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A wireframe helps you organize and simplify the elements and content within a website and is an essential tool in the development process. The wireframe acts as a prototype that shows the placement of page features, such as header, footer, content, sidebars, and navigation. Creating a wireframe gives the client, developer, and designer an opportunity to take a critical look at the structure of the website and allows them to make revisions easily early on in the process. Figure 1: This simple wireframe sketch for the Coastal Capital Partners website (now renamed Broad Reach Retail Partners) was used to create graphic mockups and, eventually, the final design. Figure 3: Low-fidelity wireframe for the Embrace Pet Community, by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain of 31Three.
Figure 4: A preliminary mockup of a social conferencing tool built on Tiddlywiki for use at Le Web 3.
Figure 6: A wireframe for the Embrace Pet Community, by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain of 31Three.
When creating a wireframe, working in grayscale helps maintain focus on the primary function of the process, which is to finalize the layout, not the design (see Figure 3).
Color can, however, prove useful when showing the location of each call to action.  Because one page may contain several calls to action, prioritizing them is important. I recently worked on a project that had a very vibrant logo, which, in that case, was the primary call to action because it represented a newly launched magazine. When you use color, you can more easily tell if certain elements are overpowering the primary call to action. Color can gradually be added to the wireframe as the project advances, which is more efficient than moving ahead with mockups before the location of elements is locked down. Like other aspects of your development process, wireframing can have its pitfalls if not carried out properly. If you are interested in learning more about wireframes, Wireframe Magazine is a great resource that shares samples, discusses techniques, and solves problems related to information architecture.
Creating a wireframe for your client’s website provides an effective communication tool for all parties involved. Even building a simple wireframe will save time in the long run and ease the development process for the designer, developer, and client. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! You might want to start your own website but you’re hesitant because you don’t know anything about web designing, you never took HTML or programming courses, or you are completely clueless about how websites work on the back-end.Well, fear not. Website builders are basically software applications designed for creating and publishing web pages. With simple mouse operations like click, drag, and drop, you can already create professional-looking websites with exquisite contents in no time. Since it is accessible directly through iPage, users don’t need to go through the trouble of downloading the application from Weebly’s official site, uploading it to their hosting account and installing the application.

Users must note however that the Weebly site builder is an online application, meaning it can only be used if you are connected to the internet. People often wondered whether the templates on Weebly are different from those found on the iPageWeebly site builder tool. Derek has over 12 years of experience building and marketing online businesses, both personally, and for clients. Hosting Jam is: Me, Derek, and our small but growing family of freelance web designers and developers.
If you want to develop a site that accurately matches the client’s requirements and minimize project revisions, wireframing will keep you on track.
These software options come with pre-packaged elements that allow you to easily create flowchart representations of your wireframe. Tools like these were created especially for the purpose of generating wireframes, and they have easy-to-use prototyping capabilities.
Personally, I use Photoshop because I like the way it organizes the process and how easily I can convert the file into a mockup. The key is to keep it simple enough to be clear to the client and to be flexible for the designer, but detailed enough to guide the programmer. When creating elements for a wireframe, it’s best to work in grayscale so that you can focus on the layout without being distracted by the design.
Have a clear understanding of how your client wants users to respond to the page before creating your wireframe. In a best-case scenario, your client will have already supplied you with the elements that should appear on each page, such as the logo, ads, Flash or video players, features, navigation sections, and sidebar, header, and footer elements.
Another risk of working in color is that the client may mistake the wireframe for the final mockup.
This process still falls under the realm of wireframing, rather than mockup design, because element locations are still being determined. You can always add more detail later, but if you include too much in the begining, the client may confuse the wireframe for the final mockup. This software is designed for beginners who have little or no knowledge at all when it comes to web programming. If you’ve already tried creating a slideshow using Microsoft’s PowerPoint, you will see that the procedures are similar. Whether you are a professional web developer or just a newbie interested in learning, you will find website builders as essential tools. However, its powerful drag and drop website builder was made proprietary thereby allowing it to “rent” out its site building capabilities to other web hosts, such as iPage. Again, let me emphasize that there is none since iPage uses exactly the same application offered by Weebly. As a hands-on guy, Derek is an asset to our review team, with is experience in shared, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting. In other words, we get paid if you click on the link for a hosting provider and make a purchase.

If you’re very precise with sketching, you could even use this as your final wireframe. As mentioned, you could create a high-fidelity wireframe, but doing this early in the development process could be confusing for the client, who may mistake it for a final draft. A sitemap is a useful tool for any website and would definitely be helpful to refer to during the development process. If you do not have this information yet, meet with your client and get (or create) a sitemap.
Even though a wireframe can influence the design, adding graphics and color would probably only distract from its purpose.
This is because website builders will not even require you to touch the source codes of a webpage.
At present, iPage uses one of the most popular website builder applications so far called Weebly Drag & Drop Website Builder.
It boasts itself as the one of the best site builder applications on the market and even displays samples of professionally-looking websites designed with Weebly on their homepage. One big advantage of this feature over ordinary standalone web development software applications is its ability to create and make changes on a webpage without need of uploading files through FTP. So there is no need to worry about not having access to some of the templates displayed on the Weebly website. Yet, rest assured that our opinions, recommendations, and reviews are not affected by this fact. To distinguish between and categorize various elements, show shapes and outlines in different shades of gray. If you are re-designing existing elements, you can gather them from a careful review of the website.
You can do this by simply dragging the element from the design panel and dropping them where you want them to be placed. This means that you can edit your website in real-time, and update the changes without your site having to go through downtime. This is because we based our recommendations from the customer ratings of each web hosting provider. In this scenario, be sure to first confirm with your client that you will not be required to add or remove elements, because not having a clear understanding of their expectations will slow down the process.
Your own opinions and reviews regarding your provider is encouraged for submission on this site.

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