Old Town La Quinta onA eight designated Saturdays from October through April. Through our 28 year history La Quinta Arts Foundation has developed strong relationships with the City of La Quinta and various established Coachella Valley businesses and organizations.A  We have successfully connected artists with Art in Public Places programs, local galleries and museums.
La Quinta Arts Foundation (Federal Tax ID # 95-3842968) is a charitable non-profit organization incorporated in 1982 whose mission is, "Promoting and Cultivating the Arts." This is accomplished by producing nationally acclaimed visual and performing art events, forming meaningful partnerships within the community, and providing cultural, education and personal growth outreach programs to all citizens of the Coachella Valley and beyond. For information about our 2008-2009 cultural events and programsA please review our LQAF Annual Review 2008-2009. LQAF's Docent Program is an educational outreach program taught free of charge to fourth and fifth graders in Desert Sands and Coachella Valley Unified School District classrooms.
Excellent read, Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Using earlier releases of Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio there was an almost painful process of deploying application into the Azure environment.

Once the certificate is created, we select it from the drop down menu and proceed to step (2) of the wizard, which is uploading our certificate to the Windows Azure Portal.
Once you set up everything all right, the publish process will be just choosing the credentials and Hosted Service Slot for deployment (production or staging).
At twelve years of age, Adam started teaching himself the rudiments of gemstone cutting and silversmithing.
Beginning his formal study of the science of gemstones, GIA required the artist to become capable of identifying fourteen hundred different species of colored gemstones, in addition to training him to grade diamonds.
The bright lights and the huge skyscrapers of New York represented an incredible change from the rural atmosphere of Colorado and from the history-rich ambience of Florence. This event attracts Coachella Valley residents (including our annual population of snowbirds), visitors, and hotel guests from coastal communities. For any of you that prefer to drive out Friday evening, we have been able to secure attractive hotel rates.
Traditionally these are the busiest weekends in the Coachella Valley, and we definitely capture an upscale audience. Please be flexible and understand that we are trying to satisfy the requirements and requests of our Artists, Old Town La Quinta merchants, Building & Safety Departments for the City of La Quinta,A  and the County of Riverside Fire Department. Keep in mind that our placement is based on the overall balance of the show, as well as separation of art media for event diversity. Produced by La Quinta Arts Foundation, in partnership with its Premier Sponsor the City of La Quinta, La Quinta Arts Festival is the primary fund-raiser for La Quinta Arts Foundation.
A A For those unable to attend the nationally acclaimed La Quinta Arts Festival or Art Under the Umbrellas here in our fabulous desert community a€“ you now have the opportunity to experience these wonderful events; view and purchase unique fine art to suit your every desire, virtually anytime you wish! To date, La Quinta Arts Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship Program has provided more than $910,502 in college scholarships. La Quinta Arts Festival is consistently ranked as one of the top fine art festivals in the nation.
These events attract a variety of customers ranging from discerning art patrons, Coachella Valley residents,A snowbirds,A and tourists staying in the desert for the weekend.
After talked a bit about the new caching preview feature in the previous one, let’s back to the Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS). He has written many informative articles on various sunglasses brands such as Fake Ray Ban sunglasses, Chanel sunglasses and Oakley sunglasses.
When deploying your web application you create the deployment package and then publish it to web server. The standard Publish process was creating Azure package and opens the Windows Azure portal for us to publish our package manually. For this task, the wizard offers us an easy way of doing this by copying the certificate to a temp folder. The reason for this error is that your computer time might not me as accurate and synchronized, as Windows Azure server’s. A favored memory includes the many hours he spent lost in the Museum of Modern Art, wandering and observing.A  Standing in front of the plate glass building front and looking out onto the traditional, turn of the century New York architecture in front of him brought to life the beauty found in combinations of old and new, classical and contemporary. Adam has received eight "Best in Showa€? and a€?1st Placea€? awards, two Tahitian Pearl Trophies, and two Manufacturing Jewelers of America awards to date. For additional ambiance, live music and wine tasting is provided to entice more foot traffic. In order to create a safe and successful event, all of these needs must be taken into consideration. The City licenses are valid for one year at a cost of $15; permit information will be sent to each Artist with their Notification of Confirmation. A We realize that many Artists are on the road participating in summer shows and are not home to accept mail delivery.
This award winning event attracts art patrons and tourists from across the nation as one of the Coachella Valley's premier attractions.. La Quinta Arts Foundation is thankful for our many partners: artists, volunteers, students, members, and patrons who help support our mission. After configuring it is one-click action to get current version of application up to target server. This option still exists in Visual Studio 2010, and is the only option in Visual Studio 2008. The deployment process uses the Windows Azure managed API that works with client certificate authentication, and there is a neat option for generating client certificates for use with Windows Azure. Thus, your clock may be a minute or more ahead of actual time and your generated certificate is valid from point of time, which has not yet occurred on Windows Azure servers. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nulla facilisi.
There, he was accepted as a student at one of Europea€™s top goldsmithing institutions, Le Arti Orafe. In New York City, Neeley had occasion to refine his ability in the realm of platinum-smithing via hand fabrication of jewelry. Your acceptance is based on our ability to balance the show and to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

Praesent varius, nisi at adipiscing pellentesque, dui nunc pretium erat, eget commodo diam justo eu lorem. Adam studied technical drawing and design, learning how to depict jewelry using many layers of watercolor in order to create realistic models on paper.
Adding to his technical drawing work capabilities, the artist also learned computer-aided design (CAD) from Professor Dominic Ventura of the Fashion Institute of Technology. His current offerings include eight different collections, and in every one, the gemstone constitutes its focal point. This experience heralded the start of an odyssey that crossed not only state lines but also the parameters of style and fashion, as Neeley began to explore a more contemporary and less regional expression stylistic. Adam is especially privileged in that he was given the opportunity of working under the direction of highly respected Italian goldsmith, Gio Carbone.
Adama€™s stay in the big city was the opportunity to become familiar with the inner workings of the famous diamond district on 47th street. More than ever, each work of contemporary art jewelry is like a small sculpture, and each piece contains, intrinsic to its being, a narrative. Artists may request as many Saturdays as they desire; 50-70 Artists participate at each event. It was through his experience at the Telluride show, however, that Adama€™s cherished pastime became his art, and it was during this period that the lessons derived from countless youthful hours of rock hunting, cutting, and polishing flowered into not just a skilled hobby but, rather, a personal and artistic vocation. From this esteemed professor, Adam studied advanced and experimental goldsmithing techniques. Being in New York also introduced Neeley to the world of luxury, and it showed him how jewelry fit within that particular center of glamour and fashion. In addition, these works tell the story of the artist himself, as he expands the parameters of his creative voice through his explorations of the workings both of metal and of precious gemstones. Quisque volutpat, odio sit amet adipiscing dictum, nibh orci venenatis justo, ac vehicula dolor sem ac arcu. One of these included the closely guarded and not widely practiced technique of Iris gold alloy, which creates a look characterized by how the metal gradually changes from royal yellow gold to white gold.
To enable the Git just go to the web site item in the developer portal and click the “Set up Git publishing”.
Adama€™s work in Italy also covered the history of jewelry and art within their contexts of anthropology, culture, and evolution.
Morbi tincidunt, justo rutrum euismod cursus, velit leo viverra elit, nec elementum dolor nisl vitae eros. As you can see, you can download the Git binaries, commit the files and then push to the remote repository. Sed eleifend, tellus sit amet iaculis hendrerit, dui mi scelerisque sapien, id aliquam risus nulla at magna. Nunc condimentum, nunc nec bibendum suscipit, turpis metus laoreet massa, id luctus ante turpis nec sapien.
Maarten Balliauw have a wonderful post about how to integrate GitHub to Windows Azure Web Site you can find here. Screenshot (or windowshot?) on right shows you obj and Package folders and Package folder contents. Etiam iaculis, lacus ullamcorper egestas fermentum, dui leo accumsan ante, eu ultricies leo leo sit amet dolor. Just open the WebPI and search “WebMatrix”, or go to its home page download its web installer. Let’s go to the developer portal and open the web site we want to deploy and download the publish file from the link on the right hand side. I suggest you to use zip-file because in this case only one file will be uploaded and probability of network problems during upload is smaller.
Because you may have more than one target environment where you may want your application to be deployed then publishing profile will be asked.
But since WebMatrix is a lightweight web application tool, we cannot update the backend C# code. Other testers have told and written that this is most stable and bullet-proof web application deployment system they have seen under Visual Studio. As we know in Visual Studio we can publish a web application by clicking the “Publish” item from the project context menu in the solution explorer, and we can specify the WebDeploy, FTP or File System for the publish target.
Now we can use the WAWS publish file to let Visual Studio publish the web application to WAWS. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website  Notify me when new comments are added. Same as the WebMatrix, Visual Studio will compare the files between local and WAWS and determined which had been changed and need to be published. WebDeploy method can be used very easily from WebMatrix and Visual Studio, with the file compare feature. We can use any FTP client to upload files to windows azure regardless which client and OS we are using.

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