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We have talked about how to build trust in relationships and the ways that trust can be violated. Allowing yourself to forgive the other person gives you the opportunity to let go of the weight of their actions. One woman said that her partner never earned her trust, she just simply gave her faith in him because she loved him.
Ashley RobertsonLong Beach Relationship Advice ExaminerAshley Robertson received her BA and MA in Psychology and Counseling Psychology from Washington State University and the American School of Psychology. As the Super Bowl ends, getting relationships back on track beginsSince preseason started in 2015 there were teams playing their hearts out trying to be the ones who would be playing in Super Bowl 50. Now we will finally discuss the most important aspect of the trust series, which is healing.

Remember to trust your gut feelings, and trust your ability to see what is really going on without denial. Remember that trust takes time to build, and we should not trust others until this has been established.
The fact is, we are responsible for our own happiness, regardless of if we are single or in a relationship. While there might be factors leading up to a betrayal in a relationship, the hurting partner is 100% responsible for their actions. It might take longer for some people, but letting go of external expectations for happiness helps us trust our own internal happiness.
Therefore, recovering from betrayal requires that you must stay in tune to your intuitions and feelings, especially when starting a new relationship.

This involves self-care (doing the things that make you happy), therapy (therapy can always be helpful in learning), journaling (this practice is underused due to people thinking it's a "teenager" activity), exercise, and use your support system (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). Forgiving your ex-partner, your current partner, and yourself is equally important to move on.

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