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The Music Appreciation Book 1: Elementary Grades introduces your child to seven different composers during the dates of 1685 to 1821. Mozart and his family travelled all around to play concerts for important people as well as Royal Families.
In this study we learned some musical vocabulary such as the different types of pieces, such as: sonata, rondo, and primo which is first player and so on.
Schreiben Sie eine Kundenbewertung zu diesem Produkt und gewinnen Sie mit etwas Gluck einen 15,- EUR! When she was little we bought her DVDs that played classic music and to this day she still loves listening to it. At the beginner of each composer study it lays it out the suggested plan on what to work on each week and what chapter or chapters you will need to read.
I liked that she didn’t have to write it out that she just had to match the definition with the word in her lap book. This complete weight loss tracker not only includes space for your personal goals, it also has infographics on balanced diet and proper body form.

I am happy to say that with her love for classical music we have been able to do composer studies using Music Appreciation Book 1: Elementary Grades by Zeezok Publishing LLC. The biographies that come with this set give you a look into their lives from childhood to adult hood. There are comprehension questions with each reading, geography lessons, history lessons, recipes, instrument studies, music vocabulary, handwriting, musical facts of the Classical period, timelines, character trait studies, and much more. We started out with Mozart. We started out doing a lesson a week but it was taking us about an hour and half to complete so as we proceed I split our time into 45 minutes each week to complete the lesson. I think if I continue at her pace she will continue to enjoy learning about the composer and enjoying the music as well. I was afraid that if I went that long every week she would not want to do these wonderful studies anymore.
He knew Beethoven, whom wanted to take lessons from him but he had said no but told people that he knew he would make noise in the world some day. I loved the fact that each week you looked into the character qualities of the composer and that it referenced pages from the book so you could get examples to relate.

I also really enjoyed the Tidbits of Interest, and again their were page references from the book. I look forward to seeing what composers Bach new and how music was inspired through his life.
The only thing I did a little differently was I didn’t use folders, instead I used a notebook to put our pieces into. I feel that way everything is in one place if she ever wants to go back and look anything up. In the Mozart lesson she had a chance to learn a few German words, which I thought was really cool.

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