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The websites that I have written about in this article are QuizStar, QuizBuilder, Quiz Your Friends, Make a Quiz, and Go To Quiz.
You can use these websites to make quiz that can then be played with your children or students.
This is a completely free website that has two separate versions for teachers and students.
You have to begin by adding simple details like number of questions in a quiz, number of options per question. The quiz that you create can be emailed to your friends, posted on Twitter or Facebook, etc. Your quizzes are Published on the home page of the website and your friends or students can pick them up from there.
The quiz can be created in different languages and multimedia files can be linked to the questions.

The quiz that you create can be shared on multiple platforms using the URL provided by the website. All you need to have beforehand is a set of questions that you want to ask, and their options with correct answer (well, obviously). Once the kids have completed the quiz, they can view their scores and a complete report can be seen by the teacher as well. In case you are not able to finish creating a quiz, you can save it with a password and come back later to finish it. These websites provide you with some very nice features and ensure that your quiz making process is easy and quick.
Another feature of this website is that teachers can share their quizzes among them for different set of students. The only disadvantage of using this website is that you cannot add any images or media files in your quiz.

You can straightaway start entering questions and answers and once you are done, simply click the done button. To make things interesting, the website lets you pick up different colors for all the options. The process of making a quiz is very tiring and long, and you cannot make a quiz of less than 10 questions.

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