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I use a text editor to write the code, and Cute FTP to publish, either to GoDaddy or iPage. Is there any web design software designed for someone with a little experience such as myself, so that I could do these things, but also, for example, go in and alter the source code?
I happened on your website through Google Images and was wondering if the photo you have with your article Publishing Your Website in Three Steps is copyrighted. I need to re-create my company's website to offer password protected access to various services and scheduling.
As an experienced webmaster I recommend BH web hosting which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. Before you get started, this process relates to you if you are classed as a business [person], rather than an individual [person]!
Complete the form, see example below, with the information you provided to IRS and the EIN they gave you.
Personally, I recommend ringing the direct number, they deal with many self publishing authors, and the service was quick and easy.
If you wish to save some pennies use a free international call service (search online for a provider).
Filed Under: Self Publishing About Diane StaffordHelping small business and individuals 'perk up' their business through web design, consulting and more. I tried phoning the IRS using the number you provided to get an EIN (I live in the Netherlands), but I get this computerized menu and I don’t know what to press. I had to wait for 30 minutes to be told I had to be reconnected again and then wait another 30 mins … so I gave up 2 times.
Hi Clarissa, the correct menu option is #1, provided you have called the international tax dept telephone number shown in the above article (not the toll free number).
Thanks for the assistance with this, following your instructions, I managed to get an EIN last night.
I’m hoping to get this all sorted in the next week or so, depending upon how long Apple takes.
Hey Peter, thanks for your feedback, great news about your EIN and getting started with Apple . 1) After receiving the EIN, will I have to pay taxes in US annually or there will be just withdrawals from my iBooks sales? 3) You say we don’t need to complete the ss4 form but I think their questions are for filling this form. Hi Nikos, You should find all the answers you need on Apple’s Ibooks FAQ and on the IRS website. I wish I could answer your questions more fully but I really can’t offer you any tax advice (see my disclaimer in the article).
I have just come off the telephone with the IRS representative in Philadelphia, equipped with my EIN number!
This is the single most useful, time-saving and cost-saving piece of advice I have ever found for self-published authors distributing in the USA. I have found this article very useful but I am not sure who I should send the W8-BEN form to when completed. UPDATE: You can now submit your tax information and complete your W8-BEN form online inside your Amazon account.
Hi, yes, you fill out the W8 form on the amazon page is asks different things than the (easier) w8 form we mail out from the IRS site.
Thank you so much for this post, it’s so clear and spot on, I just called (had to wait on hold for almost an hour, though) and got my EIN, yay!
That’s excellent news Ellen, congrats for not giving up and for finally getting your EIN. Learn more about content marketing and how to manage your own WordPress Website after it’s been installed.
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you access to certain parts of the site and to provide the best browsing experience possible. Future Publishing has launched an e-commerce craft website, The Making Spot, bringing together content from the company’s craft portfolio such as Simply Knitting and Mollie Makes. As part of the launch strategy for the new flagship website, Future employed Community Editors Lyndsey Mayhew and Zoe Williams to engage with the online crafting community through social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and crafting forums.
Kerry Lawrence, publisher of Future’s craft portfolio, said: “This is a first for Future as The Making Spot will be an e-commerce website, designed to enhance the customer experience, but also drive revenue in a new and exciting way.

Stuart Anderton, group publishing director, added: “The Making Spot is another example of digital innovation from Future, with the craft portfolio leading the way. Mark's contribution to the EP is a finger flingin' guitar piece with an emphasis on wild playing, but also a keen sense of song structure and dynamics.
Sheet Happens is pleased to offer our first in what we hope is a series of digital singles from Periphery and many other bands for that matter. Having been in the industry for many years now he knows pretty much everything about everything.
I have developed my web application using Yii2 framework on my local server (xampp), and now it is ready to be published.
I have chosen PHP as my platform to make a dynamic CMS website intended for uploading and downloading a university modules and etc..
I enjoy the challenge and control of writing in HTML, but feel somewhat limited in what I can produce due to my lack of knowledge of how to do certain things (drop down menus, requiring password protection, etc). They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 3 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them. When you get hosting with one of the tagged solutions above, you can be certain of getting the lowest possible price.Buying GuideAre you finding it difficult to understand what type of hosting you need or which provider to go with? Other websites have told me that I needed number 2, but when I did that, I was put on hold twice and sent through to another operator twice, because I was apparantly at the wrong department!
Especially about that computerized menu, because I don’t understand anything it says, lol. An item of income may be derived by either the entity receiving the item of income or by the interest holders in the entity or, in certain circumstances, both. An item of income paid directly to a type of entity specifically identified in a treaty as a resident of a treaty jurisdiction is treated as derived by a resident of that treaty. I have just received my EIN number in less than 15mins I have been waiting for over three years to get this. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
Our readers are very loyal and we’ve designed this website to be an easy-to-use resource for all. While this may seem like an incredibly complicated project for someone unfamiliar with Web development, new technologies such as Content Management Systems make it possible for even a complete novice to install software that handles website management automatically, select a theme defining the appearance of the website and start publishing content.
An item of income paid to an entity is considered to be derived by the entity only if the entity is not fiscally transparent under the laws of the entity’s jurisdiction with respect to the item of income. I uploaded my app folder to the CPanel file manager, but I don't know how to install my app and how to choose a domain or even how to start publishing it!! Now my concern is, how do I upload the files into the dedicated web server hosted by 3rd party.
With either plan type, you will share system resources with other customers who host their websites on the same server as you.
Because modern servers are incredibly powerful, multiple websites can reside on one server without performance issues.
Hosting providers monitor these shared servers extensively, meaning they will notice if any other website is taking too much power from the server, and then act accordingly to ensure the stability of service to give you as close to 100% uptime as possible.A single-application hosting plan – such as a WordPress hosting plan – allows you to install only one Content Management System or eCommerce solution (such as Zen Cart or Prestashop) with the plan, but often means the web hosting company keeps any CMS, plugins and themes up to date to ensure stability and security. A standard shared hosting plan may allow you to create multiple websites and install several Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
A shared hosting plan also gives you direct access to the server in case you would like to try creating a website from scratch using Web design software such as Dreamweaver or EditPlus.If you plan to create a SMB or personal website, and opt for a shared hosting plan, the hosting provider should offer automatic installation of Content Management Systems and other applications to get you started, while also giving you the flexibility from a shared plan (unless opting for a single-application plan of course).
This feature usually has a name such as “One-Click Install” or “Easy Install.” With this feature, you can log in to your account and click an icon to install the application you want your website to use.
In many cases, a Web hosting company will offer to register a domain on your behalf as part of the hosting package you select. However, you can also select a third party company called a “domain registrar” if you like.
If you register a domain with your hosting company, the host links the domain name to your Web server automatically when you create the account or add a website to the account. If you use a third-party registrar, look for an email from your Web hosting company after you create your account; it will contain between one and three Domain Name Server (DNS) addresses. You will need to log in to your account on the domain registrar’s website and link your domain to the DNS addresses provided by the hosting company.
Unless you are willing to buy a domain name from its current owner, you must select a domain name that has not already been registered by someone else.If the domain name you want is taken, or if you can’t decide on a name, there are many free tools available to help you create one, including our own domain search.

Many tools will let you search for the availability of a specific domain name, and give a number of suggestions if the name is unavailable.
Other tools let you specify a few keywords, and gives suggestions based on those and similar words, including synonyms and related expressions.Automatic Application InstallAfter creating your hosting account, registering your domain name and linking the domain to your hosting provider’s DNS addresses if applicable, log in to your hosting account.
Look for an icon such as “Quick Install,” “Easy Install” or “One-Click Install.” After clicking the icon, you will see a list of applications such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
If you are unsure which Content Management System to use, consider selecting WordPress; most people consider it the most user-friendly and flexible CMS. When you create a website in this manner, you are creating a “static” website; each page is a unique file on your Web server. When you want to change a page, you have to download it, make the desired change in your Web design software and upload the new version back to the server.In general, maintaining a large static website requires more effort than maintaining a dynamic website powered by a Content Management System. However, if your intent is to create a small website with only a few pages, a static website may be worth considering as static websites tend to load very quickly. Although, with that said, even a dynamic website can be made to load quickly if using tricks such as caching and lazy loading.Content Management SystemsA CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal stores its information in a database and uses a template to define the basic appearance of the website.
Templates are usually based on HTML surrounding CMS specific code, to help make every page keep the same basic structure.
After you install the CMS using your hosting company’s graphical interface, you may never need to look at that interface again. Instead, you’ll add content to your website by logging in to the CMS and clicking a link such as “Add Post” or “Add Page”. When you want to change the appearance of your website, you can simply install a new template.
Templates are often part of “themes”, where you can have different types of pages, sharing some of the same elements but being different in a few important ways – such as a contact page or home page usually being different from an article or blog post.
You can change templates and themes whenever you like without altering your website’s content or taking it offline.Setting Up a Content Management SystemInstalling and configuring a CMS is a very simple process if your Web hosting company offers automatic CMS installation.
After you install the CMS through your hosting company’s interface, you will receive instructions explaining how to log in to the CMS. You will most likely want to install a template before you do anything else, unless you’re fine with whatever default template comes with the CMS.
Using WordPress, you can switch default template by selecting the “Themes” option under the “Appearance” menu, and with many modern templates you can edit many parts of the template from the “Customize” option in the “Appearance” menu.There are thousands of free WordPress themes that you can browse from your website’s “Themes” menu.
Many companies also offer “premium themes” that have striking visual designs or extend the functionality of WordPress. If you are unable to find a theme with the features and appearance you want, commissioning a company such as InMotion to create the design you want can be a cost-effective solution. Yoast or SEO Ultimate) to help analyze pages and give suggestions on how to rank higher in Google search results, or additional security with for example iThemes Security. When selecting plugins, whether for WordPress or another CMS, it is however important to be careful and not add too many at once – there are rare cases of plugins not working well together, or where they can slow down your site, although if you’ve selected a single-application hosting plan the risk will be minimal, since quality providers tend to test available plugins.
Although your Web hosting provider likely has a file management system that you can access after logging in to your account, these systems are often slow and unreliable, disconnecting unexpectedly in the middle of large transfers.
These are all free tools to connect directly to your server using the File Transfer Protocol. If a connection is terminated, good FTP clients try to resume it automatically to continue your file transfer.Dynamic ContentIf you opted to create your website using a dynamic Content Management System such as WordPress, you can add new content by clicking the “Add New” link under the “Posts” or “Pages” menu after logging in to the CMS.
If your website is for a business, much of the content that you add will be in the form of pages.
Pages hold content that seldom or never changes, such as “About Us” or “Company History” sections.
When you create a new page, a permanent link to the page can automatically appear in your website’s navigation bar, unless you’ve opted to use custom navigation through the Menus section in the CMS. Each post that you create will have a date attached to it, and the front page of your website will always display the most recent posts.

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