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Of course, you're hoping that your relationships with the people you meet will bolster your career a€” but you don't want to put them off by soliciting their help right off the bat.
Indeed, Kerpen tells Business Insider that people take him up on his offer to help them only about 10% of the time, but he believes it still deepens their connection.
Regardless of whether you expect the person to accept your offer, Kerpen says that itA has to be genuine a€” you really need to be in a position to assist the person.
Then, the next time you speak with the person, you can request their help and they'll probably be happy to give it. To explain why this strategy works, Kerpen cites the work of Wharton psychologist Adam Grant, who has found that most people are "matchers." In other words, when you do something or offer to do something for someone, they feel more inclined to help you in return. In the book, Kerpen describes an interaction in which someone surprised him by asking how they could help. These were the early days of Likeable Local, and Kerpen told Michael that he could benefit from some introductions to technology investors. Soon after that meeting, Kerpen realized that he needed a financial adviser, and he started working with Michael. Once they realize you're serious, however, they'll likely feel warmer toward you and more open to helping you in any way they can. Think about the millions of moments, the series of events that leads each person to cross your path.  Who are they really underneath that exterior?  Where did they come from?  What do they long for?  What makes them tick? Does what you do matter more than who you are?  No.  What you do is only a small part of who you are. There is only one way that we can normalize this “What is your story?” question in our society.  And that is by starting to ask it, and by each of us individually being willing to answer it wholeheartedly, knowing that the person asking it genuinely wants to know. Superficial chit chat about what we “do” and what we “own” doesn’t have to dominate our interactions with those closest to us or with complete strangers.
Here’s my story.  I invite you to respond with your answers, supporting a movement to normalize caring more about who people are, than what they do and own. I have no fixed abode, as I sold my house and all my possessions in order to live nomadically.  I’m currently staying in Marlborough, New Zealand with family and I’m working on making Bali the next stop on my adventure.
My nephews playing and loudly laughing their little hearts out is what makes me smile the most. The best lesson I’ve learned so far is that being exactly who I am is always more than enough, and comparing myself to others only robs the world of my uniqueness. My greatest dream for my life is to move with an open mind, traveling and meeting as many people as possible, questioning and discovering as much about the world and life as I can, and continuing to write books and blogs to share those learnings. Mother born and raised in ROME, ITALY, and impressed upon me, how beautiful the world can be.
Die without having done something really important and without having taken the life whom I love. Live rewarding and happy moments that make overflowing smiles of my family and friends , and also people who do not have any of that. My deepest fear is to be dead while I am alive, getting too caught up in the mundane and missing the beauty and miracles of life.

My dreams are to travel the world, take lots of photographs, meet lots of people and see all different cultures and landscapes.
I was born in Oldham, England and I lived there until the age of 10, after which I moved to New Zealand with my family. I was born and grew up in rural Missouri, and I currently live in the sunshine state of Florida.
Travelling to mew places, meeting my friends, talking to them, and achieving new feats in my work makes me smile. My greatest dream life is to wander around the world, making concerts and being on stage as much as possible, and making music for a living. I’m a 18 year-old young adult working hard for my dreams to come true, and on my way to find myself.
Beautiful things make me smile, like the form of the naked female body, the expanse of a deep red sunset, the babbling water makes down a creek in harmony with the wind in the trees, or the things people do that restore my faith in humanity. My deepest fear is that my daughter, who was given up at birth because my girlfriend at the time was in jail, will never know who her father is, and that I love her with the very fabric of my being. My greatest aspirations are to fulfill my passions and become great with them to the point of becoming famous. I few different things that make me smile, these include: having a cuddle with my pet cat Ollie, he loves to be brushed so that makes me smile.
My most important life lesson learnt so far is to make sure that I always have time for me.
My deepest fear is to get to the end of my life & look back and wonder if I have tried to life it to the fullest. My greatest dream is to travel to Africa & see the wonderful environments that Africa has to offer. The things that make me smile are – music, seeing my friends, a small but genuine compliment, and stories themselves.
A life lesson I have learned – Never let anyone stop you from being yourself and following your dreams. We all know Nicki Minaj loves flaunting her best 'assets', remember her Anaconda music video?
Video Of Coffin Carrier In Ghana Dancing Azonto, Will You Allow This At Your Family Member's Funeral? This video of coffin carriers dancing everything from highlife to azonto to alkayida will make your jaw drop. 16kshares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter+It’s only a matter of time when you’ll meet your crush that you’ve been waiting for.
And you might want to follow the question with some specific suggestions as to how you can help. Michael, aA financial adviser, once asked Kerpen if he could meet with him for 15 minutes because he had just one question he wanted to ask. Doing things and surrounding myself with people who make me happy are important life lessons I have learnt over the last few years.

No matter how much we know and how much we learn there is so much that we cannot even begin to understand it all, but that does not mean we should not try.
That when you say ‘for better or worse’ you better be darn sure you mean it because sometimes…. Money can bring dis-ease, simplicity enriches and nourishment comes from all aspects of our being.
To travel and see the sights of the world, to explore different cultures & ways of life.
Whatever I do in life, I should try to stem from this or build on it as a foundation, because doing so from any other source won’t leave a lasting legacy. Another dream is that my young cousins get to see the same level of beauty in our environment as what I have seen in my lifetime so far. For example, maybe you can introduce that person to someone else influential in your network. That I will fail to be the best person I can be and, in so doing, not be the best wife, mother, and friend I can be. I know that nothing is permanent, but I fear the reaction that my body and soul will have when the finale appears and I lose those most dearest to me. Realizing that there is an entity larger than myself in control of the universe makes me smile; to realize that I am truly not responsible for everything and everyone.
After I leave here, all material things will return to dust with me eventually, but I want the actions I take, and their motives to inspire people to do the same.
Over time, after learning to not be angry at everyone else and internalizing this anger, I learned to be compassionate and caring.
The most important life lesson I have learned is that no matter how much you think you know, what you know is only an opinion held by you.
In doing so, a part of me will live forever, even after my name, and my time, and what I’ve done is forgotten.
My deepest fear is that depression will eventually get the best of me and leave me broken or dead. My greatest dream is to find a way to support myself without working jobs I hate with people I despise. My fear is that I will not give my children the tools that they need to be successful and fulfilled in their lives, and that something awful could possibly happen to them.
I am another face on the street whom is lost in the world, searching for answers and trying to bring as much joy and love as I can into the lives of those I care for.

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