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BriarbirdBriarbird is a online communications consultancy that can help you plan, create, edit, maintain and evaluate your online content – for your website, intranet, widget, app or online campaign. An online communications strategy or web content plan is a coordinated organisation-wide approach to doing business online. What’s the relation between our website(s) and how we use social media sites such as Facebook? The content strategy for EC Publishing defined the relationship between their websites, email newsletters and social media. Situation: SpinalHub had launched its website with detailed consumer-friendly content for people with spinal injuries. Situation: Eleanor Curtain Publishing is a small, dynamic global educational publishing house. Task at hand: Briarbird’s task was to listen and understand the needs of the business, analyse the online opportunities and present a strategic web content plan that provided a practical way forward. Action taken: This process involved business consultation across the company and the development of goals, objectives and detailed supporting business requirements. Contact us – we’re happy to chat through your needs and issues and see if we can be of help.
We provide project teams and contract experts, with the aim of creating great online content.

Marketing involves the activities of a company’s resources, how they sell and buy the actual product or services. Therefore the role of marketing is to help grow the business, build customer relationships and maintain them.
However they were keen to expand their audience and provide a more dynamic online experience.
Our proposal and proposed approached ticked all the right boxes with the Austin Health and TAC, who were the major sponsors of SpinalHub. We workshopped with staff to understand the needs and content areas, then piloted four video initial clips. We’ve promoted the videos through social media and nurtured relationships on Facebook and YouTube. The company found itself struggling to market effectively online and confused about the role of social media and email.
The development of the strategy also involved benchmarking against other publishing companies and analysis of internal capabilities. In the following 18 months the company has successfully established a common look and feel across its websites, and a common technology platform. Their patience, expertise and creativity was astounding and we are delighted to have had the pleasure of working with them.

Marketing is where you develop ideas and then determine the price of the product, how to sell it and who to sell it to. Marketing is the creative side which is driven by passion and your idea which you strongly believe in. It is one thing to have a lot of money to start a business, but another to market it correctly and to the correct target market. Whereas finance’s focus is more on seeing the benefits and rewards for your hard work as well as evaluating if it is worth it at the end of the day.
Communication is very important between marketing and finance and is key to being able to achieve your goals for the business. It will also assist in keeping to the budget and allowing flexibility for marketing to ensure that what you put into the business is at least breaking-even or more.

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