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Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends. This entry was posted in Picture and Image and tagged Friendship, I Love You, Life, touching, Wihout. Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes! Hello, in March just gone I lost my mum, she was ill with COPD that she'd had for 2 years and a few other things, but as she seemed to be getting better, she was quitting smoking, and getting put on the lung transplant list.
My mother died at home and for along time I was afraid to visit my father there better yet stay a night over with him. She was given meds and discharged home a week later but she struggled for breath and started having hallucinations and her legs became very swollen and she could hardly walk. I got her admitted back to hospital where they treated her heart and then moved her to a ward which dealt with respiratory problems. She suffered from fatigue, loss of appetite and despite oxygen being given to her through various methods, I was informed after 5 days in that ward that her condition was at the final stages of COPD and she had a matter of days to live. The next day I received a call shortly after 5 am saying that her condition had deteriorated rapidly and I was fortunate to get to her bedside and spend the last 30 minutes telling her how much I loved her before she slipped away. She had the illness for many years, in and out the hospital, chest infection, after chest infection.
My mother so dear to me died a year ago and it still feels like yesterday that I told her I loved her.
My mum died 2 days ago to COPD and sepsis, she had fought a long time but this time she was too weak.
I was reading through looking for a poem for my mom today is her birthday she died in 8-4-09 from COPD she was my best friend. Hey I don't know if you'll ever see this but I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this poem I just lost my mom 2 weeks ago to COPD and have been mourning very bad and your Poem just touched my heart!! I tried many times to get her to stop smoking over my life with her, but she could not stop. This is a beautiful poem it make me cry I lost my dad on 20 September 2011 in hospital heart surgery and it was so hard without a dad and then my mother had a stroke and was in hospital for 4 months. My mom struggled with this disease until on May 26, 2013 her heart finally couldn't hold out any longer she died from a heart attack. I think about her everyday and poems like this one have me remember the good and not the bad times about my mom. I finally put my fears aside, my first night back home as I slowly started to drift away to bed I began to feel something tugging the edges of my hair back and then my mother's voice began to tell me how much she loved and missed us.
My mama was diagnosed just this week with COPD, and all week I have been online and asking friends in the medical field just what am I to expect. She had been ill for many years, she was so strong and brave and never complained, it was so heartbreaking to watch her not breathe but my heart is now broken I just miss her so much. As I read all the other stories, I now know that we ALL share a common ground when it comes to this horrible disease. She was not that ill from it but had an exasperation from COPD and passed away within 15 min before the paramedics could assist her.

Today is unlike other days where I can just crawl in a corner and cry my heart out, that is when I went on the internet and looked for some poems and this one really touched my heart. My mum never smoked in her life, the words I have been looking for are in the poem, I'm getting married next year and it's hard knowing she won't be there to see me.
I lost my mother on December 28, 2010 also due to COPD which eventually took a toll on her heart as well. My heart is aching so much she was everything to me and it's hard just getting through each day. I miss her so much an her death still don't seem real to me everyone keeps telling me it gets better with time I really don't see how, she was my mama and how do you get over that.
All my brothers and sisters tried talking to her about quitting not only for us but for herself to. I got the bracelet shortly after my mom passed - it has the quote "For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea." - E E Cummings. Me and my younger sister were nursing my mom and then she became very ill she passed away in my arms on the 7th May 2013 and I can't stop thing and crying as the days goes by without my parents looking at the photo frames, eyes fill up with sadness and asking why God and then I read this beautiful poem and all the letters and I don't feel alone and more at peace because I know they're in heaven.Thank you for these beautiful words to every one that lost a mother and father may our Father in heaven be with you. Her last 2 months was the hardest time for her, I couldn't imagine what its like not being able to breath, such a struggle for her.
Everyday is so hard to get through I was really surprised to see all the posts from the same thing on here. We also lost her husband 20 days before her and that was hard also and then she passed, the doctors told me she could of also died from a broken heart but I don't think that was the truth cause she loved me an I know she would not have left me like that.
Although she was ill it was really sudden, as she had come home from hospital and was told she would have at least 6 months to a year, she had a week. I cried to her many of times about me not wanting her to die and that I wanted her to watch my son grow up.
It wasn't easy to watch her go but it was easier to know she was at peace and not in the critical pain she was in. Knowing others are going through the same thing and feel the same way wishing we could have one more hug or tell our mom how much we love them and need them. I know we can't turn back time but if I can only hold her one last time and tell her how much I miss her and need her. When her birthday comes up or the day she died it always makes me cry even holidays and birthday.
This was all before she lost her leg in a motor cycle accident, when she died she over dosed on pain medication. After it was all over I quickly jumped up and ran across the hall to where her and my father shared a room to find him raising up out of his sleep. I still don't really know what to expect other than I know if she doesn't stop it will be worse much faster.
To see a love one, especially a parent slowly deteriorate from this disease is not something you can take easy. I hated my own selfishness but even if I become a rich guy right now, my mother can no longer enjoy.
I pray for her even though she is in a better place without pain and suffering and out of this world.

My father also had COPD and passed away 7 years ago so I suppose I am glad that she went very quickly but I just wasn't ready yet she was so looking forward to xmas. But only God knew how much she was suffering here on Earth and we couldn't do anything to make her lungs back new.
She was always in so much pain and had soo much stress take care of me and my brothers while my dad was at work, but even though she had all these bad things she would walk around with a smile on her face everywhere she went and even sang at church. I quickly told him about the dream I had and he replied that something had woken him up out of his sleep. Everyday I think of her and I decided to buy a spot besides her graveyard so that after I died I can be beside her and serve her again. I just wish that she can tell me that she is fine and happy, and knowing that she is near me looking after me, hold me when the pain is too hard to bear.
I then knew that my mother had been present and ever since then I haven't afraid to stay over. I feel an emptiness inside and some days it feels like I am not going to make it through the day.
She was on the life support a few times due to her COPD but always came off of it, not this time. I am in shock, I am angry and I live with the visual of her actual death and I don't know if I will ever get over the loss of my mother and by the way she was tortured at this hospice. She's put herself last every year of my life, never letting us go without while she herself was neglected so many times. It hurts knowing I am not going to have my best friend there for me and get her advice during difficult times. I want the rest of my time with her to be spent with my letting her know how much I love and appreciate her and all she's done.
Unfortunately she died the very day we got back so I wasn't able to share our happy news with her. She has become my best friend, and I need to know how I can make her as comfortable as possible and what are some ways I can help her stop smoking?
I act like I'm okay because everyone makes me feel like I should be but inside really I am breaking down. I always told her I would finish college and I'm almost done now, one more semester and I'll graduate. I miss her so so much everyday, Christmas, her Birthday March 18th and Mother's day are the worst time's for me. Most days I think about her & hope that she is proud of me & my life as I now understand all the lessons she taught me. Test after test no source of infection until January 3, 2012 (30 year to the day my dad died) There was vegetation on her heart valve that made an abscess hole in her heart. Me and my mom were best friends, she was there with me through the hardest times in my life.

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